Monday, March 02, 2009

Looking at Limbaugh

So Rush Limbaugh hopes President Obama fails in his efforts to turn the current crisis around. He hopes that America goes under? Nice.

A one minute video to prove it.

What kind of man is this, who hopes for the land of his birth to fail - this professed patriot who is supposed to love his country so much more than those hated liberals?

There's his natal chart.

Astrolger Lynn Hayes wrote a little about it last year HERE, pointing out the most telling factors, she said
"Rush Limbaugh is one of those with a nearly exact square between Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius, the innovator, is rising in his chart so in some ways you might expect Rush to tilt more to the left. But with the Sun in Capricorn and Saturn opposite the Moon, that conservative bent won the battle between the two ideologies. But more important, the opposition between Mars in Aquarius and Pluto shows an obsession with power that makes the conservative mind view much more comfortable than a more liberal perspective which Rush deems "weak." "

When I looked at his chart I felt a little bewildered. I recognised a few similarities with my own chart - as far as planets in degrees of signs:

His Sun 21 Capricorn = my Mercury, same degree
His Venus 5.53 Aquarius - my Sun 6.46 Aquarius
His Mars 22 Aquarius - my relocated ascendant 22 Aquarius
His Jupiter 6.57 Pisces - my Jupiter 6.03 Pisces.

His view = the exact opposite of my views. It's all down to aspects. And yet....

There has to be something extra to account for his extreme right-wing stances and insistence on sharing them, surely?

One factor which might be involved is a Yod (also called Finger of Fate or Finger of God) which is comprised of a sextile (60*) between two planets which then both link to another planet via quincunx (150*) - here Sun and Moon are sextile and both link to Pluto via quincunx.

But there's more!

Pluto, at 19.16 Leo is conjunct Fixed Star Algenubi"
"Cruel, heartless, bold, bombastic, brutish, destructive, artistic appreciation. power of expression, spiritual gifts, leadership". (Here) .

Astrologers interpret a Yod as representing the chanelling of the blended energies of the two sextiled planets through the planet at the arrow-tip, in this case the energies of his Sun (self) and Moon (inner self) directed through Pluto (intensity, passion)and Pluto is conjunct Algenubi (see above). Pluto's passion and intensity may be further fuelled by the attributes traditionally attached to that Fixed Star.Even if, as I usually say, the traditional interpretations for Fixed Stars are overly dramatic and should be diluted for modern times, there's still something extra here, above and beyond what a Yod with Pluto at its tip would involve.

More from Alan Colmes' blog, post dated 1 March ~ "Limbaugh: Liberalism Is Psychosis, Not Ideology" .

I rest my case!


Rossa said...

Over here in the UK the media is calling Brown's bail out of our banking system state capitalism otherwise known as Fascism and there are others calling the BNP left wing now! Wow the world is topsy turvy when a Labour govt is considered Fascist and the British National Party the true socialists because they are the only party supporting the working classes, not the elite.

We have EU elections in June and the BNP look likely to get up to 9 MEPs in the EU for the first time. This is because UKIP, the supposed anti EU party, has been found to have its snout firmly in the EU trough hoovering up as much of the gravy off that gravy train as they can while it lasts.

The bail out figure is now up to £320bn and still rising. On one blog I read today it said that if we spent £1 every second bailing out the banks it would take 12 days to pay off £1m, 31 years to pay off £1bn and to pay off £1 trillion would take 31,688 years.

As the total UK Govt debt now stands at £1.2tn, we may have a problem Houston!

Jacqueline Bigar said...

great blog.

I have been reacting to him while you are writing about him.

Perhaps because of your detachment you can quite simply without energy define him:

He wants Obama to fail. He wants the US to fail. What kind of person is he?

As we do have choice with energy, had his learly ife circumstances been different, would the personality had an alternative choice in how it evolved?

I would love to hear your opinion.

Jacquie, sun in Aquarius 5 degrees, Saturn at 19 degrees Leo, Mercury at 20 in Aquarius etc etc

Twilight said...

Rossa~~~ It's hard for me to take that in! BNP left-wing - !!!!!
Seems like the crisis is bringing out a form of hysteria, both sides of the pond.

One would think that all this had happened virtually overnight, yet it must have been piling up for years, maybe decades. Why have politicians bee hiding it for so long - hadn't they read the relevant reports? Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

Twilight said...


I think there's a lot of internal anger in him (perhaps due to health afflictions) and he's letting it out in this very destructive way, in an attempt to ease personal discomforts.

Perhaps in the beginning, when he first began broadcasting he found that being ultra-controversial got him lots of attention, so he has continued along that path. I often wonder whether people like him, Ann Coulter, Naureen Dowd and others of that ilk really do believe what they say, or whether they say it for effect and monetary return via books and appearances.

