Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Adam & Neil : A Comparison

I doubt that Adam Lambert, the sensational singer currently competing in American Idol, would welcome this comparison. He has been likened by many commentators to a young Elvis, or Freddie Mercury. His own idol is David Bowie. I have a different idea, and it's based on astrology as well as what I get from listening to them both: Neil Diamond.

Times and styles have changed a lot since the days when I wore out my LP of Neil's "Tap Root Manuscript". In Adam, under the eyeliner and his rather campy, vampy, but engaging presentation, I see the same kind of drama a young Neil first brought to the scene back in the late 1960s. Neil has always had a large and very loyal fan base, but for some strange reason has never been considered quite "cool" by those who consider themselves "the musical elite". Perhaps he was just too easy to appreciate. Those who chase "cool" like to support much which is very difficult, for mortals such as me, to like. Perhaps the definition of what is "cool" should wait for another time, it's an interesting topic.

Adam has said, in interview, that his background in musical theater has helped him to understand "what the people want to hear". This, I believe is Aquarius coming out - he primarily cares about what "the people" want. Compare this with a quote from Neil Diamond:
"I really believe live performance has been equally important to me as recording. It's inspired me and given me a perspective on what an audience likes and doesn't like and put me in close contact with the people...".

One might think that this is common to all performers - I'm not so sure it is.
Will this characteristic define Adam Lambert as "cool"? Probably not, but if he has a career as long and successful as Neil Diamond's, I guess he won't be complaining.

Look at the two charts (click on image to enlarge). I've rectified Adam's to show Libra rising, which comes from information he himself has given, though the degree might well be incorrect. I've estimated his time of birth as 9.45pm, 29 January 1982.Neil Diamond was born on 24 January 1941 at 11.04pm.

Born 41 years and a few days apart, both singers have Aquarius Sun/Mercury, Venus Capricorn, Libra rising. They were born at opposite sides of the USA, Neil in New York, Adam in California.

Obvious generational differences reflect the times into which both singers were born. These stem from placement of two of the outer, slow-moving planets, Uranus, their Sun's ruler, and Neptune. Neil's natal Uranus is in Earthy, stable but artistic Taurus - he's a quieter, serious version of Aquarius Sun. Adam has Uranus in ebullient, exaggerating Sagittarius (element of Fire), outgoing - a more vividly colored version of Sun in Aquarius. Neptune, planet of creativity and imagination is in discerning Earthy Virgo for Neil; in Sagittarius along with Uranus for Adam - underlining the generational difference already mentioned. Neil was born into a grey world at war, Adam into the buzzing era of yuppies and designer labels. In spite of these differences, I sense a similarity. It's a feeling I get from them both, something not easy to describe in words. Perhaps it's just me sensing a connection because of my own astrology - could be that, I guess.

Neil has written most of his own songs, as well as songs for other performers. I wonder whether Adam will, in time, follow suit. He would seem, astrologically, to have that capability.

The Final Four contestants on American Idol tonight will sing classic rock songs from the '70s and '80s. Transiting Jupiter and Neptune, presently conjoined in Adam's Sun sign ought to provide a boost for him - if any is needed. We shall see!

Adam's Idol performances so far can be seen (or heard in videos with added photographs) at YouTube. Trying to link or embed leads to blanked screens due to copyright.

A reminder of the young Neil Diamond:


Rossa said...

For some reason Adam's video is not available on YouTube or your other links but I found on American Idols website. First time I've heard him and got goosebumps always a good sign for me.

Feeling Good is one of my all time favourites and when Michael Buble brought out his version it took me a while to like it, but Adam's take was refreshingly different. Whatever the outcome of ths show he will go far. I'll be rooting for him from a wet and windy UK

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Oh - thanks for the heads up! I've removed the useless link and screen. It seems the copyright police have kicked in!
It allowed me to watch before I put the link in the post. Never mind!

I'm glad you like his style. I'm convinced he's going to be a BIG star - whether or not he wins Idol.

Shawn Carson said...

Very cool article, Twilight! I think you are right on the money in your comparisons. As you noted, they both have a highly theatrical orientation as befits the Sun square Jupiter in both horoscopes.
Other shared aspects include Moon in aspect to Jupiter too. They share the same Mercury degree @15 Aquarius (midpoint of the Aries degrees) in soft aspect to Mars. Neil has better aspects to Saturn and the Node than Adam has, which makes me think he will not rise to the mega-star status of Diamond. Both of these guys are very talented and I enjoyed comparing and contrasting their styles and horoscopes on your very cool blog. One even notices a facial resemblance between these two.
Keep up the Great Work

Wisewebwoman said...

Ah yes, our Neil Diamond, I've been such a fan and wore out many LPs like yourself, T.
I saw on Youtube of Adam, very impressive and enormous joie de vivre. He'll go places and I love his inherent dignity.

anthonynorth said...

So many nowadays don't see live performances as that important. From my memories of my rock days, it is only when you connect with an audience that the full musical experience happens.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Thank you! and thanks too for your additional asto insights. Yes - I noted a facial resemblance too, but thought it might be just me, so didn't mention it. Glad you saw it too.

Perhaps the days of the mega-star are gone, Shawn. I can't bring to mind any recent ones. Groups/bands seem to get the limelight these days.
That's one reason Adam may fail to be as big a name as Neil Diamond I guess - unless things change. And they might.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ Good! Glad you like him too. Yes, he comes over as quite a humble guy, not big-headed about his undoubted talent at all.

I saw the video yesterday of him dealing with paparazzi who tried to trick him into "coming out". He dealt with the idiot so graciously and smoothly - I saw true cool there!

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ I can appreciate that - though without any experience of it at all - at least not from the stage end of it!

The Idol final ten will be doing a summer tour around the states when the TV shows come to an end - we intend trying to see them when they visit Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to it already. :-)