Thursday, September 15, 2011

Appearance ~ Planetary Types

I'm wary of theories about zodiac signs and planets having any influence on physical appearance. Heredity is such a huge factor in this, but there does seem to be some inherited astrological linkage in families too. I have noticed that there's a distinctive "look" among men with Capricorn (and sometimes Aquarius) prominent in their natal charts, Saturnine it's called, from the signs' ruler. Gemini-types - males mainly - tend to be gangling to wiry in build. Males and their likely planet/sign connection are always easier to spot, females like to adjust their appearance to taste, far more than males, in general, do.

Recognisably similar traits of appearance between astrologically similar individuals are likely to occur only when either the zodiac sign or a particular planet is heavily emphasised in the natal chart, sufficiently so to modify or cancel out other differing, inherited, traits.

Manly P. Hall, in his book Astrological Keywords, lists descriptions by "Planetary Type". It's interesting to check these against one's dominant planet.
Dominant planet can be ascertained at Astrodienst ( After inputting birth data, go to Extended Chart selection, check the Walter Pullen section (brief chart delineation). There's a huge amount of information there, it's necessary to scroll down a way to find lists of percentage strengths allocated to each planet in one's chart.

Manly P. Hall included hair colour and complexion type in his lists. I suspect these are not at all reliable indicators. When natural, those factors are more likely to be purely hereditary

Physical Appearance of the Nine Planetary Types (page 102)

Planetary types are always modified by the signs in which the planets are placed and pure types are seldom met with. When the ruler of a horoscope is placed in a sign of similar appearance, the types are accentuated, but when placed in signs of opposing elements, the contradictions which arise manifest as compound and often incongruous physical appearances.

MOON ~~ Body of middle structure inclined to heaviness; face round, complexion pale; eyes large and soft; hands and feet short but thick; usually small boned.

MERCURY~~ Body and face slender' forehead full, nose long, lips thin; fingers slender and handsvery expressive; hair dark, beard thin, complexion poor, eyes penetrating.

VENUS ~~ Body short but graceful, inclined to stoutness in advancing years; face round, hair dark, eyes large and wandering; voice soft and manner vivacious.

SUN ~~ Body powerful and well formed, but rather bony; face and forehead large, hair and complexion usually light, inclined to baldness; eyes commanding and complexion clear.

MARS ~~ Body strong and socky but not overly tall, deportment military; hair red or black, often curly or wiry; eyes quick and sharp; complexion often very ruddy, face livid when angry.

JUPITER ~~ Body large and well formed, inclined to become portly in advancing years; chest wide; forehead high; eyes widely spaced and kindly; hair dark and wavy; attitude paternal.

SATURN ~~ Body slender and angular with large bones - back bends with increasing years; features stern, eyes small and beady; hair dark and curly, complexion indifferent.

URANUS ~~ Body slender, but of pleasing appearance, features irregular but prepossessing; eyes large, brilliant and keen, usually light; some types very ascetic in appearance; this type often gives the impression of being effeminate.

NEPTUNE ~~ Body slender and very finely organized; head long, features sharp, expression often cruel, always mysterious; hair retreats from temples; eyes hypnotic.

I tried these descriptions, using my own chart and that of my husband: I am a blend of Moon and Uranus (those are fairly closely tied for dominance, but are not way out ahead of the other planets). I was definitely Moony as a child, but in maturity (pic at right: age around 42 I think) less so, maybe moving more towards a Uranus type. My father had Aquarius Sun, and we did look alike, so I guess that's inherited.

Husband is a blend of Sun and Mars, again closely tied, (with Venus a close 3rd.) Bony - yes, or used to be. Inclined to baldness, yes, not overly tall, ok. Face red when angry - yes (not often). From Venus: soft voice, eyes large and wandering.(Wandering eh? Hmmm........)

And....two bits of goods news this morning:

IT RAINED DURING THE NIGHT !!!! Ground still wet so must have been more than a skittering shower. And it feels actually cool outside, first time since May.
Maybe sometime early next week we can take off for a long-postponed trip.

And....Landau Eugene Murphy won America's Got Talent last night - the right result!

I'll definitely be buying his first album.


Anonymous said...

Wow...using the combo of Pullen's simple chart delineation with that list of attributes per planet, I'd say it is right on for me (my strongest planet, no question, is Venus).

I also looked it up for my best pal, and realizing Mercury is his strongest planet explains a lot of traits he has (along with his Sagittarius Sun and Taurus Moon), and he certainly has the physical traits to show Mercury is strong - he is a tall, lanky, very pale guy with long fingers, thin lips, with dark hair, and is very expressive (including with his hands) - you can see the Taurus in him too (and it shows in his voice), but the Sagittarius traits are all in his personality!

Anonymous said...

GP: Glad, even doubly glad you got some rain. One because you badly needed it and second, it confirms one of my "rural" theories:

It often rains after a prolonged draught just after the full moon. If you noticed, a person's weight is also often above average at around the full moon, and below average at the new moon.

And so it goes with vegetation. Farmers can confirm that plants grow faster with moon increasing. And, and that's my theory, these plants, the full moon having passed, release some of the water accumulated. Humidity in the air increases, and if enough so, clouds are forming and it likely even rains.

Had explained that once to a biologist, specialized in cellular stuff, also of brain cells. He confirmed to me that schizophrenics tend to have new fits after the full moon as well. As if their brain cells obeyed to some similar phenomenon than do plants. He also said that schizos release a particular smell, detectable to whom has to deal with them, around the full moon. Imagine that one possibly could discover other planetry influences than just the full moon with our cell and molecular inner life? But that's not for run-off-the-mill scientists...

PS. Enjoyed your post about peoples appearences. Agree that dominant planets or Ascendant are very readable features. Hight, baldness, corpulence and much more.

Twilight said...

Anonymous (1) ~~
I'm glad to know it worked out appropriately - thanks for your comment. :-)

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~~

Oh yes - I hadn't made that connection! The Moon has looked really lovely for the past couple of nights. Full Moon always peeps into the bedroom window, very close to where I sleep too.
Moon's effects are the only ones, other than the Sun's, we can actually see (and sometimes feel), which has to mean it's of ultra- importance to the "as above so below" idea.

It hasn't rained much more today, but has been overcast and around 40 degrees (!) cooler. Maybe another storm or shower later. At least the huge dome of high pressure and hot air which has hovered over us since early June has shifted now.
:-) Glory be!!!!

Rossa said...

Great post Twilight!

I'm a Sun type, though not balding or My business partner is a Merc type and apart from having no beard that description is spot on.

A close male friend is a Capricorn and Saturnine definitely describes him. He's Jupiter and boy does he fit the description completely.

James Higham is Uranus (another Aquarian) but I'll leave him to comment about that if he reads this post.


Rossa said...

My friend who is the Merc body type has identical twin Geminian boys of 6'5" and they completely match the gangly to wiry build.

They are Plutonian but you don't have a description for that planet. Their 2nd strongest is Jupiter and do match that quite well, though if they're anything like their Dad they will not be portly when they're older.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Hi there! Oh good - more conformation that Manly P. Hall's description work, at least some of the time.

I've checked the book again for Pluto-type and he doesn't list that. I expect it'd by much like what we look for in the appearance of someone with strong Scorpio in their chart. Dark and piercing eyes are thought to be the main trait.

Aha! I'd wondered about James H.
I guessed at Gemini, but am not too surprised to find he's another Aquarius Sun. ;-)