Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Primarily...Kentucky and Oregon

 Primaries today - aqua; already held - cream.
Voters in Kentucky and Oregon cast primary votes today.

I know nothing about Oregon, other than that one of my husband's grandsons now lives there.

Kentucky - we've driven through the state, with overnight stays there on two occasions, when travelling home from visiting husband's younger son in Ohio. My impression of Kentucky, both times was good. On the first occasion (2007) I recall stopping off in La Grange at an Irish pub/restaurant for a snack, late afternoon. The menu was unusual and very tempting. We ate some delicious rissoles - vegetarian and full of all manner of unexpected textures and flavours - went down well with a glass of Guinness ! On the second occasion (2013) we spent a day and night in Paducah, an arty sort of town we both liked a lot, and intend to re-visit one day. A TV series Justified we've much enjoyed, part via DVD part Netflix, is set in Harlan County, Kentucky.
There's even a song (at the link) about Harlan.

Do good for Bernie, please Kentucky!

And, please Oregon - ditto!


mike said...

Of course I hope The Bern succeeds today! It seems the DNC plays a mean game, exploring loopholes, and changing rules as needed to provide a purchased and manipulated victory for Hillary. The Donald has been suggesting (hoping!) that Bernie goes independent and I'm starting to think that, too...it'd be a YUGE spoiler for Hillary. But at what cost? Would it ensure a Trump win? It's been said numerous times that most states' primaries have excluded the independent voters (unless they designated a party affiliate like you did, Twilight), which decreased potential votes for The Bern. Likewise, the earlier polls indicated Bernie would do better pitted against Trump than Hillary.

I voted Democratic Party in the primary, so I'm stuck voting Democratic in the November election. Now that I'm observing the extremes the DNC has endeavored to put Hillary in place, I'm having second and third thoughts about voting for her, if she is indeed the nominee. This may be the first election in many, many years that I won't cast a ballot in deference. Not voting is a "vote" for Trump. What a dilemma to ponder! Moving to Canada sounds better all the time.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I don't expect Bernie will go back on his word - i.e. that he will support the Dem nominee if he isn't nominated himself. How much enthusiasm he'll approach it with is another matter though. Last thing I heard him say, after the last primary, was that he'll do anything he can to prevent a Trump presidency.

Maybe if Clinton were to choose some VP figure who Sanders likes, and who supports his stances, it'd help him do what he feels must be done in the months up to the General, with Clinton as nominee.

I'll decide what to do come November, but I'm leaning toward leaving the president line on the ballot blank, if the choice is Clinton or Trump, as I did in 2012, and just vote Dem down-ticket. Oklahoma will go Republican anyway - whatever I do won't matter.

For now, lets hope that Bernie can chalk up a couple more won states tonight - the psychological effect of that, for future voters, is important - delegates aside.

Anonymous said...

mike - sites to help or hinder



mike (again) said...

LOL, Sabina!!!! I put a couple of bricks in. The cross-border, mate-matching site should consider an "if Hillary wins" service, too. California has long considered a secession to become a separate territory, so maybe this will do it and I can return to California.

Twilight said...

Tight race in Kentucky, Bernie just, just missed it, but he did win in Oregon!
Thank you Oregon!