Saturday, March 26, 2016

Primarily...on we go, while I wander back & forward in time

Democratic primary caucuses are taking place today in Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii. Caucus states tend to be Bernie-friendly, so I'm hoping for happy-making results tonight!

Digging around in my archives, this from August of 2008 reminded me of how I felt back then. Nothing much has changed:

Last week I sent off my voter registration application to the State authority, and await the return of a Voter Identification Card for use when I cast my first ever vote in the USA at the General Election in November (2008).

I registered myself as "No Party", unable to conscientiously relate to what I've seen from either party during past months. "No Party" satisfies my Aquarian hankering for freedom and innate obtuseness in any case. Until the primary elections kicked off I always assumed that when I became eligible to vote there was absolutely no question but that I'd join the Democrats. It came as a surprise to me that when the opportunity at last arose, I felt quite unable to do so.

Although I've been here nigh on 4 years, I'm still obviously not translating British political labels into American accurately, or perhaps there is no precise translation. Back in England when US elections were reported on TV and radio I could often be heard asking for a reminder as to which equated to Labour - Republican (symbol the elephant) or Democrat (symbol the donkey). I just couldn't get my head around it. To me Republican sounded more revolutionary and therefore more like Britain's Labour party, the party of "ordinary people", as against the aristocracy and wealthy land owning classes (and those who aspire to, or have delusions of belonging to those groups). The Democrats are the nearest thing to UK's Labour Party I guess, but they aren't extreme enough, I can't really tell "who they are". I'm not sure they know themselves exactly who they are at present, come to that.

I used to describe myself as a European style socialist, but the word socialist here in the USA is almost a dirty word. I think many people equate it with communism. I've learned to keep my mouth shut and my keyboard clamped on that score!

Astrologer C.E.O. Carter said in his "Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology" (first published 1924 in Britain) that "Socialism is one of the manifestations of the Uranian Age, it being an attempt - whether or not a happy one is, of course, beside the point - to realise fraternity and justice. In this it is distinct from the Pisces methods which had been in vogue before, i.e. private philanthropy in the form of foundations, institutions, and alms."

Dear Mr Carter lived in a different era, of course. I wonder what he'd make of the corporatism which we see taking over now? Private philanthropy may still exist in isolated local areas, but on the whole, philanthropy has gone out of fashion in favour of greed. Never has there been more need for "fraternity and justice" - but when will The Uranian Age begin again? I think Mr Carter was referring to the time when Uranus transited its own sign of Aquarius in the early 20th century, from around 1912 to 1920. Uranus has visited Aquarius again since then, a fact which I have engraved on my heart because of what went on then in my life (1995 to 2003). There was no great uprising of socialism as far as I recall - in the USA it was the opposite in fact.

The People will have to wait for the real Age of Aquarius to dawn, before things really start to change. According to the experts it may not dawn in the lifetime of anyone alive now, or even in the lifetimes of their grandchildren...nor even their grandchildren's grandchildren.

In the absence of fraternity and justice until the New Dawning, it would be nice if we could simply have a bit of philanthropy back.

Absent the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, we could at least acknowledge the fact that a herald of "fraternity and justice" is among us right now in Bernie Sanders. He has been ignored, dismissed, ridiculed by Republicans, establishment Democrats and mass media, but gradually has gained respect from some of those who hadn't been aware of his views previously. For me, personally, he's the candidate I've been waiting for.

I'll go out on a limb to say that, however unlikely it might seem, at this point, for Bernie to achieve the presidency, if he were to do so, he would become the most beloved president in anyone's lifetime. That is my deepest feeling about him. If that were to be proved merely a dream, well then, he still should go down in history as a true herald of things to come - at some point in the future when the stars align for The People more strongly and clearly than they do right now. Some of The People, on both sides of the political divide (supporters of Bernie, and those of Donald Trump) may be ultra-sensitive and feeling an advance pull of Saturn's entry into revolutionary Aquarius in late 2020, and an even more advanced pull of Pluto's entry into Aquarius in the Spring of 2023.


mike said...

