Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zodiac Sign Pisces

The thing to do with zodiac signs, in my opinion, is become familiar with their keywords, then carry no expectations whatsoever when someone tells you their birth date.

I haven't knowingly known any Sun Pisceans, known them well, I mean. That doesn't matter, because a person with Sun in Pisces (or Sun in any other zodiac sign) will not necessarily embody all traits associated with that sign. Someone with, for instance, Sun in Aries and a cluster of planets in Pisces could be far more typically Piscean, as could someone with Pisces rising, or Moon and a couple of planets in Pisces.

The signs and their attributes are ingredients in a recipe, that's all. No single ingredient can adequately describe the dish. With that warning in mind, the attributes of zodiac sign Pisces are as follows, keyword-style:

Compassionate, intuitive, spiritual, sensitive, gentle, easily slips into melancholy or feels misunderstood, changeable, versatile, artistic, creative, forgetful, reclusive and/or introverted.

A few of those keywords could equally be applied to other Water signs, but Pisces, the sign of mutable Water is somewhat different from Cancer's clingy homeliness or Scorpio's intense near-paranoia. Pisces can seem softer, sweeter, kinder, more dreamy and possibly more vulnerable than its Watery cousins.

Jupiter is Pisces' traditional ruler. Neptune was discovered in 1846, and, for reasons which escape me, accorded modern rulership of Pisces. This is one part of astrology with which I'm uncomfortable. The following is an explanation of planetary rulerships given at
The Sun has rulership over the sign of Leo, the hottest time of the year when the Sun is at the height of its strength. The Moon has rulership over the sign of Cancer, which begins with the Summer Solstice, marking the Sun's change of direction. Moving outwards in decreasing orbital speeds, Mercury comes next, and has rulership over both the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Then comes Venus, ruling both the signs of Taurus and Libra, then Mars which rules Aries and Scorpio, then Jupiter which rules Pisces and Sagittarius. Finally, at the coldest and darkest time of the year, Saturn as the slowest planet, has rulership over the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. The outer planets are relatively recent newcomers and have been added to this model: Pluto as the modern ruler of Scorpio, Uranus as the modern ruler of Aquarius and Neptune as the modern ruler of Pisces.
I'd rather the orignal set-up hadn't been messed with......but that's just my personal view.

Romantic poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning is probably the nearest approach to someone who could be described "typically Piscean". She had Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto all in Pisces. If Astrodatabank's time of birth for this lady is reliable, her Moon as well as Saturn conjunct Uranus lay in Libra, with Virgo rising. What strikes me as also significant about her chart is that she had no planets or points in Fixed signs. With such emphasis on mutable Pisces/Virgo, as well as Libra, known for its indecision, Ms Barrett Browning must have seemed particularly ephemeral and volatile. She wrote some beautiful poetry though!

So, our mutable Water sign brings us to the end of another go-around of the zodiacal cycle. The world turns, quietly gets ready to spring back into new life with the Fire of cardinal Aries in a few weeks' time


Rossa said...

One of my closest female friends is Sun Pisces and she fits your description perfectly. An artist, pottery teacher, lives in a "pigsty" (her words, not mine), no common sense as she lives in an alternative reality to me. Still love her to bits though as she is in effect the complete opposite to me so we complement each other. I do the practical masculine bits she does the softer feminine bits.

I guess the Neptunian influence is the dreamer aspect of the personality, so to me it fits better than Jupiter's big, expansive quality.

I also know a male Pisces but he's on the cusp with Aries and is definitely an alpha male with all the usual Arian traits. Couldn't be any less a Pisces. Ruthless businessman, plays solo sports cos not a team player, likes to be King of all he surveys.

Rossa said...

Changed my Blogger profile photo to this lovely image of Aquarius. Now if only the hair was red....

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, sometimes the stars catch us lie a "T", don't they, particularly EBB whom I've always found so ethereal.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~ I wonder how much Pisces there is in all in your friend's chart, Rossa. - sounds as though it's more than just Sun.

Re Neptune (and Uranus and Pluto) - I want to know who endowed them with the supposed traits they now represent.....and why. Uranus has an irregular orbit - that's one reason for it being said to represent eccentric behaviour) Did they do years and years of extensive research to decide what they represent, or did they simply lump them in to a sign which had some traits ready-made? Neptune is traditionally Lord of the Sea, in myth, but that in no way makes him dreamy, creative or prone to addiction, etc. etc. I'm wary of the outer planets unless they make close aspects to inner planets, and even then what they represent is nebulous. (Just my opinion, from observation).

Your male friend sounds like the opposite of my husband who has Sun in very early Aries, with Mercury and Saturn in Pisces. I see quite a lot of Pisces traits in him, and less Aries/Leo (his Sun/Moon/Ascendant).

It goes to show that we cannot take what we read in text books as gospel. There are too many other factors rolled up in a human being, besides astrology, for textbooks to be reliable 100%.

Nice new avatar, by the way. typically Aquarian colour. :-)

Twilight said...
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Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, when the whole picture is considered and collated. ;-)

Rossa said...

She only has Mercury in Pisces. Neptune is opposite her Sun and Jupiter is trine her Sun.

What we find interesting is that Pluto opposes her Mars and in my chart Pluto opposes my Venus which may account for our different approaches to life. Her feminine side is more dominant and my masculine side is.

Yes, I love that colour, one of my favourites a sort of turquoisey green. Then just to be contrary I love purple and cerise

Rossa said...

There's a piccie of a couple of my fur babies on my blog. Both are Somalis, a semi long hair oriental breed out of the Abysinnian line. Gold one is Dexter, Silver one is Magnum.

Wonder if astrology applies to pets. Dex is Pisces, all soft and cuddly, Magnum is Leo (appropriate) the hunter/killer and my Maine Coon, Satchmo is Taurus. Not stubborn but likes to throw his weight around and can be a bit of a bully. And no, I haven't down their charts...have to draw a line somewhere!

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ You blog is picking up steam now! Congrats! That's a sweet pic of the two kitties.

I'm not sure about astrology and pets, but it'd be interesting to observe and discover. Cats and dogs, living so intimately with humans, probably pick up some "signals" from their owners - not sure whether astrological or ESP-ish though. ;-)

Those are my favourite colours too.