Thursday, December 07, 2017

Pre-seasonal Lethargy

This is the part of December when I have to give myself a swift kick up the backside to summon enthusiasm enough to: go find the Christmas trimmings, find the address list for Christmas cards, find the Christmas cards I bought months ago and now can't remember where I put them (theory was to save last minute hassle!)

So far, amazingly, I have managed to find, write and address the handful of specially chosen cards due to fly over the ocean. Others, for more local recipients remain pristine in their box secreted somewhere "easy to remember". Our big Christmas wreath is out front - that was easy, but nothing else so far, because there are too many leaves on the strip of front garden, waiting to be cleared. Ahem!

We've never done the "Christmas lights" thing beloved of so many in the USA. This summer we did invest in some cheap solar lights to stick in the ground around said strip of garden, all year round. They work well, for a few hours anyway, not as well now as in the summertime though, far too many hours of darkness in December.

Update: I now know where the boxes of Christmas trimmings are stashed in the garage. Next step - open them up and try to remember what goes where. Later this week, perhaps.

A couple of cartoons with a pre-seasonal flavour to fill out this lean post - click to enlarge (cartoons not the post - and not you, I hope.)


Wisewebwoman said...

I let others go over the top. Here in the community room an army came in to put up this huge Xmas tree. Given my druthers I celebrate Solstice. The coming of the light, the true saviour. Lol.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ OoooH! I bet it'll be a gorgeous tree too! Lots to celebrate in December, or if not exactly in celebratory mood, to at least mark mentally or minimally.
Saturnalia is an option too, for those whose inhibitions are easily lost. ;-)