Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuning into the Planets ?

I'm noticing recently that I'm itching to listen to more classical music. Not the really obscure heavy stuff though. I'm drifting into it, not leaping headlong!

We saw "No Reservations" at the cinema this week. The soundtrack is really nice -there's some opera among it which I enjoyed - the movie's not bad too. It's a nice, gentle story and there are lots of shots of yummy gourmet food.

I'm wondering if this veering of my musical taste could be due to feeling celestial shifts. "As above, so below". Saturn has moved into into Earthy Virgo and Pluto is heading ever nearer to Earthy Capricorn, the next eclipse is due in an Earthy area too. Classical or classical-type music probably belongs to Earth more than do pop, rock, or jazz. Country may well have Earthy tones too, but on a different level.

Coincidentally, I stumbled yesterday upon some YouTube videos of performances on "Britain's got Talent" - Paul Potts, a shy cellphone salesman, won the final of the series singing opera! He does a great version of Nessun Dorma. The audience went crazy, even Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan were effusive in their praise. Perhaps I'm not the only one feeling this classical yen! I've already ordered Paul's new CD !

Maybe all of this is due to vibes from above...or maybe it's me just searching for something new - or something old. Perhaps it's regression. My first ever LP, bought with pocket money back in the 1950s, was of Mario Lanza singing opera and operetta. I loved his voice, and his passion - still do.

Mario Lanza's birthday was 31 January (mine is 27 January). In all these years I never did realise he was a fellow-Aquarian. Some old fashioned astrologers used to tell us that Aquarians are cold and unemotional. WRONG! Listen to Mario Lanza for proof! Of course, in Lanza's case, Scorpio Moon and the Pisces planets were very much involved too. Water is the predominant element in his natal chart. I have no birth time for him, but I'm pretty sure that the Moon would have been in Scorpio whatever time he was born.

Lanza's life and career were all too short. He died aged only 38 after several health problems culminating in a pulmonary embolism. His widow died from a drug overdose five months later, and their younger son died aged 37 of a heart attack. Sad stories. Lanza's chart shows several oppositions including: Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo opposing Venus and Mars in Pisces (perhaps that big voice of his was involved here), and Sun opposite Neptune. Obviously, with his great talent came great challenge.

A YouTube video of Mario Lanza singing Nessun Dorma.


Ron Southern said...

Luciano Pavarotti | 1935-2007

My local dj on Public Radio this morning was creeping me out because he kept referring to the LATE Pavoratti, when I hadn't heard that he died. But finally the stupid dj said he'd died last night. It's okay for him to be dead, though; happens to a lot of people.

Ron Southern said...

Plus, never under-estimate Mozart! The Magic Flute is wonderful!!

Richard said...

Mario Lanza and Paul Potts, eh?

Yet more in common.

Here's one of my recent 'finds' -- Lara Fabian, who I'd never heard of before coming across this video, then I immediately became a fan.

She's singing "Caruso". And boy, and how!

Twilight said...

Hi Ron

Yes, I'd posted this before I knew about Pavarotti's death. I expect it was a blessed release for him.
He left us a legacy of fine music, he'll nver be forgotten.

Mozart ? - I should listen to more of his music - his birthday is the same as mine. It might be a bit of an extreme leap at first though - I'll try The Magic Flute for starters! Thanks.

Twilight said...

Richard - Hi again!

Wow - she's great! Lovely looking too. I love "Caruso" - and she puts her heart and soul into it.
I love it when they are not too stodgy - that's what always drew me to Mario Lanza.

Thanks for the link - I'll watch out for more of her.

She looks a little like Dame Kiri de Tanawa (spelling??)

Mike said...


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Richard said...

Kiri Te Kanawa -- and I've not heard anything about her for a long time.