Thursday, January 07, 2016


Thoughts on astrology which resonate with
me. They come from Richard Grossinger in his book The Night Sky - The Science and Anthropology of the Stars and Planets. There are several posts, from 2008 onward mentioning Dr. Grossinger's writings - they are all easily accessible via the Label Cloud in my sidebar. In recent years I notice, from his website (which is mentioned in my 2010 post) that he has joined astrologer Robert Phoenix (see astrology blog links in sidebar) for interview on occasion.
Although responses to the planets of the Solar System cannot be demonstrated experimentally in the way that patterning by the Sun and Moon can, we cannot overlook how much electrical, magnetic, and gravitational material is supplied by them, especially those that are particularly close to us (like Mars and Venus) or particularly large (like Jupiter and Saturn). Each of these bodies helps to maintain the overall equilibrium of the Solar System, and each of them gives off varying forces as it passes nearer to and further from the Earth. Jupiter cannot be seen by a bird in flight, nor can Mars be heard by a mole in its tunnel, but these planetary bodies generate resonance, perhaps of a discrete and profound sort not yet discovered, and that resonance makes up part of the overall environmental background in which the Earth occurs. Unquestionably, the influence upon us of Jupiter is small, and the influences of Uranus and Neptune are respectively smaller still, but they are not nil. And it is not their present resonance that matters so much as the repetition, for millions of years, of the same complex pattern in watery mirrors on Earth.

I've quoted this paragraph before, but it bears repeating:

Astrology is patient and long-standing. It tries to coordinate large dynamic blocks of time, space, and personality. It is an attempt to say the impossible, a system for measuring the immeasurable. If it fails, it fails the biggest task of all: to define the simultaneity of life, thought, creation, and space-time. It is better to attempt such a measurement than to pretend it could have no relevance at all.


Sonny G said...

I just read the jan. 6 post by The Rude Pundit on your side bar... It made my day and you wouldn't believe how many of his thoughts I have thought myself in the last few months.

as for me, the astro sites I go to tell me to let my creativity and intuition flow mightily, so that's just what I'll do:)
I saw the doc yesterday and got a very positive report on my blood sugar levels and my blood pressure.. I'd also lost another 4 lbs. so I am now at my ideal weight according to that insurance chart thing they use as their guide..

as for my new years plan, I'd like to study Lucid Dreaming and try to do that..
Have Ya'll heard about it and if so, what to you think??

mike said...

It's difficult to say what exactly astrology is physically. It seems logical in 2016 to assume that it involves the effects of gravitational influences, space-time, of the Sun, planets, and universe interacting with each other. It wasn't until Newton that mechanical gravity could be defined mathematically and it took Einstein to mathematically comprehend relativistic, space-time-gravitational effects. Einstein's special relativity equation shows that mass is nothing more than condensed energy. Neither made a dent on how astrology was-is calculated and interpreted by using very old, geometrical representations of our view from Earth.

I've mentioned in prior posts that there is a group of physicists that theorize our material universe is a result of an electrical universe [ ]. All objects in our universe physically, materially aggregate where lines of energy have confluence...that includes our Sun and solar system. From that point of view, all of our physical universe has an electrical, charged basis. All physical objects in the universe have an electrical connection with each other and nothing stands alone in isolation.

Everything in and on the Earth is electrically based. The Earth is a magnetic, electric dynamo. All biological life on Earth is electrically based, driving all of the biological-material functions. Everything has electrical charge. Everything we observe in the universe and on Earth is energy.

I think our knowledge of astrology will eventually evolve beyond the simplistic, geometric configuration. There are a number of visionary astrologers that are forming greater views of astrology, such as John Townley, who proposes future-time, planetary positions as influencing the past and present, drawing them toward the future. Some of these views are concomitantly aligned with the newer quantum physics.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I just read "The Rude Pundit", because of your comment. Ggeeeeeezzz...!!!! Twilight and I were discussing the pummeling aspect in yesterday's comments. I have to agree with the overall characterization of Trump in Pundit's discourse, but I can't accept the extreme, vitriolic, please-kill-yourself aspect of it. I haven't, as yet, heard The Donald wish death upon someone, but maybe I missed one of his tirades.

