Thursday, April 08, 2010

Apes Fore and Aft ?

We experienced an odd example of synchronicity this week. One night we watched a DVD my husband bought for my delight: The Quest For Fire - a strange but fascinating (fictional) account of primitive man's adventure during his search for the means to make fire. The movie includes references to the several strands of primates-turning-to-man thought to have existed either concurrently or in succession, from which our human race eventually sprang forth.

The next night, after American Idol (no synchronistic connection there whatever critics might suspect!) HBO presented the re-make by Tim Burton of Planet of the Apes. We'd not seen this re-hashing of the old 1960s tale, so stuck with it more from curiosity than anything else. Its peculiar ending still bugs me, and has had me researching detail of worm holes, time travel, etc. Tim Burton and his movies can be weird at times, but he certainly makes one think.

Anyway, back to Quest For Fire. It struck me after watching this that hardly anything had been made of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Sure, the final scene has a couple gazing up at a full Moon, but apart from that there's no acknowledgement that there's anything up there at all. Even so, if astrology works today (at least in part), it will have worked in exactly the same way thousands of centuries ago, with reflections of Mars or Venus or Saturn and the rest showing up in the developing character traits of primitive beings. Uranian disruption doubtless occurred once in a while too. It can hardly be in doubt that primitive men and women were beings of varying natures: gentle or aggressive; timid, or natural leaders.

Was astrology at work then though?

Did human brain capacity need to develop to a certain level before any planetary influence (or whatever "mechanism" there is within waves of time) began to manifest ?

I know - it's another unanswerable question, similar to the one bugging me about the ending of Planet of the Apes. Can't resist asking though!


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Twilight said...

petramariascheid ~ I do not appreciate comments here which simply advertise the commenter's wares. It's discourteous to say the least, especially when my own post has been completely ignored.

I shall try to be as courteous as I can by resisting the urge to delete your adveretisement...just this time.