Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Primarily - morning after a disappointing night for Bernie. Standing by: Turn of the Century Radical

What I didn't want to believe would happen, has happened.  It has been proved that Bernie is too good for this place, this nation!    They don't know a good thing when it's put right under their noses.

I'll continue to support him to the end of his run, whenever that turns out to be.  If he continues to hold Hillary Clinton to tight races in more states, he will, perhaps, gain some foothold in being able to have a say in future policies.

Edited and expanded re-run of an archived post.

Emma Goldman was born on 27 June 1869 in Kovno, Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire. She emigrated to the USA, with her sister, in 1885 and found employment in a New York clothing factory. Soon after her arrival in the states an uprising of workers in Chicago resulted in the execution of four anarchists, who came to be known as "The Haymarket Martyrs".
They had been prominent trade union activists leading the struggle for an eight-hour day. Framed for a bombing, the authorities hoped that this would scare off the emerging trade union movement, especially its anarchist component. The international outcry which followed these executions on trumped up charges helped to shape Emma's radical and anarchist ideals, which lasted throughout her long life..............

Emma Goldman was a formidable public speaker and a prolific writer. Her whole life was devoted to struggle and she was controversial even within the radical and anarchist movement itself. She was one of the first radicals to address the issue of homosexuality, she was a fighter for women's rights, and she advocated the virtues of free love. These ideas were viewed with suspicion by those who placed their faith in the cure-all solution of economic class warfare and they were denounced by many of her contemporaries as "bourgeois inspired" at best.

To mainstream Americans, Emma was known as a demonic "dynamite eating anarchist". She toured the States, agitating and lecturing everywhere she went. She was hounded for much of her life by FBI agents and was imprisoned in 1893, 1901, 1916, 1918, 1919, and 1921 on charges ranging from incitement to riot to advocating the use of birth control to opposition to World War 1.

A self proclaimed anarchist, Leon Czolgosz, assassinated President William McKinley in 1901 and this event unleashed a massive wave of anti-anarchist hysteria throughout the States. Emma was blamed for his action and was forced into hiding for a time. She was deported from the United States, Holland, France, and was denied entry to many other countries. None of this daunted her, she began publishing 'Mother Earth' magazine in 1906 and was very active in the No-Conscription League.

Emma Goldman died in 1940, and though exiled for many years, her body was allowed back into the USA for burial in Chicago, not far from the graves of the "Haymarket Martyrs".

Entire books have been written about the life of Ms Goldman, it's impossible to cover it sensibly in a brief blog post, but there's enough information in the extract above to get an idea of one side of this lady's character. Another side of her personality emerges through a cache of her letters to a lover. These were mentioned in a 1992 article in the Los Angeles Times:

All About Emma : Letters... by JOHN BOUDREAU |
But despite her reputation as a firebrand, the real Goldman also was a woman tormented by jealousy and doubt, the collection shows. Through her prolific letters, readers come to see the feisty revolutionary who espoused the eight-hour workday, contraceptives and "free love" but who was haunted by depression and anguish over her blatantly promiscuous longtime lover, Dr. Ben Reitman.

.....the letters were very jealous. She said his letters to her were like a narcotic: They made her heart beat faster, but they put her brain to sleep. And she had these terrible moments of feeling her life was not meaningful.

Falk adds: "A lot of people think they know her, or else they've never heard of her. It's fascinating for people to see she was just like anyone else."

Here's her natal chart set for 12 noon. Astrodatabank has a 3pm time of birth, but it is categorised as "DD" - dirty data, and unreliable. That time puts her natal Moon in mid-Aquarius with Scorpio rising. I'll rely on a 12 noon chart to note some interesting factors.

Most significant of all is rebel planet Uranus conjunct Venus, part of a cluster of personal planets in Cancer. Cancer isn't the first sign that springs to mind when considering a radical and anarchist whose life's work consisted of fighting the system, the status quo. When Uranus is closely involved though, Cancer's homely cuddly sentimentality goes out the window. Her natal Moon would have been in Aquarius whatever time she was born, and more likely than not in scratchy aspect to either her Sun/Mercury or Venus/Uranus in Cancer. Aquarius and Cancer are not best pals of the zodiac, any aspect between them is going to be scratchy at best, accounting for her less than typically Cancerian nature, at least as portrayed to the public.
However, her private letters, mentioned in the article linked above, expose another side of her nature, more aligned with what's typically thought of as Cancerian: clingy, needy, sentimental, in stark contrast to the Aquarian independence of her natal Moon.

Mars in Virgo on one side and Jupiter in Taurus on the other form harmonious sextiles to Uranus/Venus. Saturn in Sagittarius could well form a sextile to Moon which then links Moon and Saturn via two quincunx aspects to Uranus, forming a Yod. Astrologers consider that the "energies" of the sextiled planets emerge via the qualities of the planet at the apex of the Yod, in this case, what could seem more appropriate : Moon (inner self) and Saturn (career) emerging through Uranus (rebellion)?


mike said...

You identify the yod of Moon-Saturn sextile, with Uranus at the apex, but she actually has a series of yods...Venus-Uranus sextile Pluto, with Saturn at the apex...Venus-Uranus sextile Mars, with possibly Moon at the apex...possibly Moon-Neptune, with Mars at the apex.

