Sunday, December 31, 2017

Shank of the Year

We're once more at what's been termed "the shank of the year". Predictions of what the future year might hold are plentiful, offered by political pundits, philosophers, psychics, astrologers, not to mention a few odd-bods scattering entrails of beast or bird across their back yards for inspiration. Your friendly neighbourhoold blogger has a tried and true prediction:

MY PREDICTION : 2018 (and years yet to come) will be filled with some good, some bad, and interludes of the mercifully indifferent.


Anonymous said...

Your prediction seems overly optimistic IMO but then again, if it's good 4 someone, it's probably bad 4 someone else, so maybe u r psychic.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Or maybe I'm just drawing on long experience of the way so many New Years have turned out. The proportion of good to bad changes; the best I always hope for: some extra long interludes of that peaceful, merciful indifference.

I hope your 2018 turns out to be better than expected, anyway. :-)