I've been up for hours...a tragic house fire nearby...10 alarm fire. I was friendly with the neighbor and she's been transferred to the burn unit in San Antonio in critical condition. Lost her three dogs. Her husband has been in the hospital for the past week, due to falling and breaking his hip, leg, and arm, so he wasn't home. Strange how quickly one's life can be changed.

I astro-sense that whoever attains POTUS will have a very difficult next four years...matters not the person or party affiliation. Should a Democrat win the election, the Republicans will stalemate and continue to be the obstacle toward any progress, with a major accent on biblical standards and corporate power (aka Republican business as usual). The next midterm election isn't until 2018, so there may be some hope of tipping the power to a majority Democratic Congress, but it would require a substantial voter turn-out, which rarely happens with the Dems. A win by Hillary will be a continuation of the Obama administration, but in pant-suits and lipstick.

The Republican menu, whether Cruz or Trump, offers a quagmire all its own! If the Republican party leaders are successful and Trump hasn't the delegates, then it's a free-for-all come the RNC...maybe Paul Ryan will succeed. It appears (today at least) that Cruz is in flames caused by the National Enquirer big reveal. The National Enquirer expose probably DOES have some substance, as I can't imagine the paper taking-on a libel litigation.

I saw in yesterday's tallies that Cruz had a 2% chance of winning and that Bernie rated a 4% chance! A week ago, Bernie had a 2% chance, so his number doubled...LOL. I would certainly prefer Bernie be the next POTUS and there's still a slim chance he could be, but there's danger ahead, if victorious.

There was much talk of election process reform after the 2000 election debacle. The reform proposals withered on the vine, but perhaps this election cycle will renew interest in a federal, popular vote election, rather than the inane, non-unified, state elections we now suffer. Plus, the Republicans have differing election rules than the Democrats. Hillary's super-delegate support will ensure Bernie's defeat.

This election cycle has, once again, shown me that America's electorate can't be trusted with elections.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Oh, how terrible for your neighbours! Talk about one thing on top of another!
I can empathise somewhat on loss of everything through fire (though not re the physical burns). I hope they manage to come through it all.

I hadn't bothered to read the Ted Cruz stories, but just now took a look at Daily Beast. Expecting perhaps gossip of his fling with a Cruz groupie (just that idea being a possibility brought giggles)I find he's said to have had - 5 sexy "romps"- what? He could find 5 willing women? Yikes! I liked a comment at Charles Pierce's blog today where the commenter decided it was all a cynical ploy to humanize Cruz. :-D

Agreed, the next presidential term will not be easy or pleasant. And yes, there would certainly be danger for Bernie - there is already, I believe. That's why he deserves so much more credit for his courage in what he's doing.

As you've said before, this election season isn't quite the norm - the unexpected can happen, for good or ill, still lots of time before November.

Super-delegates are the establishment's "fail-safe" mechanism, as I understand it and as Debbie Wassername Sh... has openly admitted. We think we have a say, but unless we want what they, the establishment, corporations, bankers, those behind the curtain want....we may as well forget it. We shouldn't forget it though - we should at least try to prove that we DO NOT want what they want, clearly enough to cause them to pause and wonder......(the ghost of Madame Defarge hovers, always.) ;-)

anyjazz said...

I have seen a lot of elections. I thought nothing could top the 1964 tilt-a-whirl with Barry Goldwater. He talked tough and earned the disrespect of both conservatives and liberals. There have been some criminals and outright idiots running for high office over the years since then. Now this.

This one is certainly going to be a game changer.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Elections here are, for sure, more like long-running (read never-ending) Broadway shows; in the UK they're more like a rapid flick through a fairly interesting book, quickly put down thereafter. Rather than a Broadway show, though, this year's US election-go-round is more like one of those Leslie Nielsen Scary Movies! %-/

Twilight said...

BERNIE IS PROJECTED WINNER OF WASHINGTON STATE AND ALASKA ! Hawaii's results still to come. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That wee bird perching on his lectern yesterday has brought him good luck! :-)

mike (again) said...

