Saturday, January 23, 2016

Weekend Bits & Pieces

Here's a quiz to try: How dark is your personality? - 5 minute test.

Astrology could be said to have a metaphorical link to colour. Colour, I am reliably informed by my husband, has hue (the actual colour), chroma (the intensity or brilliance), shade (greyness from added black ) and tint(added white)...all factors carried forward when any mixing of colours takes place. See?

Netflixing: Recently we've watched Uncanny - very interesting movie about AI (artificial intelligence). There are twists, some more obvious than others. It's the kind of movie where a second viewing is indicated, after searching online for commentary about what was missed.

We re-watched Primer but found it even more confusing than on first viewing. Seeking information on the net just scrambled my brain some more.

We've also binge-watched (13 episodes over a few evenings) the TV series Zoo. Very good story, if scary at times. Premise: the animals of Earth have said "enough is enough" and turn on humans. Why? That's the mystery to be solved. It's cleverly filmed with, inevitably, CGI and is generally well performed by some little known (to us) actors.

Expressions _ Just one look...
(Borrowed from husband's vintage photograph collection, in his "Talking Pictures" album at Flickr - see sidebar link)


You're gonna regret this.


 Take off my WHAT?


Then, Nola noticed an interesting odor.


You think so? Wait'll you see this!


 Wanna see what I got in my pocket?


We haf ways to make you talk.


I gotta quit drinkin'.



Sonny G said...

test results::

Infrequently vile

You are infrequently vile – you mostly put others before yourself, though you may find occasions in which your dark side shines.

as for the dark side, that most often occurs if you've hurt me deeply in an emotional way.

anger- I can get past fairly quickly- though I'd be watching out for the person who caused it like " a hawk watching a chicken" :)

emotional hurt, that's a whole other ballgame and I never forget it.

I'm not sure why people don't ever remember that every Peach has a Pit.

mike said...

Re - The test...I'm infrequently vile. Yes, probably true.

Re - Netflix...haven't viewed "Uncanny", but I did watch "Primer" a couple of months ago. I enjoyed the movie! The low budget videography was it's own special effect. I thought it was a clever plot. Toward the end, it requires some thought as to which pair of the same dudes the viewer is contending. The out-smarting of our own selves...LOL.

"Zoo" sounds interesting. I'm not familiar with it...must not have caught-on with the CBS viewership or I'm not in the loop of positive reviews (until now). As I've mentioned many times, it may be best for the Earth's other species, and the Earth as a whole, should we humans say adieu while there's still some life to replenish itself. Yet to be seen, but there are many scientists that claim we've gone too far already. Doesn't seem that we'll be happy until we've despoiled the entirety. More disheartening is that we are leaving this mess for the innocent generations to come...easy to make a mess, if others have to clean it up.

I've not been a regular on Netflix for a while. I search the selections for half and hour, then switch back to standard TV, with nothing grabbing my interest on Netflix. I'm wasting more time simply attempting to find something...anything...that appeals. I've had Netflix for a year and my book reading has suffered. I used to love reading in the late hours of the evening, often extending bedtime due to an over-exciting plot. Currently, I'm filling-in the non-Netflix hours via the internet's never-ending "one thing leads to another".

The weather - A chilly morning here...35* upon waking, but sunny, with a high in the upper 50s forecast. My sister in KS had 4" of snow the past several days. Any snow there in OK?

Sonny - Not sure if you'll see this, but the news claims you've been ravaged by severe weather. Hope you're dry, safe, and warm.

Sonny G said...

wow, we got the same test results, Mike:)

yes its ugly out there. luckily the vehicles are few but we've already had over 70 wrecks and 8 deaths:(

there's a thick layer of ice under what appears to be powdery snow and thats hazardous. The state patrol keeps warning folks to stay off the road unless its an emergency.
pepsico.. where my daughter works took the 27 employees to the closest ramada inn- bout 1/2 mile away to spend the night and they are picking up the tab for as long as they need to stay there. everyone else will work remote from their home for as long as we have power..
the pond thats about 300 ft from our back patio is frozen..
yes we are warm and safe. even if the power goes off we have lots of candles- 2 gas log fireplaces and a coleman stove that uses propane to heat food and make coffee.. I worry about those who don't. thanks for asking..

mike (again) said...

