Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Me an' Dick Cheney ? Say it isn't so!

Astrology has a part to play in every facet of life, so it must have some bearing on how we think politcally - or, indeed, if we do think politically at all. Even so, it's doubtful that the most skilled of astrologers could exactly pinpont the way a person thinks politcally from their natal chart. Too many outside influences come into play both in childhood and in adulthood. I'd still be very surprised though if a person with heavy Capricorn and Saturn natally were to become a rebel socialist, or a heavily Aquarian/Uranian person leaned far to the right politically.

The spectre of Dick Cheney keeps haunting my mind as I type this. We are of the same generation, early Sun Aquarians, but our politcal views could not be further apart. He's on the left below (odd, that!)

Cheney has Sun at 10.48 Aquarius, Mercury in Aquarius too. Uranus in Taurus, square Mercury.

I have Sun at 6.46 Aquarius, square Uranus in Taurus, with Mercury in Capricorn widely trine Uranus in Taurus.

I'm desperately seeking differences! His Virgo ascendant and Pisces Moon belie the person we see in public life. I have Cancer ascendant(but Aquarius relocated) and Aries Moon. Hmmm. Nothing there provides much evidence.

I'll try putting our two Suns under the astrological microscope. Decanates and duads break down each zodiac sign into "cells". Decanates are 3x10 degree cells within each 30 degree sign, and duads are tiny 2 and a half degree cells within each decanate. Each decanate and duad has its "sub-ruler" which imparts an additional subtle tone.

My Sun falls within the first decanate of Aquarius (the Aquarius-Aquarius decanate), and the third duad of Aquarius (the Aquarius-Aries duad). Supposedly this indicates the true revolutionary, impatient for action and social change. Yep!

Cheney's Sun is just into the second decanate of Aquarius, the Aquarius-Gemini decanate and in the fifth duad of Aquarius - the Aquarius-Gemini duad -so it's a more communicative version of Aquarius. ( Thinks....the fourth duad, Aquarius-Taurus would fit him better - more fixed and in keeping with his chart - and his Sun is just barely into 2nd decanate and fifth duad).

Cheney's chart has a Grand Trine in Earth (Venus/Uranus/Neptune) There's a similar configuration, in mine, but it involves Mercury, Uranus and Neptune. In my case Mercury is hooked up harmoniously to Uranus by element, in his case Mercury argues with Uranus, Sun's ruler. This may be the key, together with the fact that Cheney has 3 planets in stubborn and somewhat old fashioned Taurus (Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus) adding to the fixed nature of his Sun.

He has 6 planets in fixed signs, 1 cardinal, 3 mutable.
I have 3 cardinal, 4 fixed, 3 mutable - an easier balance.

The differences I've found are not enormous, but they are significant.

After I'd gathered my own ideas I looked for an astrologer's thoughts about Dick Cheney and found them at star IQ - see Pat Lantz's assessment about the VP, from 2000.


Jacqueline Bigar said...

What a fun blog! Rest assured, your humor already surpoasses Cheney. Though I see you are a fond believer in astrology, do not underestimate the influence of ethics, values and upbringing.

That can seperate two people born at the same time and place but with different parents. I do not belive (big grin) that he has anything British in him for starters....

Twilight said...

Hi Jacqueline

Many thanks for your kind comment.
LOL! Mr Cheney would probably be as horrified as I was to think there'd be any likeness between him and me.

Yes, you're quite right - parents and background can make a world of difference. In my own case it wasn't my parents who influenced my political leanings though - it was a couple of other people, both very dear to me who truly opened my eyes.