Sanders' has some pleasant astrological transits right now, too! He's WAY ahead in Washington and Alaska...wish those states had more delegates. Hawaii is predicted to be a grand slam for him, too. I think this will provide a substantial psychological boost to the yet-to-be voters, if they were inclined to vote for him, but succumbed to the "he won't win" droll verse. And of course, Bernie must be on a high right night yet for him.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ No Hawaii result yet, but a few Tweets which indicate Sanders is doing well there and there's has been a high turnout. The psychological boost is so important for voters in states from now on - I'm ignoring the delegate thing for now and concentrating on willing him on for more state wins to keep up and increase positivity in people's minds. Hope he's able to get some rest for a couple of days between campaigning, before Wisconsin's primary.

Twilight said...

WOW ~ Hawaii too! 3 for 3 and good decisive wins, no messing around! :-)

mike (again) said...

Ditto! Congrats to Bernie! I see that he's heavily campaigning in WI, so no rest for him. He's under Saturn's square to his Sun...tiring, but rewarding his efforts. NY is a biggie come April 19th, particularly with its high delegate count and Hillary's adopted home state. The crux of the American financial world (Wall Street) resides there and Bernie isn't favored. April 19th's astrology is favorable to Bernie...transiting Moon on his Mercury...a grand trine in Earth Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto, with Jupiter conj his Sun...transiting Venus trine Saturn Rx, with Venus conj his Moon. He may perform better than anticipated. The transiting Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square is very active then and Bernie has natal Jupiter at the outlet of that T-square, with his Jupiter at 20* Gemini.

Transiting Venus-Saturn trine will form a grand trine with Hillary's Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo that day...and she's Scorpio Sun-Asc...her rulers will be favorably highlighted. Transiting Uranus is trine her Saturn.

Hillary will carry NY, but Bernie will fare better than currently polled. He's now polling at about 25%.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ If Bernie wins Wisconsin on 5th the "wave" of enthusiasm from that will reach the people of New York - it's NY state, not just NYC isn't it? Though of course most of the people are in NYC. He's a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, so there's that - Hillary was their senator, so there's that. A result close enough to be seen as a virtual tie would be good! :-)

Thanks for the astrological pointers. There is the sticky problem for both Sanders and Clinton that we're not absolutely sure of times of birth for either of them (as I recall anyway). Supposed t.o.b. for Bernie (12.27) gives him Scorpio rising too. Hillary's t.o.b. isn't certain whether 8-someting something a.m.or p.m. (again as I recall from 2008), so her rising sign might not be Scorpio. Astrologers have lots of wriggle room when predicting for either of them if predictions include ascendants.

I've just read a piece by Robert Reich which is much in line with my own thoughts on the future:

Lots of nice comment threads around this morning, as usual at Common Dreams and Alternet, but also at Truthdig and Crooks and Liars. I understand MSM are trying to minimise enthusiasm about Bernie's results yesterday - they would wouldn't they, owned as they are by the corporations.

Twilight said...

And, re the feathered visitor yesterday - this from

Lovely poem at the end of the piece! :-)

mike (again) said...

"Democrats Abroad will send 13 delegates (as well as eight superdelegates) to the Democratic convention, which is more than Wyoming. The results came in a few days ago, and Bernie Sanders is the winner."

Re Robert Reich's essay - Maybe yes, maybe no...LOL. I agree that this election season is indicative of the appalling despair of politics, yet it can't be ignored that the electorate is equally, appallingly despairing. Our political nominees, for better or worse, reflect the diversity, for better or worse, of the voters and their mental-emotional status.

"Clinton is beating Sanders. Don't blame the party, blame the people" by John Stoehr

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Oh yes - I'd forgotten to mention the good Dems Abroad win for Bernie - thanks!

Re your 2nd paragraph, I read a comment this morning which kind of relates (paraphrased: change will come one way or another and one when or another).
I copied it to my word pad as it happens:

Obama was elected on the promise of change, but he didn’t give us much of
it, so we Americans have been longing for it these past eight years. We will
get that change whether it is peacefully with the compassion of Bernie or with
the hatred and chaos of Trump, but we will not be denied change. And we know
Hillary’s promise of change is meaningless, what with her being the status
quo’s candidate. In the general we are going to be voting for the candidate
that offers change, whether we are offered a good or evil option is dependent
on the Wall Street Washington establishment. Bernie beats Trump while Hillary
loses to the Donald.

