Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oh what a tangled web.....

Clinton’s New E-mail Excuse...
The New York Times obtained the deposition of former State Department administrative official Lewis A. Lukens, who had helped Clinton set up her computers when she took office in 2009. According to him, he had suggested that she use a desktop computer at the State Department solely for her personal e-mails, unconnected to the official department network system. Clinton shot that idea down, saying that she was "not adept or not used to checking her e-mails on a desktop........"

Explanations so far include: she did not want to carry two phones; she did not want the public reading her yoga routines and wedding plans for Chelsea; she doesn’t even know how to wipe a computer, anyway....

I refuse to believe that Hillary Clinton is not "adept or not used to checking her e-mails on a desk-top." The woman has been in a government environment for decades, either as First Lady, a Senator, or Secretary of State. She isn't adept with a desk-top computer? Maybe she doesn't like to use one in 2016, when most young things (decades younger than her) are all in with the hand-held variety of computerisation, but how about back in the 1990s and early 2000s? One had a desk-top, or its portable cousin a lap-top then - no other option. Has her memory failed her? She must have used a desk-top at some point in her working life.

More detail from Eric Zuesse on Lewis Lukens’s sworn testimony is HERE.

Opinions vary on whether E-mailgate will further unravel Hillary Clinton's progress in the presidential campaign. It was interesting to note that just before the weekend certain TV commentators, previously pro-Clinton seemed seriously concerned.
At this link Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd, voice concern. Is this the first sign of a vibration that might, eventually, have Hillary Clinton being thrown, as they say, under the bus?

There's this also, regarding other serious charges which may or may not be pending. The article in the second link appeared at Huffington Post recently, but was later removed.

If any of this is even half true, then certain people must be rehearsing the under-bus Clinton throw right now.

Whether such an outcome would help or hinder Bernie Sanders is in doubt, dependent on timing. Timing on this must be a fine art for the DNC, the President and others with influence. They do not want Bernie as nominee - this we know.

The only way I'd speculate a reasonably good outcome, if any of this is true, would be for Hillary to be nominated, then forced to stand down due to legal matters pending, so that DNC would become able to replace her with a nominee of their choice. Joe Biden perhaps? Were that to happen, naming Bernie as Biden's VP might convince enough of Bernie's supporters to accept the outcome....or not. I cannot imagine any outcome more likely to help matters, or to avoid some very, very nasty scenes.


mike said...

Should Hillary find herself unable to continue as the DNC nominee, all hell would break-out if the DNC chose to select someone other than The Bern. I think there will be enough trouble for the DNC with everything as is. Biden forfeited his candidacy, by not entering the race.

Never know, but I'd find it hard to believe that Hillary would get into too much trouble over her prior actions that are now up for review, with a couple recently finding the light of day (Goldman Sach's CEO investing in Hillary's son-in-law's firm; questionable donations to Clinton Foundation, etc). I still think there are bigger fish to fry, if the information-proof ever comes out, like her connections and promises to the financial sector. Jupiter will soon move into Libra and will be in orb of squaring Pluto, then oppose Uranus after the election...that may be when bigger clumps of dirt lands on Hillary.

Trump is being investigated for his "school" being a fraudulent scam. I would think there is more dirt and blood to find under Trump's fingernails. Maybe his tax returns that he isn't releasing?

The June 4th new Moon offers despair and intrigue for everyone, but Trump and The Bern have natal planets directly in the line of fire. Jupiter just completed it's last square with Saturn while forming a T-square with Neptune. Now it's only between Saturn and Neptune square, which fades just before the November election, as Jupiter in Libra takes over.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, all hell would break out - but The Powers That Be would do anything possible to hold back Bernie Sanders. It all would depend on the timing though. If something were to stop Hillary Clinton's campaign right NOW, it'd be a different matter, but if she'd actually been nominated:

The rules of both the Republican and Democratic National Committees specify that the executive committee of the Party has the authority to replace a nominee (either President or Vice President) who dies, stands down, or becomes ineligible between the conclusion of the nominating convention and the general election. Typically the National Committee will respect the choice of the Presidential nominee, if it's the Vice Presidential nominee that needs to be replaced, and will advance the Vice Presidential nominee to Presidential nominee and choose a new Vice Presidential nominee if it's the Presidential nominee, but ultimately it's up to the parties.


Biden would be one possibility for the replacement - not sure who else could be likely. Anyway, it's just speculation, for "fun". :-)

If dirt were to land on Clinton, once President (if she ever is) - what then? Impeachment? Then what?

I suppose someone somewhere has a plan!

Did you read about Bill Kristol's tweet at the weekend regarding someone being about to make a substantial Independent run (on the Republican side, presumably) to stop Trump?
That'd ensure a Clinton win in November if she were nominee.

Oh that tangled web! (And Neptune is becoming a pain in the neck!)

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what to make of the inauguration chart. Altho I read some political chart analyses at SO'W, I can only go as far as Sun is the Leader, Moon reps the people, and so on. In the inauguration chart Mars and Venus (plus Chiron and Neptune) are in Pisces. Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune....

