Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Jeffrey Epstein & Others, and Asteroids

If any stray passing reader, with an interest in astrology, can recall a post from January 2015 about what was then a current scandal:
Jeffrey Epstein - Le Scandale du Jour

they might be interested to read some recently received comments on the topic of that post, from "Vivi Vox". The commenter has been studying asteroids in relation to astrological interpretation, and has come up with some interesting findings in relation to the topic of that post. You can read Vivi Vox's comments at the link above.

Asteroids are not my "thang" - I have reservations about some ingredients used in astrology - other than the basic basics. I have a feeling that when, eventually, some scientist or researcher has a "eureka" moment about the ancient art, astrology will turn out to be either far less than we think - though still with validity - or far more than we think, with complexity beyond the grasp our feeble human minds. However, I do respect anyone with enough interest and enthusiasm to go on research expeditions in whatever far corner of astrology they feel drawn to. So congratulations to Vivi Vox on that score. I also believe that our personal astrological blueprint, our natal chart, directs us towards, or away from, astrology itself, and when it happens to be towards astrology, then it leads in specific directions.


Twilight said...

Update: Just seen this:

Rich sex offender Epstein settles 1 suit, but more to come


Wisewebwoman said...

What a truly horrible person he is, pimping for the greats and the wealthy offering children to abuse.

And money buys him freedom, of course. I did hear some awful stories about one of his clients too which explained a lot of his behaviours and of those around him.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, the word 'evil' could truly be applied to this guy.

Vivi Vox said...

Thanks so much for the mention!

I too agree that people are either lead away or towards astrology and that each astrologer has their own personal path and foci so that, in the end, we have a variety of view points (or focal points) and everyone has their own areas of expertise.

Asteroids come very natural to me for some reason, while “classic” astrology is still a little hard for me to interpret being a novice). Interesting topic, that!

Best wishes

Twilight said...

Vivi Vox ~ My pleasure VV! Best wishes for the coming season, and for your continuing researches.