Dang but The Guardian has gone to the dark side these days. Its originators must be rolling in their graves!!

mike (again) said...

I linked the Guardian article, because it's forgotten in this election circus that there is a majority NOT desiring change. Trump is getting about 35% of the Republican vote, one out of three voters...that means two-thirds of the Repub voters want business as usual via their other candidates. It's about the same for the Democrats.

I read an article this morning that I can't source right now, but it was about Bernie's BIG win in Washington state. Only 18% of registered Democratic voters turned-out for the primary there!!! Where were the other 82%? Are they apathetic? Couldn't decide between Hillary or Bernie? No babysitter? Sick? The LOW voter turn-out for this HOT election is another indication that most American registered voters (and there are many not registered!) simply don't care and are willing to subjugate themselves to the oligarch establishment. Robert Reich's fictional rebellion sounds good to me, but I doubt there is enough momentum, at least at this time, as the voting statistics imply.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Oh dear - are you drifting! I suspect you'll reply that you're being realistic. :-)

I understand why the Republicans don't want change, I do not understand why a majority of Democrats don't want to get back to what their party used to stand for - why, then, don't they go join the Republicans? Are they happy with the horrible situation in which many find themselves in this "land of plenty?" Aren't they listening to Bernie's speeches? Are they afraid they might have to pay a wee bit more tax to ensure their fellow citizens are not in need, are they afraid they won't be able to feel superior any more? Or are they just too darn willfully thick to get it! You could get me going on this, but I feel the ol' BP rising.

Re voter apathy, or whatever, - don't know reasons. I do know that for the past few primaries reports of much bigger turnouts than usual have been surfacing, with instances of too few ballot papers available, long lines, long waits, etc etc. Some must be waking up, while others sleep.

Well... re Robert Reich's speculative piece - what he envisions matches astrology does it not?

mike (again) said...

No, not drifting...just saying that there are hellalot of people that don't vote and of those that do, it appears that about 60% to 70% want status quo up to this point in our 2016 election.

Total number of Americans eligible to vote 218,959,000
Total number of Americans registered to vote 146,311,000
Total number of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election 126,144,000
Percent of Americans who voted in the 2012 Presidential election 57.5 %

Year Voting-Age Population Voter Registration Voter Turnout Turnout of Voting-Age Population
2012 218,959,000 146,311,000 126,144,000 57.5 %
2008 208,323,000 182,578,209 131,304,357 62.3 %

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ If they don't vote - that's their choice, but they have to be willing to go along with whatever happens and STFU. If 60% to 70% do want things to remain as is - and I'm not at all sure that's an accurate assessment, but I'm not up to arguing at this point - then they'll need to STFU too when they lose their jobs and find themselves swimming neck deep in debt.

I WANT IN said...

By: Bob on March 2nd, 2016 at 11:03 pm

The March 8th eclipse could signal a change in Bernie’s favor.

If I am right Hillary's lead could disappear or come close to it by the end of the day March 26th.


Mar 21 Dems Abroad Bernie 69-31 48 points
Mar 22 Idaho Bernie 78-21 57 points
Mar 22 Utah Bernie 79-20 59 points
Mar 26 Hawaii Bernie 70-30 40 points
Mar 26 Alaska Bernie 82-19 63 points
Mar 26 Washington Bernie 73-27 46 points

Bloomberg poll reported Mar 24, poll was from Mar 19 thru 22 of 311 likely voters

Bernie nationally 49% to Hillary 48%

Twilight said...

I WANT IN (Bob) ~ Well done, Bob on direction we're going! - I'm hoping fervently that the trend continues and increases. :-)

Twilight said...


BOB's comment at 11.03 pm needs a correction, he tells me, due to a typographical error:
The Dems abroad primary margin should be 38 points, not 48.