P.S. - The darkness test is a self-assessment, which is subjective. I imagine there are too many individuals that would rate their darkness as lighter-than-should-be. I've met many manipulators and evil-doers that would never ever see themselves as such. I purport that the darker the individual or group, the more likely the sliding button goes the opposite direction. An excellent current-affair example is the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, with its Machiavellian and nefarious government officials. Self-honesty is an invaluable commodity, as is putting it to good use.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I didn't see your comment prior to mine when I posted. It's nice to know that I'm in good company, with our infrequently vile similarities! I noticed that Twilight didn't divulge her test result...hmmm.

Good to know you are meeting the challenges of the weather. How often does it typically freeze and snow in your area? Is this storm unusual? The weather-news keeps saying that this is the worst storm of its type in 90 years for the northern sector, but not sure about you...I think you said you're in N Carolina. I imagine you ventured to the grocery store and stocked-up on vittles. Is the storm now out of your area?

Sonny G said...

For us Mike, this is sorta an every few years thing. happened last in 2013 right after we'd moved and I was NOT ready lol. Heck I hadn't even unpacked all the boxes. I said right then, coleman shove and coffee pot for emergencies was on my list of things to get and I did.
Wednesday just happens to be my normal grocery day so I lucked out this week. there are soups and stews frozen in baggies in the freezer- easy to heat up for a hot meal, and lots of sandwich making items. bottled water out in the garage- so we're good for at least 2 weeks- though I hope this doesn't last that long. no new ice or snowfall since a little after 5 this morning but the clouds are low and heavy looking.. those further north of us are in worse shape and also west in the mountain areas. I already called some of my former neighbors as many of them have no other heat source than their HVAC and if the power goes off- they'd be without heat. IF, they think they can make it over here , they are welcome.
the guest room has a queen size bed and there's a pull out sofa and lazyboy- lays fully back recliner in the living room .. we'd make do with chatter- card n board games and such.. for as long as I've been in NC, I've never known the power to be off longer than 5 days.
I have lots of blankets n pillows in those space bag thingies, under my bed.. I've always said if they broke loose all at one time I'd end up 3 inches off the ceiling .. lol lol

are ya'll having the bad weather too???

mike (again) said...

Sonny - Not bad weather here...just cold for us Deep Southers, but not unusual for this time of year. As I mentioned above, it's a chilly, sunny day here, beautiful in its own right. Twilight had a post about "blue northers", which is what we have right now: I have my blinds open trying to capture the sunlight and heat-up the inside. When we have cold and cloudy days, the house loses heat, but on days like this, the house will heat-up a couple of degrees from solar insolation...I rarely use heating. I far prefer the colder weather...can always add more layers of clothing. I become wary of our eight or nine months of intense heat and humidity, and it'll start in about six weeks. I'm sure I wouldn't venture out unless I had to, but if I lived near you, taking refuge at your house sounds like fun and a good time...LOL.

Twilight said...

Sonny & mike ~ First - I'm very happy to read that Sonny is warm and safe indoors and well equipped to deal with the winter storm. :-) Hope it doesn't last too long!

We've been very cold here for the past days, had some snow a few days ago, but it soon cleared. Now it's icy during the night and remaining very cold during daylight hours, they say it should get a bit warmer tomorrow.

Re the "darkness" test thingie - LOL! I was too embarrassed to tell y'all that I am, according to that test, "Shockingly Saintly". Did the test again just now, and same result. (She adjusts her halo to a more rakish angle).

mike (again) said...

Twilight, er Saint Twilight, did you have anyjazz take the test with you as the subject...his evaluation of you? LOL. I'm sure he would score you even might reach archangel status by the end of the day.

BTW - Writing of archangels, Shamshiel is referenced as both "sign of the Sun" and "song of the Sun"...depends on the author of the essay. You probably already knew that, but I'd always read Shanshiel as song of the Sun. I wonder why the difference? Somewhere back in ancient writings, sign and song must have inferred the same meaning when interpreting into English.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ LOL! I doubt he'd have the patience to do the test, mike! He has, on occasion, described me as "a piece of work" (luckily with a smile on his face). :-)

On the subject of angels in general - a subject that could be of interest, sci-fi-wise if the religious link is disregarded - there;s a Wiki page you might have already seen, and which I've probably used in the past:

There are references to Book of Daniel and Book of Enoch.

