Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Words of Wisdom from 3 Female Astrologers

British Astrologer Ingrid Lind from 20th century:
It is fatal to think of "the Stars" as determinants. We must not turn them into inexorable or malignant gods. This is altogether to mistake their power and to misunderstand the function of astrology, which is to give us a glimpse of a cosmic purpose with which we should try to harmonise. A man imprisoned in Saturn's dungeons may find real freedom in himself, and the chaos of disillusion of Neptune may drive him inwards until he finds the secret of his own integrity. Hard times may turn him into a walking complaint or he may learn to enjoy freedom from possessions. There is no difficult condition that courage cannot turn to good use.
(From the Conclusion to her book Astrology & Commonsense.)

Astrologer Liz Greene:
I do not think we have lost our fear of fate, although we mock it; for if the modern individual were so truly enlightened beyond this ‘paganish’ concept, he would not surreptitiously read astrology columns in the newspaper, nor evidence the compulsion to ridicule whenever possible the spokesmen of fate. Nor would he be so fascinated by prophecy, which is fate’s handmaiden.

The late Maya del Mar, written in 2003: excerpt from a Special Message, "Future Note: The State of the World".

Maya died in November 2006. Her words echo down the years.
"In the 50's, how many of us expected the revolution of the 60's, which loosened up the whole tightly wound society? It was a huge breath of fresh air, and it was strongly resisted by the power structures. At that time we had a big outer planet conjunction—Pluto and Uranus meeting. Pluto is transformation and Uranus is revolution, so together they started a major reform cycle.

We are approaching the first big turning point of that cycle. Uranus will square Pluto from 2010-2012, and the push for change will be irresistible. This process begins with Pluto entering the cardinal sign of Capricorn in January 2008, and continues with Uranus entering the cardinal sign of Aries in May 2010. Cardinal signs mean action, and we will be caught up in a whirlwind of activity. Uranus in Aries means a new beginning in the assertion of independence.

Hold the light!"

(Engraving by Marcantonio Raimondi : Two women with the signs of Libra and Scorpio)


Anonymous said...

GP: Very profound quotes of 3 women astrologers. Could not agree more.

Are women's abilities still to be proven? In astrology o elsewhere? They even, as the interpretation of the stars goes, might have an advantage. Being more passive in nature, women are likely more receptive to the ultimate meaning of the celestial movements written by the stars.

PS. During the many years I am interested in astrological matters I think I learned more from women then from male astrologers. Could that be related to one of the reasons why astrology is not all that well accepted by a still largely male-dominated world? Here in Brazil it's common to consider astrology good "for your wife, or your sister"...

Twilight said...

Anonymous?Gian Paul ~~

In answer to your question: No!
But men's ability to run a country is still to be proven ;-)

As long as the astrologer in question is good at what he/she does I don't concentrate on gender. The three quoted are/were class acts, but then so were/are Grant Lewi, C.E.O. Carter, Robert Hand.

Women might find astrology, as a profession, more of a "level playing-field" than some other professions though, less prejudice gender-wise.

I;d say that prejudice in astrology comes largely from people ridiculing astrology itself, rather than dissing astrologers.