Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Whys? Persist

I read, a couple of days ago, that the search for lost airliner MH370 is, possibly, to be resumed in the near future.
"Malaysia is negotiating a "no find-no fee" deal with a US company to renew the search for downed flight MH370. The government announced in a statement that it was in talks with Texas-based salvage firm Ocean Infinity.
If the deal goes ahead, Ocean Infinity will foot the bill and recoup costs only if it finds the missing plane........."
Wonderings on the mystery of this plane, lost in March of 2014 with 239 souls on board, frequently float around my mind. Media have all but forgotten about the tragedy in these times, when there are many more click-worthy gossip pieces available, highlighting President Trump's regular mis-deeds and mis-speaks.

A more recent mystery, about which media has rapidly gone quiet, but questions remain: what was the likely motive behind recent brutal murders in Las Vegas, by Stephen Paddock, of 58 concert-goers, and injuries to hundreds more? I've been wondering, in kindlier moments if perhaps, media have been asked, or warned, to "go quiet" while authorities conduct inquiries and research in a calmer atmosphere. Or, in more cynical moments, I wonder: is this just another disgusting "shove it under the carpet" deal with the NRA?


R J Adams said...

The MH370 mystery is an unusual one. As I think we can now assume that it wasn't hijacked by ISIS and used to drop a nuclear bomb on New York (!) the question is not so much, "where is it," as, why? The only plausible explanation is that the pilot was a jihadist, but given the guy's background even that seems somewhat implausible. I suppose that's what makes it a mystery.
As for the Las Vegas shooter, will we ever know what motivated him? No brain tumour or other physical disability, according to the autopsy.
Why, Twilight, "warnings to go quiet," "shove it under the carpet," are those hints you maybe becoming a conspiracy theorist? ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ The "Why?" of MH370 is likely to remain a "Why?" for ever, I guess. Even if a new search finds wreckage on the Indian Ocean floor, it'll be probably too late for there to be hope of identifying any engine or mechanical fault that might have caused the plane to crash. If the pilot (or co-pilot) had malicious intent, for whatever reason, that couldn't be proved, unless some clue in a voice recording has survived. Finding the plane wreckage, finding the exact position, might offer a clue that has so far been missed. Past extensive searches had obviously been looking in all the wrong places. In this day and age, it ought not to be beyond man's capability to locate a huge lost plane. If it is, then he shouldn't be tampering with a lot of other stuff he's tampering with!

The Las Vegas shooter "Why?" ought to be answerable. Someone else, somewhere, must have a clue as to his motivation, state of mind, etc.

Conspiracy theorist? Moi? No - just another cynical blogger.