Any ideas?

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Mike will have some ideas. I'm very much a "don't know", and feel there are just too many variables and imponderables involved in this type of prediction for it to be useful. Could be fun maybe. :-)

mike (again) said...

Sabina - Mars-Saturn square and Uranus-Pluto within 3* square (the last time they will be this close to square), with Jupiter in Libra having just squared Uranus and Pluto, leads me to think there will be many unhappy voters. Not a very good mundane chart to start a presidency, either. A sniff of revolt, as Saturn-Uranus are trine, which is usually considered a supportive aspect, but perhaps in this case the aspect supports the radical (Uranus in Aries ruled by Mars...Saturn in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter...Jupiter is inconjunct Mars this day and both Mars and Jupiter are making tense aspects, though Jupiter is sextile Saturn).

The astrology of the next four years indicates that any candidate elected POTUS will have a difficult presidency, mainly due to the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in late Capricorn and very early Aquarius. The time prior to a synodic conjunction concludes the previous cycle(s) and readies the new cycle...we have three synodes: Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto, Saturn-Pluto. This will be the time of the Pluto return in the USA's birth chart, too. The inauguration chart tends to confirm that, if one believes in mundane astrology. I haven't cast a natal chart for the confirmation, so I don't know the Asc or other important points...maybe it gets better (or worse).

mike (again) said...

Should have said "Jupiter in Libra having just OPPOSED Uranus and squared Pluto..."

mike (again) said...

David A. French! I'd prefer Matt Taibbi, if we're considering author-writers now for POTUS. French is on the far right, so should appeal to the Christian, Anglo, militant, homophobic, racist, pro-life, rich dude living in Palm Beach or Malibu.

mike (again) said...

Seth Abramson on "How to Explain the Sanders Campaign to an Idiot, Paul Krugman or a Clintonite in 8 Sentences"

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ David French - I'd never heard the name before! If that's the best Bill Kristol can come up with he's deluding himself. To make a real impact it'd have to be someone very well-known and very popular - rich too. I dunno - Clint Eastwood, Tom Selleck....or put Charlton Heston's corpse on a horse, prop him up and send him out - as they did in "El Cid". :-D

Thanks for the Abramson link - good one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, mike.

If you could know the future, would you want to?

mike (again) said...

Sabina - Yes...I suppose that's part of my draw toward astrology! One part being understanding of the self, the astrology of what makes myself and others who we are. The other, an understanding of transits against the natal chart...peering into the future. I've never been religious and it seems religion has its own method of interpreting ups-and-downs in life, essentially that it's god's way to provide and take away, all to assist toward spiritual development and it's not for us humans to question. I was exposed to astrology as a child and astrology did a far better job at understanding cycles, particularly the ups-and-downs...changes. It provides a basis for understanding others and their interactions with me (synastry).

I may not foresee all of the details of astrological cause and effect, but I can typically forecast the general cosmic weather and how it relates to me. As Twilight and I have often mentioned, it's far easier to review the past and how it correlates to planetary activity, by putting definition and details in place. I'm a novice, so I wouldn't expect to have a high degree of accuracy, though I'm often surprised.

Many decades ago, I obtained an astrological reading from Marguerite Carter (RIP)...she was mainstream...her advertisements appeared on the back cover of several astrology magazines. This was way before computers. I received about 30 typed, then copied pages, maybe 20 pages of personality profile, and 10 or so pages of forecast. Her report was pre-fab...not done just for me, but pieced together...one page "Sun in Scorpio", another "Gemini Asc", etc. The last 10 pages of "future" were considerably accurate...to this day, I have no idea how she did such an accurate forecast, considering it was an assembly-line report. She was very specific and made predictions up to my old age, the bulk was accurately predicted by her five decades ago!

I'm intrigued with financial astrology, as it depends entirely on a past database and deriving correlations with like-kind aspects of the now or future. Raymond Merriman is one of my favorite financial astrologers and he's won many awards for his phenomenal ability to distinguish market trends and reversal dates. He has many clients that aren't into astrology, but utilize his astrological expertise. So, this is an example of wanting to know the future, but not necessarily in a personal way other than increasing one's net worth...LOL.

mike (again) said...

Sabina - Thinking about this a bit more while washing the dirty dishes, I'd say that knowing the future via astrology is similar to wanting to know the meteorological weather. I do a lot of outdoor stuff. Should rain be in the forecast, I know I should get the grass mowed...maybe plant seeds or transplant...maybe spread some organic fertilizer...get to the grocery store, if I'm very low on milk (I have to have milk with my peanut butter sandwiches!). We don't often have frost or freezes here, but if one is forecast, I need to protect tender plants. If the temperature is soaring, I need to water potted plants on the porch. We've had treacherous storms of late, so I need to be aware of possible tornadoes, hail, and high wind. Quite often, just like astrology, the weather forecast doesn't hit the mark, but at least I'm prepared based on the latest information. It's all about timing and adjusting to the changes.