Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tarot Experiment ~ continued.....

My previous experiments with tarot have been reasonably accurate, though with no world-shattering revelations. (Access by clicking on "tarot" from the Label Cloud in the sidebar.) Continuing the experiment, now that the election is over and we have a President-elect Obama, I asked a couple of new questions. Last week : "What do I need to know about Barack Obama?". This week: "What do I need to know about the way Obama will govern?"
I find it tricky to formulate the question, and therefore had to take two stabs at it.

# 1~~~ What do I need to know about Barack Obama?
3 cards in the following order: 6 Cups....8 Cups....The Sun.

This was really the wrong question to ask, it's way too broad.

Anyway, 6 Cups indicates nostalgia, something emotional connected to the past, a little melancholic - perhaps this relates to the death of Obama's grandmother and his recollections of her effect on his life.

8 Cups - indicates a turning away, a new direction, an abandoning, or giving something up. When I saw this I was a little worried....until I turned the third card. 8 cups in this context probably relates to the change from Senator to President. A less positive card in third position could have indicated him stepping down for some reason. (I'm a little uneasy about this card.)

The Sun - A Major Arcana card, one of the best, most fortunate cards in the whole deck. It's even more appropriate because it relates to his natal sun sign, Leo. See what has to say about The Sun card:
experiencing greatness
achieving prominence
being singled out for notice
having a personal moment of glory
setting an outstanding example
shining forth brilliantly
demonstrating distinction
becoming the center of attention.

Though the three cards I drew from the deck were appropriate enough, they didn't tell me much that we don't already know. That'll teach me not to ask broad questions!


I waited a week, then asked:
#2 ~~~What do I need to know about the way Obama will govern? A more specific query.

6 Wands - Card of victory, success, acclaim. This is an appropriate background atmosphere!

Knight of Cups - This has to represent Obama and the manner in which he will govern. Knight of Cups relates to the element of Water, zodiac sign Cancer or Pisces, and as in astrology, relates to sensitivity, gentleness, vision, perhaps visions too fanciful to bring to reality? The Knight is not yet King, so it's appropriate, for now, to indicate future intention. It fits Obama's graceful, calm persona, his idealistic aims, dreams of unity and peace. These are his current aims, however - as Knight rather than King.

10 Wands Indication of future/outcome. Traditionally the card of oppression, in this case the oppression brought on by success, the burdens of the presidency, uphill struggles, every step made difficult. The "feel", astrologically, is of Saturn. It indicates that President Obama will have to set aside some of his dreamy visions, to "get real". He'll become overburdened with difficulties left behind by the previous administration.

None of the above is news to anyone interested in the current political scene, all of this could have been set out without the help of the tarot. What I still find amazing though is how three cards drawn at random from the deck of 78 turn out to be so appropriate to the question asked.

Maybe my next experiment, in a few weeks, will throw up some unexpected prediction, or perhaps events in the meantime will illuminate a different interpretation of one that I settled on - that 8 of Cups in the first spread for instance. I still find it a little disquieting.


Wisewebwoman said...

That 8 of Cups is disturbing, T but can be interpreted in many ways I would think?
I keep thinking of him turning from his promised changey-hopey direction. Just same-old same-old Bushwhacking path?
I sure hope not.

Twilight said...

Hi WWW~~~
Yes, 8 cups can be interpreted to suit the context involved, but it's always some kind of abandonment, leaving behind.
As you say, it could refer to a change of mind with regard to policy direction. It might also refer to his moving away from Rev. Wright and his church....I'd forgotten about that!