Friday, May 15, 2009

Arty-Farty Friday - Celebrity Art

Grace Slick and Jane Seymour

Another pair of celeb artists, female this time. Grace Slick and Jane Seymour. Two quite different characters with very different styles.
(Long piece, so it's for Friday & Saturday.)

A lengthy career in TV drama and movies, from 1969 onward, has made Jane Seymour a recognisable face on both sides of the Atlantic, and in other parts of the world too. Best known for her roles as Bond Girl in "Live and Let Die"; Dr. Quinn in the successful TV series; and her leading role in the mini-series "War and Remembrance", as well as numerous lesser known roles.

British born, honored by the Queen with an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 1999, became a US citizen in 2005. She is a celebrity ambassador for the non-profit organization Childhelp. In December, 2008, she was honored by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in a ceremony in Los Angeles for her work with people with disabilities. She currently resides in Malibu, California with her husband and twin boys.

It was after a challenging period in her life that Ms Seymour began to paint as part of a healing process -some 10 years ago. Her style is soft, sentimental and traditional.

Jane Seymour born 15 February 1951 in Hayes, London, UK. No time available, 12 noon chart below.

Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, with 3 personal planets and north Node of the Moon in Pisces. That Watery Pisces trio and her Sun's ruler, Uranus, in Watery Cancer could account for her penchant for painting romantic and sentimental scenes of the sea, beach, even a fish !

Without knowing her time of birth her rising sign and degree of Moon remain a mystery, but Moon would be in Gemini, and probably forming part of a Grand Trine in Air with Sun and Neptune (Aquarius and Libra respectively). The Grand Trine indicates an easy, harmonious blending of Airy attributes - mental adroitness, charm and social graces.

I wonder if Ms Seymour has Cancer rising? Her charity work for children, and the subject matter of some of her paintings seems rather Moonly, sweet and motherly to me.

PEACE by Jane Seymour

RED RIBBON by Jane Seymour

MOTHER & CHILD on the BEACH by Jane Seymour

KOI by Jane Seymour

Grace Slick joined the rock band The Great Society in 1965, later she became lead vocalist for Jefferson Airplane with songs such as 'White Rabbit' and 'Somebody to Love' . Through the next 20 years, Grace participated in several incarnations of the band including The Jefferson Starship, Starship and several solo albums. Grace retired from Rock and Roll in 1989 and began a new career in the visual arts in the mid 90's. Her first show was in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in 2000. Since then she has had over 30 exhibits and is represented by some of the best galleries in the US. (Here)

There were quite a few dramas and encounters with The Law during the musical portion of Ms Slick's career.

"Slick and Tricia Nixon, former President Richard Nixon's daughter, are both alumni of Finch College. Grace was invited to a tea party for the alumni at the White House in 1969. She invited the political activist Abbie Hoffman to be her escort, and planned to spike President Richard Nixon's tea with LSD. The plan was thwarted when they were prevented from entering after being recognized by White House security personnel.

While Slick was involved in several run-ins with the law while a part of Jefferson Airplane, she was arrested individually at least three times for what she has referred to as "TUI" ("Talking Under the Influence") and "Drunk Mouth". While technically the charges were DUI, the three arrests mentioned in her autobiography occurred when she was not actually inside a vehicle."

Grace Slick's style and subject matter are quite different from Jane Seymour's. Ms Slick often portrays some of her musical colleagues, and fantasy scenes from songs which made her famous. Her style is kind of "primitive", yet adept, not traditional yet not exactly abstract.

Born 30 October 1939 in Evanston Illinois at 7.37am (Astrodatabank)

Sun, Venus, Mercury and ascendant in Scorpio. Uranus exactly opposing Venus, from Taurus, and harmoniously trining Neptune in Virgo. Moon in Gemini. That's a lot of dark and heavy, intense passionate determination from Scorpio, lightened somewhat by sociable and versatile Gemini Moon. Uranus trining Neptune opposing Venus, Neptune sextiling Venus puts a two-way pull on Venus, delicate planet of the arts. Unruly Uranus is almost certainly involved in the daredevil antics which resulted in those early brushes with the law. Neptune (planet of creativity and imagination) has helpful links to Venus and Uranus, and connection to Ms Slick's music as well as her painting. There's more potential irritability as Mars in Aquarius squares (90*) Aquarius' ruler, Uranus; and Saturn in Aries lies quincunx (150* scratchy aspect) Mercury in Scorpio.

I suspect that Grace Slick has mellowed and matured a lot - she's in her 70th year now. She has no doubt learned to control and use her challenging natal aspects, putting them to very good use in her current artistic endeavours.


JOLLY ROCKER by Grace Slick



MORE EXAMPLES of the artwork of Jane Seymour and Grace Slick can be seen at these links, and via Google Image.


Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks T:
Though I don't think you mean "Peace" and "Mother and Child" to be the same painting, n'est pas?
I had no idea these women were painters, and I'm a big fan of Grace's, Jane not so much after reading, years ago, about extravagant life style in English castle.
Grace is the mother of a mentally challenged child, I believe which she attributes to her ownn drug use.
I can never see an image of Janis without wanting to cry. Strange, eh?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~~ EEEeek! Well-spotted and thank you! I should write out 100 times "I must not publish posts before drinking a second cup of coffee!!"

Ms Seymour is rich as Cresus, and it appears has a lifestyle to match, but she does some charity stuff to balance it - we'd best give her credit for that.

I didn't know anything about Grace Slick until I researched for this post. Interesting character!

Neither's art style appeals to me personally (I like last week's pair much better) but there's no denying their talent. :-)

Jared said...

I just discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it. Looking forward to reading more!

Shawn Carson said...

Another cool post, Twilight,
Both of these ladies were pretty hot stuff in their younger years. Jane Seymour was the glamour puss with that stellium in Pisces, while Grace Slick had a unique sort of look that befits her t square of Venus /Uranus/Mars. Nice to see that they are still quite productive, well into their careers.

anthonynorth said...

I've always liked Jane Seymour. Didn't know about the painting. She's good.

Twilight said...

Jared ~~ Thanks for visiting, and I'm glad you like the blog.

I hadn't seen yours before -I intend tripping over there and catching up with what I've missed, along with another cup of coffee in a mo. :-)

I'll add you to my trines in the sidebar!

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Isn't it! Neither needs the money, I guess, but their paintings seem to command tidy sums.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ She is, for sure. A tad too sweet for my taste, but very gifted. :-)