Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Bring gloom down to the minimum..."

On this date in 2007, I posted a few thoughts after having read astrologer Bill Herbst's then current newsletter. It concerned potential outcomes of astrological configurations due between 2009 and 2012. I've found that Mr Herbst's pieces are always clear and informative. By the time I reached the end of this one, however, I felt depressed. Even more so, because Mr Herbst's conclusions about the coming years matched, broadly, those of several other astrologers. Since 2007 more gloomy voices have joined the chorus of doom.

Is there no alternative interpretation to the configurations which are the basis of these forecasts though? Mr. Herbst pointed out that current times, before and after 2010, will offer a long-needed chance for us to right our wrongs and clean up our messes. But isn't there something even more hopeful? Isn't there another view of the whole scenario? Could it be likened to one of those optical illusion illustrations which contain two quite different pictures, provided that the eye and mind are correctly focused to see them both? (In the example, right, you can see either the head of an old woman or that of a young, elegant woman.)

Bearing in mind that predictions have not always proved to be reliable, couldn't this mean that there might have been alternative interpretations of certain planetary configurations? Because similar astrological configurations in the past resulted in dark outcomes, it does not necessarily follow that comparable scenarios will happen when a similar astrological configuration appears. Other elements have changed in the intervening period, external elements, unconnected with astrology, but connected with the way man lives, thinks, and deals with events. Any time Uranus is involved in a configuration, as in this case, can any astrologer be sure of his forecast? The future could have in store something as yet indescribable, and impossible for us to understand, let alone to foresee.....that's the flavour of Uranus.

In any case, some positive thinking can't hurt! Some say that the communal mind is a powerful entity. Some say that it is possible to attract towards us what we hold in our mind's eye. If there is any chance at all that this is true, ought we not to be holding a brighter vision of the coming years in our minds? I'm addressing myself here, too, I hasten to add!

I'm not naive enough to think that the communal mind could hold back the power of nature and the elements. It might, though, have strength enough to ensure the move into key positions of those individuals who would deal with challenging situations in the best possible way. In the United States there will be mid-term elections held in November; in the UK there will be a general election this spring. Opportunities to elect individuals with compassion, skill and insight enough to rescue from any disaster the seeds of a new and better scenario. With the wrong people in places of power, should the worst happen, I can well imagine that any gloomy forecasts of astrologers we've read already will seem very mild compared to the reality !

A lot of positive thinking now might do a temendous amount of good later....and it costs nothing.

Bring gloom down to the minimum
Have faith or pandemonium's
Liable to walk upon the scene.
(Johnny Mercer)


Wisewebwoman said...

I think the whole system needs to be broken down, T, and re-created.It is not working.
Not when corporations are dictating how we all live, breathe, eat, vote, read, move.
And I'm including the theocorporatocracy in that.
As Leonard Cohen says:
I've seen the future, baby, and it is murder.
It will take someone mighty to halt the slide.
someone incorruptible.
I don't see her anywhere.

R J Adams said...

I'm afraid I'm as gloomy as WWW. Who is there with the talents you describe - 'compassion, skill and insight' - to lead Britain in the 21st century? David Cameron? More of Brown? It's laughable, but they're the only two choices.
Similarly, with the midterm elections in the US, the candidates are power-hungry, scheming, and self-motivated virtually to a man.
Positive thinking requires a focal point, and that is what's lacking in this world. Obama was just such an inspiration, but he's failed to hold the attention of the masses because his power has been taken away by the very institutions WWW mentions: corporatocracy and theocorporatocracy.
When 53% of the populace of the most powerful nation on earth believes in 'the Rapture' - and that it's imminent - I despair for our species.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Huge changes are needed, I agree. And change, unexpected change, is what Uranus represents, and Uranus is part of the planetary configurations of the next year or two.

Much as I love Leonard Cohen's songs, WWW, I don't rate him highly as a prophet. ;-) He's of a depressive and melancholic nature which isn't to be recommended in a prophet!

The world does need some more incorruptible leaders, that's for sure. I'm hoping that "cometh the hour, cometh the man" (or men - or woman or women) will happen for us.....again. We are the ones who put the people in power, we are the ones who can call the shots. If we don't want corporations dictating to us, then we have to meticulously investigate anybody who puts themself forward for election to whatever position - local or national, to ensure they are not "owned" by a corporation. That's one small but important thing we could all do if we put our minds to it.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ Oh dear - I'm fighting against the tide here, I can see! ;-)

I'm not up to scratch with the political scenario in the UK, but they seem to have caught the american disease of being pessimistic and denigrating their leader at any opportunity. I quite like Gordon Brown, but he isn't very charismatic, which seems to be a necessary ingredient in politics these days.

There is a rather more optimistic poll around just now, RJ which says that 36% of Americans view socialism in a positive light. that has to be good news - if not for the present - then for the future. There's only Bernie Sanders in the senate at present who dares to say he's a socialist, but a few more of 'em might grow a pair if they thought people would accept it.

Change is gonna come...change is the only constant (Disraeli?)

Diane L said...

Maybe because I have a Sun-Jupiter conjunction but I tend take a more positive point of view. While Bill Herbst is an excellent astrologer, I too find his gloomy outlook difficult.

Richard Nolle (Astropro) is not all sweetness and light but I do like his description of the coming changes. He likens them to a souffle gradually settling slightly lower with each jolt.

It's a big world out there and even when times are horrific in one area, i.e., Haiti's earthquake, many of the rest of us are going about our usual lives.

Twilight said...

Diane L ~~ Thanks - I'll investigate Richard Nolle's up to date thoughts on this. I used to read his stuff, but stopped a few years ago when his views became particularly depressing! :-)

Yes, a good point - it certainly is a big world, and we are a fairly minor part of it, whatever we might choose to think. The problems, horrors and scenarios astrologers are predicting for the next few years have been happening in some countries for decades already, and will continue to happen.

Sometimes it seems as though astrologers think the celestial bodies are there simply to predict stuff for America or Europe.