I once noticed that Barachiel a Fallen Angel, one of the "Watchers" taught humans astrology. Probably did a post on that years ago.

That page has this on Shamsiel

Shamsiel, once a guardian of Eden as stated in the Zohar, served as one of the two chief aides to the archangel Uriel (the other aide being Hasdiel) when Uriel bore his standard into battle, and is the head of 365 legions of angels and also crowns prayers, accompanying them to the 5th heaven. In Jubilees, he is referred to as one of the Watchers. He is a fallen angel who teaches the signs of the sun.

Sonny G said...

ahhh, I see, Saintly is it now.. hmmmmm:-)gathering my voluminous skirts, bowing gracefully and backing out of the room..
I went to the wiki link and I have a question.

why was the teaching of astrology OK but teaching about the moon was forbidden knowledge.
I wonder what it is about the moon we still may not know and if we did, how it would impact us or enlighten us.

Baraqel (Baraqiel) taught men astrology

Kokabiel (also Kakabel, Kochbiel, Kokbiel, Kabaiel, and Kochab), In the Book of Raziel he is a high-ranking, holy angel. In Enoch I, he is a fallen Watcher, resident of the nether realms, and commands 365,000 surrogate spirits to do his bidding. Among other duties, he instructs his fellows in astrology.

Sariel (also Suriel) taught mankind about the courses of the moon (at one time regarded as forbidden knowledge).

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ :-D Halo gets tight most of the time - gives me a headache!

Re the Wiki link information: The story goes that the Watchers, sent to Earth to watch over humans, "at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, defect en masse to illicitly instruct humanity and procreate among them." So really all the instructions given to humans was forbidden by whoever sent the Watchers. The Moon's courses might have....let's see, going into full sci-fi mode...might have had some connection to angelic travelling (space/time travel) which they wished to keep secret from humans for some reason. So while the Watchers felt alright about teaching certain skills, they must have still needed to keep courses of the Moon secret from humans.

I've read somewhere that at one time it was thought the Moon might have been a manufactured body (don't fancy that as a theory myself) but it could maybe be a far-fetched link to the "forbidden" aspect you mention.

mike (again) said...

Barqel (astrology), Kokabiel (stars), Sariel (Moon), and Shamshiel (signs of the Sun)...extant astrology is all-encompassing of the stars, Moon, and Sun signs. Like you, Sonny, I'm perplexed by the archangels' (aka Sons of God, Watchers) teaching specialties.

Sonny G said...

thank you both for answering..

I believe we had a full moon last night and wowzers did I feel it.. My sleep was odd and filled with different scenarios.

another always lol

if someone knew the exact date they got pregnant-time within 10 mins- would it be worth looking at that astro chart. I hope this isnt TMI, but I just happened to look at the clock within a minute or 2 of the end of both -umm ahhh - events? lol lol , for lack of a better term.
I guess what I'm asking is- on the theory that life begins at inception- would reading that chart be worth my time.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ re "angels" astrology etc - maybe astrology is astrology, but the other instructions (Moon, stars, Sun) relate to astronomy.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Re date of conception and astrology - some astrologers have said (if I'm remembering correctly) that the date of conception is important, but most people just don't know it - at least not for certain. Other astrologers believe that it's the first breath as an individual human being that counts in natal astrology. I'm a don't know on this, but I like the second view better. I'd expect the conception date, for both partners, to show more in their own charts (maybe!)

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I can't provide a reference(s) right now, but I've read several astrologers' belief that the Moon's sign position at the moment of conception will be the natal ascendant at birth. Years ago, I knew an elderly German woman, not an astrologer, that held that belief and she said it came from German folklore...I thought it interesting that she had a concept of the ascendant, yet knew minimal astrology...not to mention that this belief required knowledge of the Moon's sign position at conception. There is a lot of astrological information on the internet regarding a woman's fertility calculated by the sign position of the to become pregnant.

How's the aftermath of the big storm?

mike (again) said...

Delving into random things on the internet last night, I came across a supposed biblical quote from Jesus, Matthew 10:34:

"I came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword" is one of Jesus' most controversial statements because its meaning has many interpretations. The immediate context is the entire verse of Matthew 10:34, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword."

