Monday, September 17, 2007

An Aquarian's Take on The Trendy Trap

Following a link from a current article in Huffington Post's "Living Now" section, I discovered a piece written by Lesley M. M. Blume last August. Ms Blume had written opining that trendiness and style, though related are not the same thing, and that trendiness is the "insidious enemy of individuality". I assume from her article that Ms Blume considers all who display indviduality also attain style. A dubious premise, I'd have thought. Anyway, she goes on to list 15 suggestions to help ensure that we do not fall into the trendy trap, but instead become stylish individuals. She adds: "And I mean trendiness (in) all aspects of our lives: in our dressing, our thinking, our topics of conversation. All of these things conspire to drown us in a sea of same-iness."

I'm not too sure whether the article was meant to be ironic, tongue-in-cheek, serious, or a mixure of all three, but as a Sun Aquarian I had to burst into peels of laughter on reading it - not a bad thing in itself.

For Sun Aquarians individualism comes as our stock-in-trade. Different? You bet! Stylish? Highly doubtful. Stylishness belongs to the bourgoisie, not the avant garde.

Cast your eye down the list of Ms Blume's suggestions on how NOT to be trendy but how to be individualistic and stylish. My comments are added in blue. I apologise to any passing readers with Leo dominant in their natal charts - you'll enjoy Ms Blume's full article (as linked) much better than mine, avert your eyes return to the top if the blog, and follow the link.

1. Find an amazing tailor and have him/her construct you a custom-made wardrobe. Amazing tailor - are you kidding - in deepest Oklahoma? Trailers (and tractors) they can do, tailors - not a chance.

2. Have an interesting, beautiful calling card made. Calling cards? Are you living in the 19th century or what?

3. Develop an interesting, lively vocabulary. OK - how about stellium, quincunx, decanates, duads, midpoints...oh, and sesquiquadrate? Betcha can't say that after 3 martinis.

4. Don't talk excessively about yourself at parties and such. Parties ? Such?

5. Give unusual gifts. Patent tractor cleaning gadgets and good chewing tobacco?

6. Concern yourself with the art of conversation. You say conversation.... I say conservation...let's call the whole thing off!

7. Concern yourself with the art of listening. Huh?

8. Wear a daring hat. Like this one that HWK is wearing? Not daring enough? Try coming near me with a dead animal on yer head, sweetie !

9. Vow not to hold a clichéd event, ever. I am particularly referring to bridal showers and bachelorette parties. I vow, I vow - but how about funerals - what's the stylish version?

10. Make eye contact. Poke 'em in the eye?

11. Once in a while, sit alone in a restaurant. HeWhoKnows won't let me, in case I attract the flies.

12. Jolt your wardrobe with an amazing period piece. A period piece like HeWhoKnows?

13. Read National Geographic Magazine I know that this sounds a tad far-fetched, but you'll be instantly fascinating afterwards. This goes along with being an artful conversationalist. You will become an expert in narwhal activities and barracuda habits, and this new expertise will most certainly set you apart.
Plus, it's so divinely Wes-Anderson-ish.
We knew that!

14. Be unjaded. OK - green doesn't suit me anyway.

15. Don't be afraid to make a bold statement. This is a cartload of pretentious you-know-what. Bold enough?


Michelle said...

I was giggling by the time I hit the trendy hat and chuckling LOUDLY the rest of the way through your list.

Ridiculous, hilarious!

I especially liked #3

My personal favourite on lively (astrological) conversation is discussing Uranus. There's no way I have ever managed to tell anyone "Uranus is in.. " without wanting to giggle like a silly school kid. :-D

Twilight said...

LOL! Me too Michelle - although I don't often get that far into an astrological conversation in these parts! :-)