Wikipedia tells that he comes from a lawyer-heavy family - all conservatives no doubt. I do think that, had he been born into a hippie-type family or more artistic community he'd be very much different now. Perhaps not extreme left-wing, but not as rabidly right as he now is.

I have to get it out of my own head, Jacquie, that Aquarius automatically means left-wing, because we have Cheney and Palin to put the lie to that. It was something I used to rely on - wrongly, it appears!

I'd not be surprised if Limbaugh's time of birth is a bit off though, and his ascendant was really in Capricorn.

The worst of it all is that Limbaugh has so many listeners who hang on to his every pronouncement.
Dangerous, and very, very sad.

Jacqueline Bigar said...


You know Yods are associated with sickness, -I am pretty well with several of them. Again it might have to do with expressing the authentic energy as opposed to acting out and talking out as Mr. Limbaugh has.

Before reading your blog, I was thinking what has this world come to, when Limbaugh actually could become the leader of the Republican party. He really is an idioit, beg your pardon-my politics are coming out -. I was shocked by how many take his word as law-I saw this in the election. I live in Arizona so it is not surprising.
I think I spend most of my life at this point with my jaw open in shock. I will make you a is equally as possible his lawyer family are liberals and maybe he did not get into law school!!
I am going to do a search later on his early years...
Aquarius can be liberal but often becomes do rigid it nearly meets the right. Not us of course!!!

Jacqueline Bigar said...

PS. ( oh no this is not a rave and rant topic for me).

During the past election in the hot bed of Limbaugh land, I responded to people whom I thought I knew well with a conservative bent. Issues like Obama was not a US citizen. I would do it logically rather than passionately, they agreed the whole way..then several hours going back to their opinion.

After awhile I thought about this pattern and decide the Limbaugh Right wing conservatives and some others who did this, did not feel free to see they were anti black and this is how they expressed that thought.

I started saying: Your argument is flawed. You know that. Yet you pursue this line. Hence I am forced tocome to the opinion you are a Black racist and do not feel free to say so. That is the only thought I have that can explain your thinking here. I never heard another word. Not a defense. nothing.

After the election, sure enough, they were telling off color black jokes, and using words to describe Obama race that I can not put in print.

Maybe this is the core issue.

Twilight said...

Jacquie ~~~ I hope he doesn't get into politics proper.

I heard someone on TV the other day saying that extreme right is the way the Republicans will go now, as it's the only way remaining to oppose a centrist-left administration, which Obama's is turning out to be, probably because it's the only way they'll get necessary stuff done.

I'm left as they come, but I can tolerate some conservatives, if they are clever and decent, and show some integrity Mitt Romney seemed one of the better examples of an old-fashioned conservative politician - though being new to US politics I could be wrong on that.

If Palin and Limbaugh are the new strain - I dread to think ....

Twilight said...

Jacquie~~~ There were a lot of so-called liberal blogs back in the primaries who put forward doubts about Obama's citizenship and associations, and I'm sorry to say I was taken in, and went along with it until H.Clinton was eliminated. Then I came to my senses.

Since then I've realised how right Obama is for the job in hand - we couldn't have a better president in current circumstances, in my opinion, and I'm very happy to admit I was wrong about him, in the beginning.

As for racism - it's hard to say.
It does leave serious doubts though. I'm in a very red state too - Oklahoma, where not a single precinct voted a majority for Obama in the GE. It's very sad that people can remain so blinkered.....and Limbaugh plays a big part in this, I feel certain.

Jacqueline Bigar said...

The good news is that Arizona came very close to become a blue state this election.

There is a spirit to politics in this state that I love, which of course my comment did not mention.
Everyone is allowed, honestly allowed to have their own judgment.

People respect more than politics, Arizonians respect the individual. It is interesting because on this issue red and blue can meet in this state and often do.

Poor you, twilight, I taught with your views you were nicely encased in Boston or

Early years of Limbaugh coming up with some interetsing info.

Twilight said...

I look forward to reading about the early years if you blog on the topic, wiould you mind please giving me a shout, in case I miss it. I don't always get around to doing the astro-blog rounds each day.

I'm lucky in that I am, by marriage, part of one of the few avidly liberal families in these parts - so my sanity is protected.

Arizona sounds nice ! One day (when it's cool enough) we might get that far west. We've touched the corner of the state once I think, at the 4 Corners in Colorado....I love our neighbours, Colorado and New Mexico, so it's not all bad.

Jacqueline Bigar said...

When i am tired, you can really see that my first language is not English.

My apologies as I often type what I hear and not the right word, example thought taught...

My apologies.
Do you see the Dow? What happens when it goes under 1000? I am serious.

not everyone but many who invest are the people whose greed caused some of the economic failure...

Why would they be happy about Obama changes.?

Twilight said...