"I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."
"I did not come to bring peace, but war."

Parallel verses:

Many Christians are certainly practicing this one...LOL.

Sonny G said...

I had no idea that biblical quote.. I'm amazed and curious.. maybe if I go read the section before and after I can find out why he said that-- well, according to whoever wrote it many years later and then there's the part about differences in language and its meanings- as well as good ole king james deciding which parts to leave in and which to toss:-) but I'll read it anyway...

OK- so , wanna make sure I get what you said right- as to the german persons interpretation::

I go get the chart for the inception-- then get the chart of the person at birth and see if the moon of the inception chart is the ascendent of the birth chart.... hope I understood ya ..

back shortly with both sets of info..
thanks Mike

Sonny G said...

Mike ~!!! omg... thats right for person 1 my daughter...

she has a Cappie ascend and thats the moon for the inception date..

here's the link though ya'll usually say ya cant see it..

back in a few with person 2 my son's...

Sonny G said...

conception chart::

moon is in cancer

birth chart::: nope- ascend is in libra and moon in cancer::just like mine but different degrees and houses..he's a pisces.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I just looked at chart #1. My first concern is that the time of birth is 3:00 PM Eastern DAYLIGHT time. Are you sure? Seems that it should be Eastern STANDARD time for a March 6th birth.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - The one hour time difference, EDT vs EST, will only make a half-degree difference, so the net result is Moon in Capricorn.

Re - #2...are you sure you didn't get boinked about a week later? LOL.

Sonny G said...

I didnt see that option Mike when I typed in the date time--city state I thought the program would know about standard or daylight..

I'll go do it again and see if I missed a selection.

and yes, odd I know -- but my son/ 2nd child/ was Born on the exact day of my 1st child's inception day- March 6

back shortly.

Sonny G said...

I did it again and it Auto goes to edt and wont let me change it..

hmm maybe I'll try at a different site.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - read my 11:16 AM comment.

Sonny G said...

lol lol..

I am certain of the Boinking time:)

hub had the 4th of july holiday off work so we painted our bedroom ceiling - walls and trim, that day. the paint fumes were too much to sleep in plus the trim wasnt dry so the mattress was on the living room floor.. large clock on the wall over the fireplace:) I remember being so exhausted and thinking-- seriously?? lol lol so yes I am sure of the date

oh well it was fun to explore that idea..
thanks again..

oh yea-- one other thing about birth 2-- that wasnt my scheduled day to give birth-I was only there for my last check up-- he was 24 days early becuase my blood pressure was sky high so off to the hospital and they gave me the labor med that makes you go into labor, after 9 hours they said we couldn't wait any longer and I had a c section. maybe the german ladys strategy is based on things occuring naturally .. dunno:)

Twilight said...

Sonny & mike ~ Interesting research going on there! LOL!

Re mike's bible quote about Jesus and his sword: I looked up the full context. Bible Gateway has it in understandable form.
Matthew 10New International Version (NIV)
Jesus Sends Out the Twelve

That paints Jesus as quite the revolutionary, and discriminatory too! Mind you that's what Matthew wanted his readers to thing, and believe. Mind manipulation probably was as common then as now!

From Wiki on Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is anonymous: the author is not named within the text, and the superscription "according to Matthew" was added some time in the second century.[13][14] The tradition that the author was the disciple Matthew begins with the early Christian bishop Papias of Hierapolis (c. 100–140 CE), who is cited by the Church historian Eusebius (260–340 CE), as follows: "Matthew collected the oracles (logia: sayings of or about Jesus) in the Hebrew language ( Hebraïdi dialektōi), and each one interpreted (hērmēneusen – perhaps "translated") them as best he could.".......

mike (again) said...

Thanks, Twilight! I've never been one to accept the bible or any written, religious text seriously. After delving into the archangels and the watchers, some of it was delivered via a dream (Book of Enoch, Book of Daniel) or has less than succinct definition. We have a number of individuals claiming insight and-or a direct line to the heavens living among us right now, not to mention the two more modern cults founded on visions: Church of Scientology and the Mormons.