"This aspect [yod] can produce a heightened direction of energy in the chart which may also oscillate between bifurcated states or situated personalities. A planetary opposition to the quincunxed planet of the Yod can be malefic, or can produce situations of dramatic reversal."

Her Moon's position at 15* Aquarius, even if off by a couple of degrees, would complete these yods. And certainly the transiting Moon's position month-to-month would have set-off these yods, too, as would any transiting planet hitting the right spots. The "boomerang yod" would be formed when any transiting planet was between the two sextile-aspected planets in the yod formation, opposite the apex planet, further focusing the yod into the transiting planet. The Moon's monthly transits must have been hell for her...LOL.

Her Mars and Saturn are within square aspect, which would produce some aberrations into her life depending on the houses involved...along the lines of one foot on the gas peddle and the other on the brake and cold. Overly cautious or overly thrusting forward without thought.

Re - Bernie...stay tuned...never know what's up this election season. Surprising things can happen with our current Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T square. Truth wins over deceit, disparaging as it may seem currently. As we've mentioned previously, the winner of POTUS will not have an easy go of it and will provide the basis for the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in late Capricorn, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, new 20-year cycle, at 0* Aquarius. The next four years delivers us to that door step in ragged fashion.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Hmm - yes, thanks, she did have a rather Yod infested chart didn't she! I must have pounced on the one with Uranus at the apex, then stopped looking. :-)
She was certainly a good example of what happens when Uranus is well-integrated in a natal chart. Thanks for the other astro-observations.

I hope you're right about further potential surprises re election stuff. I felt really down-hearted when I went to bed, didn't sleep well, got up still feeling dismal.
It'll pass.

mike (again) said...

Keep the faith:

toosoontotell said...

Emma's Moon in Aquarius-Uranus in Cancer are in mutual reception, strengthening the influence of both. Moon, as ruler of Emma's Cancer Sun (Mercury, Venus), would've made the combination particularly significant, with Mercury on the Aries Point.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Thanks, I shall do my very best! Thanks for the link. On paper it seems there IS a very uphill and problem strewn way for him. Factoring in the psychological effect of Clinton's wins yesterday, though, could influence voters still in the wings. Media will keep drilling it in that Bernie hasn't a chance - heck they've been doing that for months, but now the volume will be increased. I shall try not to dwell on that aspect!

Something that's odd, and others at Common Dreams have noticed the same : no e-mails from Bernie's campaign since last night (describing outcomes etc. and asking for more donations). Usually after a primary there have been 2 or 3 the next day, sometimes one even the night of the primary. Nothing this time. They must be having some kind of re-think. :-/

Twilight said...

toosoontotell ~ Hi! Thank you, yes good points! :-)

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Have just received an e-mail from Bernie's campaign. The staff were probably having a half day off after yesterday! It says more or less what was said in the Alternet link you provided.

Next Tuesday's 3 primaries might be a pointer as to which way the wind is now blowing. Arizona, Idaho, and Utah.

mike (again) said...

I suspect that Bernie was waiting for the Missouri result...Hillary won by 1,531 votes and the result was announced about four hours ago. Bernie may request a recount, particularly since he was ahead for most of the count. Not sure the number of delegates awarded to Bernie.

Keep the flame BERNing!

The Don - old man said...

Strangest campaign charts I have ever worked on. I see Hillary getting the nomination but not the election nor the inauguration.

Bernie is mixed for the election but blows the doors off for the inauguration. If Hillary were to be the nominee and then was unable to continue because of health issues who would carry on for the Dems? Her VP pick or the person who was next to her in the primaries?

I see difficulties for Hillary in late September. Of course it could be a bad time campaigning - nothing to do with her health.

R.I.P. GOP (Part 1)

R.I.P. GOP (Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Jake said...

Could be . . . in this year's atmosphere.

". . . and I want trucks, vans, cars, any kind of vehicle, cruising the streets of every state capitol and the largest city in every state if it is different from the capitol . . . You're fired Priebus! This is the Donald you're messing with. Before I'm through I'm gonna own this party and if it doesn't come up to my standards I'll sell it to China! Get out! Get out! Get him out! Look! He's holding up the bad finger! Get him out! . . . now where was I? Oh yeah, - if it is different from the capitol, with loudspeakers - like in the "Blues Brothers" - blaring out my accomplishments from 6 am to 7 pm - 2 sets of drivers, 6 1/2 hour shifts - no overtime. . . . ."

She caught the Katy, left me a mule to ride; she caught the Katy, left me a mule to ride ... so I became a Democrat.

Maybe if The Donald had a talk with "The Penguin" he would see the light and do handsprings up and down the aisle of the Capitol Building.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ That sounds like the reason, yes. Such a narrow margin! I felt certain he'd win at least Missouri - that was the last straw for me! :-) Hope they do a re-count.

Twilight said...

Don -old man ~ (LOL!) That's a strange prediction/speculation. Could it perhaps mean that because Sanders has a good showing at the inauguration, that he is likely to be awarded some position of importance, other than Prez. VP (seems unlikely but one never knows!)

Will watch the vids tomorrow - thanks. :-)

Twilight said...

Jake ~ Nothing, but nothing would surprise me about DT! LOL! :-D