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Performing Sweatily ~ One of the Avant Garde

In yesterday's post I remarked that a modern movie and TV drama requirement (well, it appears to be almost a requirement - in order to get "bums on seats") is for characters to get into bed naked and perform sweatily for the camera. That reminded me of an archived post from 2009, when I wrote about a star who was one of the avant garde promoting these kinds of scenes (as well as scenes at several levels more questionable!) Here it is, followed by comments received in 2009 and 2012.

Linda Lovelace's claim to fame came from her performance in the 1970s pornographic movie "Deep Throat", a few other porn movies and her three autobiographical books.

Linda, real surname Boreman, was born on 10 January 1949 in Bronxdale, NY, at (according to Astrotheme) 6.23 am. Her father was a policeman, her mother reputedly strict, the family Roman Catholic. Linda attended Roman Catholic schools, and earned the nickname "Miss Holy Holy" - so apparently not a sexpot from an early age! However she was pregnant by age 20. Her mother had the child adopted much to Linda's dismay. She later married a violent a controlling husband who, it seems, led her to make her film debut. Wikipedia states that:

"Boreman was soon performing as Linda Lovelace in hardcore short movies. She starred in a 1971 bestiality film (titled Dogarama), and later denied appearing in the film until several of the original 8 mm "loops" proved otherwise.
In 1972, Boreman starred in Deep Throat, the most financially successful pornographic movie ever made."

She divorced her first husband, married again, had two children, and became a prominent member of the anti-porn movement. In 2002 she died in an accident, after losing control of her car.

"As the first woman to become famous purely for having sex on film, Linda Lovelace was at once a sexual fantasy for millions of men and a social pariah to millions of burgeoning feminists—until she joined their ranks with the publication of her third autobiography, Ordeal, in which she claimed she had been beaten and coerced into a life of pornography and prostitution." (Link)

Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn = sexpot? Unlikely - there's more to it!

What I'm looking for in her chart is the trigger for her pornography success, which was quite probably unsought for by her. I doubt it was her chosen profession, but she must have displayed some natural ability to achieve the success she did.

Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn lay in first house, with Mars and Mercury conjoined in Aquarius. While Capricorn isn't overtly sexy, it has a nose for business, and after her movie success Linda showed her business acumen by making sure she capitalized on her experiences by pedaling three biographies, two pro-porn, and one ("Ordeal") anti-porn.

Mercury and Mars in unconventional Aquarius loosened her strait-laced Catholic background, but cool Aquarius isn't famous for eroticism. There has to be more. Moon in Taurus - ruled by Venus - getting warmer. Venus in Sagittarius at 26 degrees, close to the Galactic Center, with Uranus in opposition to Venus from Gemini. Venus isn't usually thought to relate to pornography, it connects to art and beauty, but with unconventional Uranus opposing, I guess what passes for art and beauty here could be radically different!

Saturn in Virgo is quincunx (irritable aspect) Mars and Mercury in Aquarius - putting something of a damper on her unconventional, though reportedly forced, lifestyle, so much so that once freed from her controlling husband she did a complete about-turn as regards pornography. This reflects Saturn in Virgo coming into his own!

Uranus at 27.40 Gemini is is conjunct two Fixed Stars with unfortunate reputations:

Polaris *
The Pole Star Sickness, trouble, loss, affliction, spiritual powers 28° Gemini 34 Unfortunate Saturn/ Venus
Betelgeuse *
Orion's Right Shoulder Calamities, danger, violence 28° Gemini 45 Unfortunate Mars/ Mercury. (Link)

Millions of people were been born during the time Uranus conjoined these two stars, but not all would have the opposition to Venus and the Galactic Center which appears in Linda's chart. Her life, as recounted, contained violence, trouble and affliction, and, as we know, her relatively short life ended with a calamity.

