Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Uranus-Saturn can be seen working!

Popping back with a second helping today, because I feel the paragraphs below, from an article I've just read, written by someone unconnected with astrology, describe very clearly how the Uranus-Saturn opposition, exact on election day, is playing out. From a piece published at Common Dreams today " 'Obama' For Lefties", by Ira Chernus.

I love to find things like this! "Change" and "steady predictability", "rash, impulsive", "safe, solid"...all classic keywords for Uranus and Saturn, and used
not by an astrology fan with an axe to grind, but by an observer of the political scene:

"That's why Obama is so widely admired. He won, not by offering specific new policy ideas, but by uniting in himself the seemingly opposite images of change and steady predictability. He presented himself as the dynamic leader who could "change the world" while remaining always safe and solid, poised and unflappable, never likely to do anything rash or impulsive. The defining moment of the contest was the second debate, when the "maverick" McCain wandered erratically around the stage while Obama sat or stood, serenely centered, even as the economy of the nation (and perhaps the whole world) was collapsing around us.

It's understandable that images of steadiness now dominate. Obama knows that you can't use the winds of change to move people who are frightened or insecure. Whatever he may hope to accomplish, he has to keep on reassuring the general public and the power elite that he really is the temperate, self-controlled man they saw throughout the campaign. That's the only way he can be free to put across any policy agenda he comes up with.
He won't succeed if he says or does anything that might look unexpected, impulsive, or the least bit radical."

Uranus opposes Saturn in the astrological chart for the present time. But both are otherwise connected - through Aquarius, Obama's rising sign. They are the ancient and modern rulers of that sign. Rather than opposing in a negative manner, they seem able to work easily in tandem, pushing a little way backward to achieve sufficient momentum in order to pull forward.


Loonsounds said...

Great post! I was struck by McCains wandering around rudely in the middle of the debate... actually wandering around in and out of the camera while Obama was speaking! I was surprised that the spinners didn't spend a little more time on that one.! As far as what McCain was doing, I saw it as an attempt to dominate the floor space and detract attention from the speaker, but now that you point this out, it worked against McCain in a double way. Not only was he viewed as rude by those of us who might notice such things, he was also viewed, in a very visual way on that debate floor, as unstable and erratic in his movement. Anyway, what you have said here about standing calm and steady is going to help me today because my mother is falling apart in rage, and I guess someone needs to actually to be calm, so double thanks for the post!

Twilight said...

Hello Loonsounds ~~~

Glad it was helpful for you to read Ira Chernus's wise words.
I think he really nailed it!

I hope your mother settles soon,
rage is infectious, it's difficult to remain unruffled, stoic, stand outside it all. I guess we all should take a leaf out of O's book in this regard. :-)

I agree about McCain - though he must have been getting terribly drained by that stage of the game. I doubt he did his walkabout deliberately, I think he was distracted and tired. That doesn't detract from Obama's
calm in the face of it all though.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the link you sent me. What FUN! Thank you :)
Now that the first Saturn/Uranus opposition has passed I feel much, much better.
Thanks again!

Twilight said...

Hi Chrispito - glad to know you're feeling brighter. :-)