Sonny - I should mention that signs and phases of the Moon were utilized for hundreds of years...maybe thousands...for everyday "stuff". Farmers used it for planting and harvesting, and animal husbandry. I remember browsing the "Farmers' Alamanac" and other versions as a kid...seems they were in every household. Had long-term weather forecasts and many household tid-bits based on the Moon, too. My grandfather was a farmer and he planted-harvested by the Moon. Nowaday, there is a huge business, particularly in Europe, but already here in the USA, for Rudolph Steiner's biodynamic techniques, much of it based on the Moon.

Sonny G said...

well Annie,
per your last paragraph, that could answer a lot of things. I mean geez its been proven a million times you can't send a simple sentence around a room of 15 people without it getting garbled in some way from minor to major.
then ya gotta think about who he collected the oracles from in the first place-- then as you said translated.. Through the years hundreds of more of groups have translated that to suit their own agendas..

mind manipulation was probably far more prevalent then than now. all they had to do was sit and tell stories and pass them on. just think about what the truth used to be before cell phones and video cameras:) even then you can't believe what you think you see.
religion - holee crap

Sonny G said...

My grandfather was also a faithful farmers almanac person. My grandmother could tell ya what the weather would be several days in advance, she said she could feel it.. she sure was more accurate than even the weather people with all their equipment.

oh mercy- dont even get me started on the mormons and scientologist.. then again you have lots of folks prepping for an alien invasion so I guess everything is possible:)

LB said...

One of my favorite books is "The Kingdom Within: The Inner Meaning of Jesus' Sayings", written by a well-known (and progressive) Jungian analyst.

He says what Jesus is referring to in Matthew 10:34/Luke 12:51 is *himself*, sent as a living sword to separate and divide us from our tribal identifications ~ which keep us from becoming conscious and whole:

"This tendency to submerge ourselves in the group is a principal source of our remaining unconscious and may exist with our Church, our family, our nation, our business, a branch of the armed services, whatever it is with which we identify and in terms of which we define ourselves. Separating ourselves is a painful process, for as long as we remain submerged in the group, we find a certain security. When this unconscious identification gives way, as it must under the impact of the kingdom of God, the illusory peace is shattered."

Page 58 of "The Kingdom Within" by John A. Sanford.

John Sanford's understanding elaborates on the explanation offered by Gateway, taking the idea a few steps further to include *all* tribal identifications, even the religious ones. The war he's referring to is an inner process, not something fought (unconsciously) outside ourselves.

Of all the interpretations I've read of Matthew 10:34/Luke 12:51, this one resonates the most with me. It's hard but loving.:)

I also think the sword represents truth in a bigger sense, similar to the Ace of Swords in the Tarot. The great thing about Christ's message is that one doesn't need to be a "Christian" to understand and appreciate it.

Hope everyone is staying warm, dry and safe!

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thanks for your input on this. :-)
For those reading the passages from Gospel according to Matthew in the 21st century, the metaphorical interpretation you outline will work, if reading for inspiration or guidance.
When it was originally written, though, it was meant to be taken as factual I suppose.
Rather comparable to how an intense modern political candidate, might organise his campaign. As the Gateway explanation reads to me, I feel there's far too much hardness there, for example in dividing families, setting one against t'other - what about "Love one another" - greatest advice ever given?

I agree that a sword can represent truth - or, as in the Sword of Damocles, a threat.
As in astrology, there's always a darker interpretation. ;-/
It's a mystery! :-)

LB said...

"When it was originally written, though, it was meant to be taken as factual I suppose."

I don't think so, Twilight ~ which doesn't mean it wasn't (and hasn't been) misinterpreted by some for their own self-serving purposes.

Jesus frequently used symbolism and spoke in parables to make his points ~ which, unfortunately, has always made it easier for some to misunderstand or twist his words. His message only *begins* to make sense when we're open to understanding his life and teachings as a whole.

mike (again) said...

“All people know the same truth. Our lives consist of how we choose to distort it.” Woody Allen

LB - Hey, long time, no see! Last I heard, you were under the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune bus. Are you finally seeing blue sky? I always think of the song, "I Can See Clearly Now" thinking of Saturn-Neptune:

John Sanford's explanation sounds pleasant and solid, but another interpretation, none-the-less. The quote, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.", is obviously very controversial. The other biblical quotations attributed to Jesus are very direct in meaning and tone...this quote is directly opposite, if taken literally. Why the figurative, metaphysical innuendo for only this one quote? I realize that nobody can only surmise.

