Monday, March 04, 2019

Music Monday ~ Loosening Up!

It's good to see police officers "letting their hair down"- when they have any that is!

Here Are The 10 Best Police Officer Lip Sync Videos

Cops across America are challenging each other to sing and dance to pop songs.........

My own two favourites:

"Shake It Off"

"I Should've Been a Cowboy"


Wisewebwoman said...

Why am I not a fan of lip synch? I find it cheaty maybe, it's so easy to mouth silently and maybe I've been at too many concerts out here where it's done so badly and also dear gawd seen so many YouTubes on FB of people thinking they're hysterical while mouthing badly. Having said that I have performed karaoke which is different as you have to use your own voice.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ In general I agree it is cheating - but in this case it's more about the people doing it, and how they're doing it, than what they're doing. I watched the first of these two videos, originally, with no sound and found it fun - if anything more fun than with the sound on!

I suppose it was dreamed up as a way of putting police officers in a more kindly light than is sometimes the case - especially in the USA.