Friday, April 20, 2018

Arty Farty Friday ~ A.A. Milne, E.H. Shepard, Christopher R. & Winnie the P.

Watching a DVD of the 2017 biographical drama film "Goodbye Christopher Robin" this week reminded me that here was another of those magical collaborations we encounter from time to time, partnerships which bring forth something that becomes almost legendary. I've mentioned a few such partnerships in past the top of my head: Billie Holiday and Lester Young, Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington. Author A.A. Milne and artist E. H. Shepard make up another such pair. In this case though, sadly, it is said that neither man was too happy about the success of their collaboration, because it overshadowed their other work. Milne's famous son Christopher Robin was also unhappy about his involvement. That does seem a tad ...erm... ungrateful all round, doesn't it? Perhaps, from their point of view, their lives were taken over in ways they had neither planned nor foreseen - they were all taken in directions they would rather not have pursued. Still, millions of children and adults have reason to be grateful for what emerged.

This set of first editions is priced $16,500

The film, by the way is well worth a look.

My 2009 archived post on A.A. Milne is HERE. I'm curious to see A.A. Milne's natal chart against that of E.H. Shepard. Both charts are set for 12 noon as birth times are unknown. Click on chart image for larger version.

A.A. Milne born in London, England on 18 January 1882.

Milne's is a very Earthy natal chart: Sun, Moon and Venus in Capricorn. Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto in Taurus. Uranus in Virgo. Air enough to crank up his writing skills came from Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. A Grand Trine in Earth links Uranus to Neptune & Jupiter to Venus, perhaps to Moon also. Moon's position isn't exact as shown, due to lack of a birth time.

Shepard's chart isn't as Earthy, his Sun and Mercury are in Fiery Sagittarius, but there's still emphasis on Taurus from Neptune and Pluto, with Mars there too. Uranus is in Virgo in both charts, so the pair shared an Earthy generational tone, along with millions of others.

Both men had served in World War I, they suffered from memories of the horrors they had experienced. I'm tempted to connect their ease of collaboration to Chiron (the mythological Wounded Healer) in Taurus, sign ruled by Venus, planet of the arts. Chiron is conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in Milne's chart; conjunct Neptune and Mars in Shepard's. Their writing and drawing collaboration could well have afforded a means of healing their mental wounds.

E.H. Shepard born in London, England on 10 December 1879.


Wisewebwoman said...

I see your pet spammer got there first, lol.

I also thought of Gilbert & Sullivan, one of my favourite collaborating teams, their magic lingers on for those of us who are ardent fans.

I must watch out for the Christopher Robin film, I had heard of it.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Flippin' spammers! I delete a slew of 'em daily, that one found a way of creeping in.

Yes, Gilbert and Sullivan, another magical pair - I couldn't recall "doing" them but I checked and found that I had, in 2014.

It's an interesting film, not overly complimentary to all concerned but, I think, quite believable.

anyjazz said...

It was an interesting film. I am always uncomfortable with dramatized biographies like this one, wondering where the line is between fact and director's poetic license.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Yes, that's something to always bear in mind, especially when the director was not in a position to have personal knowledge of situations.

A Casual Reader said...

A.A.Milne's 'cottage' in Hartfield, E.Sussex, was for sale in the recent past. It was offered at 1.9 million and sold pretty quickly.

It was also owned by Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones), who drowned there in July 1969.

You can still see it here:

Twilight said...

A Casual Reader ~ Thank you for this - interesting! Wow! 1.9 million pounds - that'd be not far from 3 million US dollars, give or take a few hundred ya do!

Thanks for the link to the photo - yes, it was pictured more or less like that in the film, not sure about some of what are possibly more recent extensions, though.