Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Idols Inspired ~ Crucial Astro Transits

This week American Idol is doing its bit for charity with Idol Gives Back. The special segment, with performances by The Black Eyed Peas, Annie Lenox, Jeff Beck, Joss Stone, Mary J. Blige and Sir Elton John will air tomorrow night. Tonight the remaining 7 contestants will compete on a theme of "Inspirational songs", with Alicia Keys as mentor.

Still in the running are the two Aries Suns: Aaron Kelly and Lee DeWyse; Taurus Sun: Tim Urban; Gemini Sun:Michael Lynche (saved by the jury from elimination 2 weeks ago); Leo Sun: Crystal Bowersox; Capricorn Sun: Casey James; and Pisces Sun: Siobahn Magnus.

Left to right: Tim, Siobahn, Crystal, Katie (eliminated), Michael, (host Ryan Seacrest), Casey, Andrew (eliminated), Lee, Aaron.

Natal charts for Crystal, Siobahn, Casey, & Michael are at my post of 29 March. I noticed then that Crystal and Siobhan are the two most likely to be affected by current astrological transits, especially the coming T-square astrologers are talking about a lot this year, and Jupiter, often thought of as planet of luck, now transiting Pisces, heading for Siobahn's Sun and (possibly) Crystal's Moon in the late degrees of the sign. Crystal's Moon degree depends on time of birth, and could be anywhere from 21 Pisces to 3 Aries, but within orb for these transits to be relevant.

Uranus, now in late Pisces is opposed by Saturn in late Virgo, both will shortly square up to Pluto in the early degrees of Capricorn, by that time Uranus and Saturn will have slipped into cardinal signs Aries and Libra to form a cardinal T-square. Crystal's natal Moon and Siobahn's natal Sun could link into this challenging circuit, as it takes shape. Uranus (change) is a big part of the picture, a change of lifestyle for Crystal or Siobahn could be on the cards, but not without its attendant problems and challenges (via Saturn and Pluto). I read this week that Crystal is already feeling the strain. She was about to leave the show but Ryan Seacrest persuaded her to stay (article at E-Online.)

I don't fully understand betting odds, so if I've transated wrongly....sorry!
Bookies have Crystal in the lead (2/3), with Lee, surprisingly next (7/2), Casey next (7/1), Siobhan (15/2), Michael (12/1), with Aaron at 25/1 and Tim at 50/1 as outsiders. Crystal has improved her position from how it stood 6 weeks ago, Casey remains the same, Lee has improved the most. The early leader, Andrew Garcia was eliminated last week. He proved to be like the horse who does an early spurt then falls way back.

Here's a 12 noon chart for Lee DeWyse, click on it to enlarge. Transiting Jupiter has been around his natal Mercury at 18 Pisces for the past week or so. Will his current boost last? Although he has a great voice I don't see him as "Idol-worthy" yet. He needs experience and confidence to bring about some stage presence. I think he'll be in the last 4 for sure though (Crystal, Casey, Siobahn and Lee?)

There's a list of inspirational songs from which the contestants can choose their number for tonight HERE. Some songs on that list seem less than inspirational to me! I'd like to hear my own favourite, Impossible Dream, but doubt anyone will choose to sing it.


Shawn Carson said...

i think lee has some pretty good aspects in his natal chart, including mars and neptune conjunct and trine to the venus / node conjunction. fortunate transits to that aspect would help a lot. jupiter will station in his sun sign, so that helps too.
can we project a chart that would coincide with the time that the winner is announced, to see how it stacks up against the contestants?

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~ Yes, good idea. I'll do that next week if I can find a reliable date and time to use. At the moment it seems as though the winner will be announced on 26 May, and the show usually ends around 9pm.
I'll double check that though.