Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Neptune's Horses

At Huffington Post yesterday a remark of R.J. Eskow caught my eye. It's from his piece called "What Did You Do During The Great Election?"

"I don't disagree with the premise that things might not work out - but our job right now is to try. And to work with the tools at hand.
But we can't just ride the tide to victory. The poets of ancient Greece described the whitecaps on waves as "the manes of Poseidon's horses." It takes millions of horses, moving together, to turn the tide.
We're Poseidon's horses. It's not Obama's tide. It's ours. But it can only turn if we move together."

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Neptune has played a leading part all through this election season. Mr. Eskow's mention of Poseidon's Horses (Neptune's in Roman mythology) immediately brought the astrology of this election back to mind, though it's never far away! The above painting by British artist/ illustrator Walter Crane, "The Horses of Neptune", is a fitting image for today. We shall soon discover just where the Horses of Neptune have taken us. Have they deposited us back on the beach from whence we set out, or upon a new golden strand where we might discover benefits we'd never dreamed of ?

To avoid wild leaps in the level of my blood pressure, during daylight hours we're going to drive out for a while, travel up Mount Scott, to survey the beautiful, peaceful landscape from the vantage point where Native American legend has it that the Great Spirit appeared after a terrible flood. If the benign Great Spirit happens to be still around up there, I'll ask him/her to help make sure the right thing happens tonight. We'll have lunch at a quaint old resturant, little changed from gold mining days, drive through the wildlife refuge to wave at buffalo and long horn cattle, then head back for an evening of intermittent breath holding, with glass of Scotch firmly in hand!

We voted early yesterday: a record of the first ever vote of this new US citizen.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, it is unwise to get fully swept away on the rhetoric but to focus on regaining democracy by and for the people, T.
Great pics of those wild horses, i see them outside my window all the time when the wind picks up.
And great photo of you exercising the new right!
Way. To. Go.

Twilight said...

Thanks WWW - and America at last has found THE WAY TO GO!!!