Comments from 2009 and one from 2012

Wisewebwoman said...I've always felt compassion for such porn stars as Linda as they are virtually always coerced by pimps (who could be husbands or dealers) into such degrading performances either by their own co-dependency or some addiction. There is a distinct line between porn and erotica and none of Linda's performances came close to erotic IMHO.
Years ago I participated in a study for the film "Not a love story" which exploded the myths of the porn film industry and during the process we had to watch many of these films. It took me a long time to let go of the images, I was so sickened and appalled and could not complete the study. I was so glad when Linda set the record straight on her career. Coercion, abuse, rape and degradation.
Twilight said... WWW ~ I can understand how you felt in not completing your study - I had to abandon a couple of sites with sickening detail, (probably falsified for purposes of titillation), about Linda, when researching for this post.
Agreed that erotica and porn are two sides of one coin. Oddly erotica is often more potent the less explicit it is, porn relies on excess and excess of excess, until, for most mortals, it sickens.
In general I think anything two consenting humans decide to do, or one human alone for that matter, is fine - whatever floats their boats. I draw a big black line when it comes to force,

R Phoenix said...I used to know a guy that roomed w/Linda in Paris for a while. A lot of the lurid details surrounding her relationship with Chuck Traynor are real.
Did you run across her exploits w/Sammy Davis Jr. by any chance?
Twilight said... I recall reading something about Sammy Davis Jnr and LL, yes, but I think I was probably sickened and ready to pull down the shutters, at that point and didn't take much note of it. What I cannot understand is how she managed to stay with her 1st husband so long....I'd have been on the next train out of Dodge in short order! I wouldn't care about money or a place to live - heck - you can always get by, she had no kids to worry about. What was she doing putting up with it for so long, I ask myself. It's hard to walk a mile in anybody else's shoes though. I don't want to judge. I'd say she was quite a determined lady though, not a shrinking violet or timid woman who would be inclined to take orders. It's quite strange.

Wink Lady said... Very interesting post. I actually remember knowing many girls who admired Linda Lovelace for her "courage" and "free will." By the time Lovelace wrote her book, many of those girls had matured and left those thoughts behind. It's too bad she didn't have the "courage" and "free will" to come out and expressly admit how her pornography career began while she was still relevant in popular culture.
Twilight: Hello! Thanks for commenting, and you're so right!

anthonynorth said...It seems to be often the case that, the stricter the upbringing, the more liberal the values that come from the rebellion.
Twilight: Yes, that's something I almost wrote myself in the post.It has become almost a cliche that Roman Catholic schoolgirls were (are?) the wildest of all. :-) It's as though the tighter they are held in check, the farther the trajectory when they are freed!

Dunyazade said...You know, when I saw the chart, I thought:Ah, that explains it! Scorpio (sex) South Node ruled by Pluto (sex) in the 8th (and some more sex); plus North Node in Taurus (sex), ruled by 12th house Venus. I also noticed that voluptuos (sp) Taurus Moon in the 5th...Anyway, I'm still learning.
Twilight said...Yes, there's the Taurus/Scorpio element there alright. She had to have a natural ability, or inclination to do what she did, otherwise she just could not have done it at all, let alone done it with the success she experienced. It's her complete turn-around which I find so interesting. :-)

Anonymous said...(in 2012)
I'm a fan of astrological analysis..
I'd like to thank the original author for his summary of Linda's early life, though.
Her catholic background (where sex is ritually forbidden), strict parents (a policeman is known for discipline) must be the root of her explosive sexuality.
Sexual repression leads to explosive sexual reactions.
Her claims were serious after she left the porn industry, but from memory were discounted in court due to the films themselves. No physical cohersion is evident.
She appears to suffer from nymphomania, which despite popular myth, is a frightening combination of cloying emotional need and the use of sex as a manipulative act.
Regards, NB.
Twilight said...
Anonymous/NB: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree with all the points you've made. Sexual repression must be at root of a lot of later problems, some similar to LL's and some quite different.

There's a post mentioning the movie about Linda Lovelace too.

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