Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mrs. Jacobson's Rhymes

Ivy Goldstein Jacobson (1893-1990) lived a long life as a prominent astrologer, dying at the grand age of ninety-seven. Born in Brisbane, Australia, she settled in the United States where she built up a successful practice. She wrote several books, which were all self-published from type-written pages. She was a popular teacher and practitioner and is best remembered for her work in the field of horary astrology.
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Mrs Jacobson's book "Here and There in Astrology" which I acquired second-hand, contains lots of unusual astro tid-bits, and here and there in "Here and There" are sprinked some of her brief rhymes. Mrs. Jacobson, in a few memorable lines, drew a picture in words of what certain astrological combinations can mean.

Venus Uranus & Saturn in the 7th House

I met her but a short time since
yet knew at once that I
Would hold her ever in my heart
And love her 'til I die.


Neptune in 7th House

With Neptune in your 7th House
You idolize your mate.
You do not meet by happenstance,
You always meet by Fate.
You do not stop to understand
Or marvel how it feels:
The moment that you take her hand
You fall head over heels.


Both Rulers Retrograde

They married for companionship
Drawn by the human flame,
But nothing came of it at all
And life went on the same.

The magic words of love they sought
And the romantic rapture
Were fantasies that went unwrought,
And dreams too shy to capture.

But that was very long ago -
They saw it through somehow;
Never to know what made it so -
Unless they know it now ?


Planets in Mutual Reception

Two rulers in each other's sign always see eye to eye.
It means they share and share alike,
So nothing goes awry.
And even if they break a rule or some convention flout -
Whatever one gets into,
The other gets him out.


Wisewebwoman said...

You find the most amazing books, T.
Thanks for sharing them and I also love your new word "sprinked". Please do NOT correct.
It is a sprinky day here.
Oh and to add to the fun: croked is the word ver.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Oops! Ah well, a bit of sprinking never did anybody any harm!

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It brings forth an image of someone with a saucer of paint sprinking it all over the place by flicking finger and thumb in its midst.

My excuse - I was croked! ;-)