Friday, February 02, 2018

Arty Farty Friday ~ C.E. Brock, Illustrator.

Charles Edmund Brock
(5 February 1870 – 28 February 1938) was a widely published English painter, line artist and book illustrator, who signed most of his work C. E. Brock. He was the eldest of four artist brothers, including Henry Matthew Brock, also an illustrator.
They were trained at the studio of Henry Wiles and their career began in the early 1890s under the helm of Macmillan.

The Brock brothers "were attracted to the architecture, furniture, and costume of the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries" (Rogerson, Ian), they "set about gathering period artefacts for their studio", which they shared also with their brother Richard. This is one of the keys to their success as illustrators, since, with the help of family and friends who posed as models attired in those garments and placed in such settings, the Brocks were able to recreate very realistic scenes from the books they would illustrate.
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C. E. Brock was chosen to illustrate Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in 1895 as part of its Illustrated Standard Novels. Charles Brock's name, thereafter, became forever linked to Jane Austen's. However, he also illustrated books by other highly regarde authors of the time: Jonathan Swift, William Thackeray, Charles Dickens, and George Eliot.

Born on 5 February 1870, in London, there's little to nothing available online about the private life or personality of C.E. Brock. His natal chart suggests a forward-looking, somewhat intellectual character - 3 personal planets in Aquarius, Moon in Aries, and Venus, planet of the arts in imaginative Pisces linked by helpful sextile aspect to Jupiter in Taurus (the sign ruled by Venus). The chart shown is set for 12 noon, as time of birth isn't known. Moon's position will not be accurate, but would be somewhere in Aries. Ascendant as shown is also not accurate.

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