Jacquie ~~~ I didn't know English wasn't your first language - goodness! You write perfect English. I do far more typo mistakes than you, and it IS my first language! :-)

I don't understand the DOW, so can't comment, but things sound grim. All I have to go by is the UK pound to the US$ exchange rate, which has dropped from over $2 to the pound in 2007 to around $1.40 or less now....some say it will finish up equal - 1 for 1, then my two pensions will be looking pretty sick! Still, I enjoyed the good times. :-)

Jacqueline Bigar said...

The real issue as you know -is the economy, and everyone has their games including Rush. I find him revolting...especially wishing failure to the country and Obama. But is it not better to yell about him than really study and see what is going on.

I do not look at the situation as a recession or depression but an enormous correction.

Where the ! TheyDow lands will point conclusively to when the trouble began. My guess it will be very low and around Reagan's area. 1000 to 3,000.

The problem will be the public They will expect the Dow to go back up and a return to the economy it had. That is when the shock comes in. It won't. It will gtow but in an earnest manner. I think the problem with overspending and credit began with the yups and that period.

I remember when it took about 7 dollars plus change to equal a pound. That was awhile ago. I am sad to see all of this, especially as I am hearing horror stories from Europe.
Yes, I learned English at 5...

Wisewebwoman said...

I feel like the crasher of an awfully good party, T.
Gawd that Limbaugh, one of my blogger buddies sez he is easier to tolerate if you just put terminally syphilatic in front of his name and his spoutings. I tried and it works.
He well may be.

Shawn Carson said...

Hi all,
Lots of hot button issues here! A quick perusal of (terminally syphilatic?) Mr. Limbaugh's chart confirms one of my pet theories. Namely, first quarter squares to Saturn are the worst! In this case it's Mercury, showing diminished mental capacity. (no doubt caused by his terminally syphilatic condition)!

Jacqueline Bigar said...

This might not be my "cocktail party" but I must say, I am thrilled at people giving their opinions...

let us wait for the hostess....

Twilight said...

Jacquie ~~~ I agree, yes, this is a very big and very necessary correction, brought about by profligate spending by individuals, encouraged by banks, and the government over many, many years. The Iraq war probably has a lot to do with it in America's case. too. Without that ingredient things wouldn't be nearly as bad - or so I suppose.

I switched on the TV before dinner last night - and what were they talking about ? Rush Limbaugh!
Even his co-conservatives don't seem to have much to say in his defence.

He was bad enough when he was just a voice on the radio, but he has now forced his way into the spotlight. :-( Bad!!!

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ LOL! Yes that prefix helps a lot! I can think of several others too - but not suitable for presentation on a family blog. :-)

Thanks for keeping the party going. :-)

Twilight said...

Shawn - Hi!

That's an interesting point about Saturn square Mercury. Also Pluto is transiting near his natal Mercury just now, and since January. Perhaps that's partly the reason for his coming so sharply into public focus just now.
Hmmmm - we'll watch how things develop!

anthonynorth said...

I disagree with many things, have contempt for much of politics, but would never wish ills on my country or anyone elses.
I guess it's the difference between criticism and hate at all cost.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Hi! You must have been commenting here while I was commenting at yours! :-)

Agreed. Hate verging on madness is apparent from Limbaugh's attitudes. There are a few conservatives who, though disagreeing with Obama's political stances, have decided to support him in order to try to overcome the current serious crisis. That's the only sane attitude, I think.
Thank goodness there are still a some sane conservatives left here. :-)

Shawn Carson said...

Yes, and transiting Pluto is activating a t-square, if you include part of fortune, in Aries. We know that these degrees will heat up even more over the course of the next year or more as the last of 5 SA / UR oppositions occurs here in 2010. Oh, what fun!

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Oh yes! And Limbaugh rides in on the apex ! Oh joy!

I wish I could draw, I'd do a cartoon of that scene!

Jacqueline Bigar said...

Good morning Twilight!

Yesterday, out of the blue, a friend of mine starting talking about Rushie Baby. She said she had seen an interview of his mother. Mommy said about her son: he failed at everything he did. school, a race, everything.

So I am sure his stance is an up yours to the establishment.
What do you think?

Twilight said...

Hi Jacqie ~~~ that doesn't surprise me one bit ! He seems to me like a school bully. I haven't yet perceived any redeeming characteristic.

Jacqueline Bigar said...

He has one redeeming quality which is why Obama is tapping into him. Rush is great at the Theatre of the Absurb. Ionesco could have used him as a center peice of a play.

This quality with the nudges(not even time consuming) from the White House has totally distracted the US Public from bigger problems.
I saw people and pundits laugh with delight for the first time in a long time. Some really deep belly laughs.

Twilight said...

Jacquie ~~~ Oh yes, of course - you're right!

He has one - unknown to himself!