Glad to hear that your health-markers are positive! Did you receive snow a couple of days ago?

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I usually enjoy Rude Pundit's writings, that's why I added a link in the sidebar, but I suspect he's going too far in the 6 Jan. post. I cringed when I read it. I'd hate to see Trump as president, he'd destroy what little respect there is left for the USA internationally. At home, he's not that much worse than any of the other Republican candidates though - he shouts louder and appears to be more honest about his feelings.

I'm happy to know that your medical issues have receded and you're doing well now. :-)

Lucid dreaming - I remember reading a lot on that, but a long time ago. I didn't pursue further study. Do let us know what you discover!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Dealing with astrology we're dealing with the unknown, if we're honest. It's much like playing blind-man's buff or sticking the tail on the donkey - sometimes the tail ends up in the right place, sometimes not. I wish there were more (or any) astrologers willing to admit that.

I enjoy Richard Grossinger's writing and style, which often reminds me of that of Carl Sagan.

Sonny G said...

We all get to feel what we fell and I loved the Pundit's piece.

Maybe I watch more of the Trump show, but he has absolutely said on multiple occasions all the folks he wants to rid the earth of--which sounds like to me more than a few would be killed. War is what it is and air strikes aimed at a certain faction are one thing and YES some who are innocent get caught in that, but that's way different than saying a entire place should be bombed into oblivion~! a direct quote from him included the fact that little muslim kids would quickly grow up to be adult muslims ..
beyond that, go back and look at whats he's done to the lives of normal people in NY over the last 35 years.. again- his direct quote was " poor folks dont need to live in NY, let them move somewhere else..These people he was speaking of loved their homes, neighborhoods. They loved the noises, the air, the sight of all they'd ever know as HOME. It would have been more merciful to shoot them in the head than watch them grieve everyday for the rest of their lives to not be able to go HOME..Did he care, hell no he didnt. Put the people on the street, knock down their homes and build something he could rent//lease for thousands more a month.. yea yea , I know-- its just Good Business. as you might be able to tell I have very personal reasons for feeling about Trump the way I do and I could write pages more about all he's destroyed on his way to the top. So for me-- the Rude Pundits piece was MILD compared to what I would want to see happen to him.. In fact, I cant think of anything horrific enough that could befall him that would satisfy me...

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I realise that you know much more of him and his doings than I do, from your New York times and connections. As I think I said to mike the other day "old prejudices die hard" - mine relate to Germany due to childhood recollections of WW2.
Mine are so old to have become illogical now but still hard to rid myself of 'em.

Thing about Trump - I suspect that he enjoys the kind of hatred and publicity he's engendering, in the Rude Pundit piece for one example, and in your feelings. It could be better to ignore him and help suck the energy from what appears to be supporting him and encouraging him to say worse stuff?

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I certainly can't deny that he's a scourge with wannabe followers. I shudder to think he could be nominated as the GOP candidate. As I've mentioned many times, his rise is an indictment of the American public that supports him...bad enough that there are the GOP supporters of any kind...LOL. The "new order" occurred under the Bush-Cheney regime...those two really should be convicted of war crimes. Should that ever occur and the punishment be death, well, hey, that's how it goes. That would be the easy-out for them, however, unless Hell really does exist. I don't see the Trump antics that you describe in your comment as much different from most members of the elite and sub-elite that have enough money to cause harm, but usually they have surrogates do the dirty work, so as to not tarnish their image. One thing for sure: Trump is ripping the skin off the American skeleton, exposing the raw nerves, blood, and guts of our creepy, psycho, dark side. We all need to take a deep, long look.