Friday, January 29, 2016

Phoning it in on Kansas Day

No arty fartiness this Friday, we're out of town on a late birthday treat. I note from Wikipedia, though, that today, January 29, is Kansas Day. My husband is a native Kansan, as is regular commenter and friend, "mike", and if I recall correctly an occasional commenter "Bob" hails from Kansas too. Happy Kansas Day y'all!

Kansas Day is a holiday in the state of Kansas in the United States. It is celebrated annually on January 29 to commemorate the anniversary of the 1861 admission of Kansas into the Union. It was first celebrated in 1877 by schoolchildren in Paola.

Annual Kansas Day celebrations include school field trips and special projects to study the history of Kansas, special visits by students to the Statehouse in Topeka, performances of Home on the Range, the Kansas State Song, and special proclamations by the Governor of Kansas and members of the Kansas Legislature.

We're not in Kansas [anymore] though, too cold up there in January! Normal blogging (or as near normal as I can manage) should resume Monday or Tuesday.

Should anyone wish to use the commenting facility below this post for general chit-chat please be my guest!


mike said...

Happy Jayhawker Day! From Wiki:

"Jayhawkers is a term that came to prominence just before the American Civil War in Bleeding Kansas, where it was adopted by militant bands affiliated with the free-state cause. These bands, known as "Jayhawkers", were guerrilla fighters who often clashed with pro-slavery groups from Missouri known at the time as "Border Ruffians". After the Civil War, the word "Jayhawker" became synonymous with the people of Kansas. Today a modified version of the term, Jayhawk, is used as a nickname for a native-born Kansan, but more typically for a student, fan, or alumnus of the University of Kansas."

I'll leave it to you to search the internet for a picture of the Jayhawk. Kansas entered the Union 155 years ago today. January 29th was emblazoned into my memory bank as a child with the day dedicated to educating (indoctrinating) the youth in elementary school toward celebrating the culture and identity of KANSAS...a more localized form of nationalism. The zestful pride was over-the-top in my school, but a requisite for imparting the wonders and uniqueness of having been born in Kansas and therefor a Jayhawker. The constant reinforcement worked, as every year on January 29th, I definitely remember the birthday as consistently as any important-to-me person's birthday.

I've never looked at Kansas' natal chart until now. Aquarian Sun conj Mercury, both trine Uranus, but square Pluto. Moon in Virgo. Saturn is trine Pluto. Something to note is Venus in Capricorn at about 15* is square Mars in Aries at 17*...the current Uranus-Pluto square is affecting this natal square.
Kansas natal chart:

Happy trails to you and anyjazz! Watch-out for falling Twilights...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Interesting - thanks. Anyjazz tells me the University sports team supporters' cry is "Rock Chock Jayhawk!" (sp?) To be yelled loudly from the stadium.

KS = Aquarius Sun trine Uranus state eh? Should be a little more progressive than it is - I like Kansas though -what I know of it. Oklahoma is Scorpio.

Thanks - not really adventuring this time, and watching my feet carefully. We're just a couple of hours from home, in Texas - change of scene and all that. :-) Weather is very nice, chilly a.m. but warmer sunny afternoon - a bit breezy in places.

A possible sign that people are fed up with The Donald - in the hotel breakfast room this morning a guy guest got up from his meal and switched off the communal TV where the usual gabblers were going on and on about Trump. :-)

mike (again) said...

Re - OFF The Donald...I hope you applauded the hotel guest's brazen act...but, the guest may be a supporter of Teddy are in TX.

Re - KS...I didn't mention that Saturn is exactly square Uranus...split personality perhaps...favoring the dark side with Saturn trine Pluto...LOL. At least Kansas wasn't (isn't) a Confederate state.

FYI - Kansas state motto "Ad Astra per Aspera" (Latin: "To the Stars through Difficulties"). Interesting, eh?! I suppose that motto is apropos for any human. Compare with TX's motto: "Remember the Alamo" obverse "Texas One and Indivisible"...and OK's motto: "Labor omnia vincit" (Latin for Labor conquers all things).

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Hmmm - Ted Cruz - hadn't thought of that - you're likely correct!
Kansas' motto reminds me of the RAF's (Royal Air Force of the UK) that is
Per ardua ad astra (Through adversity to the stars).

OK's motto is a bit Saturn-ish!