Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jupiter Returns

I'm due for a Jupiter Return in a day or two. This phenomenon occurs for us all at approximately 12 year intervals, as transiting Jupiter again hits the exact zodiac degree it occupied as we were born. I suspect that this particular transit to one's natal chart is generally A Good Thing, unless Jupiter in one's chart is awkwardly aspected. In many cases though it'll be a time to watch for fleeting opportunities; to expand in any chosen direction; good for travel, or maybe just heralding an easy-going few months when, if new problems do arise, they'll seem easier to deal with.

Jupiter moved into its traditional home sign of Pisces in mid-January. Planets' astrological energies are always said to be at their most recognisable when in their home signs. Attributes assigned to planets by learned astrologers over many centuries are said to shine out far more clearly when unadulterated by residence in a "foreign" sign. If this be true, my own natal Jupiter in Pisces at 6.46 degrees in 9th house (Jupiter's house), in first decan (ruled by Jupiter/Neptune), has a triple-whammy of Jupiterness: in its own sign, own house and its own decan. In addition, Jupiter in my natal chart is exactly semi-sextile Aquarius Sun. I don't like any textbook interpretation of this aspect, and have decided that what it represents for me is that traits of the two planets and signs are closely interwoven in my personality.

Looking back over past Jupiter Returns in my life, I can spot two which brought benign events. In the spring of 1974 I won a national competition in the UK - prize was two weeks holiday for two with spending money.... Photo(right):on that holiday in Tangier, Morocco, standing by was our adopted pal, Mohammed. A Jupiter Return in the spring of 1998 corresponded with a move of home, following retirement. Other Jupiter Returns don't trigger any immediate memory of significant events at those times though. That is not necessarily to say there weren't any - just that they could have been related to minor matters, long forgotten. The rest of the natal chart, and transits thereto, also have an important bearing upon how, or to what extent, a planetary return can be "felt" at each go-around.

I'm not holding my breath for any Jupiter goodies this time around, but if any come my way, I'll be very happy. I'll be happy first because they'll be helpful in some way, and second because they'll add to my unshaken belief that, as far as astrology is concerned (all together now) "something is happening here, but we don't know what it is - do we Mr. Jones?"


jude cowell said...

Well then, congratulations!

May your Jupiter Return bring you many happy returns, a phrase that may come from just such an astrological occurrence as a jolly Jupiter Return.


ps: love the Morrocan photo of you! jc

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely photo, T!
I will echo Jude's sentiment and wish you many happy returns!

Twilight said...

Jude and WWW ~~~ Thank you kindly!
The photo brings back some precious memories. :-)

Nikki said...

I had my Jupiter return over a year ago (28 Cap) and didn't notice much at the time but over the course of the following year I fell in love; took a trips to China, Chicago & San Francisco; and moved in with my sweetheart. My Jupiter is in the 5th ruling 4th & 7th. I do have Venus and sun in Aquarius though which probably helped a bit, too!

May you have as lovely a Jupiter return year as I did!

Twilight said...

Nikki - Oh my! Wonderful example of results Jupiter coming back to its original place in your chart!

Many thanks for your input, and for the good wishes. :-)