Any tales of the city from San Fransisco? Has Jupiter hit your Sun? I think you are later-degrees and you'll have to wait til summer...?

LB said...

Adding how Jesus seems to have understood his message(s) would be misinterpreted and therefore divisive amongst his followers, leading to inner (and outer) conflicts ~ which goes back to John A. Sanford's interpretation.:)

LB said...

Hey mike ~ The Bay Area has had its share of rain too, though nothing like in other parts of the country. I can't imagine what it must be like to be homeless in the cold and rain, let alone in blizzard conditions!

Being a Libra Sun, I have a ways to go yet. Jupiter in Virgo in my 1st (and square Saturn) has just made me really skinny, and not in a good way.:( Or maybe it's Neptune's dissolving influence, who knows.

Hmmm . . . Jesus was rarely direct. But always controversial.:)

LB said...

Sorry, mike. Meant to type, "Being a *late* Libra Sun . . ."

Twilight ~ You know, the more I think about it, it is a *fact* that all kinds of injustices (including some wars) have been and continue to be justified by those claiming to be believers. So in that sense I misspoke . . . I agree with you, though I still believe Christ's words have both an inner and outer meaning.

I think the bigger point is if we understood the deeper (inner) meaning of Jesus' teachings, we wouldn't be so quick to go to war.

mike (again) said...

LB - Oh, oh...I had it backward...thought you had a Virgo Sun, Libra ASC...but it all comes back to me now. I guess you have over a year to go before Jupiter conj your Sun, and in the 2nd house? Why so you perceive an actual physical not eating enough or pacing to placate the nerves...or no known cause and Saturn did the grim reaper on you? Be careful...when I went through my extreme poverty years, I lost almost 50 pounds (I had previously been 170 pounds - just about right for my BMI) and it truly took a physical and mental toll. Death from starvation is probably like dying from hypothermia...just fade away without caring after a certain point. I'm about 165 now.

I'm no aficionado of the bible or Jesus quotes, but I did look at quite a number of Jesus quotations on the internet and they don't seem very mysterious or nuanced with double meaning...pretty straight forward to me, but maybe there are more like "the sword" that I haven't seen and aren't popularized.

LB said...

mike ~ Or maybe you just 'get' what Jesus meant.:)

Yes, I've lost weight because of an ongoing physical issue. Thankfully nothing life-threatening, it's just forced me to adapt as I try to figure out what I can and can't consume while Neptune is transiting my 6th and conjunct my progressed Moon in Pisces. I was skinny as a kid and have always lost weight very easily ~ without trying to. I'm not in any danger of starving or not getting enough nutrients, though if I lose any more weight it might start to look that way.

50 pounds, ouch! No wonder it took a physical and mental toll, how terrible not to be able to afford to eat. I'm sorry you had to go through that but glad you eventually gained most of your weight back. Maybe when Jupiter hits my 2H Venus-Sun and progressed Ascendant I'll fatten up again.

Sonny G said...

Hi LB.. good to see you

I too think each person has their own understanding of Jesus words- or at least what others wrote that he said.

I also hold fast to the "Love one another" and then let biblical folks fight it out about the rest..

looks like several of us have had the large weight loss issue.. from feb. 22nd to april 3 ,I lost 31 pounds. I'm still loosing about a pound every 2 weeks but its ok, my blood sugar numbers are now those of a normal person and just looking at them , no one would know I was diabetic.

ok Mike- now you know I have to ask about this--- Jupiter conj your Sun-- thing~!! does it happen to everybody? where can I look to see when it might happen?

mike (again) said...

LB - I hope you resolve the health issue in your favor. From comments you've made in the past, I'm sure you are on top of it.

Sonny - has ephermerides for each year. The ephemeris for 2019 indicates Jupiter will enter Capricorn and conjunct your Sun in December, 2019:

Or you can go to and play with the chart. Note the buttons on either side of today's can advance the chart in either direction by hour, day, month, and year...or enter any date and time in the box. You can also click on any calendar date on the right side.

When transiting Jupiter conjuncts your Sun, Jupiter will likewise make aspects to some of your other planets (Jupiter & Saturn). and-or (one or both...I can't remember) have a section where you can have a current transits report for free.