Thursday, September 14, 2017

"Each man is 3 men" - Triple Trump

In September of 2011 I wrote a post titled "Each Man is 3 Men" - President Obama's 3 Men. For my next trick I'm going to try to apply the same treatment to our current President (hilarity could ensue!)

Opening, as before ["man" here ought to be read as "human"]: "As Fontaine says somewhere, 'Each man is three men: What he thinks he is, what others think he is and what he really is.'" Those lines are spoken by Christopher Leiningen (Charlton Heston) in the movie Naked Jungle. He purports to quote from Jean de la Fontaine, but I've been unable to pinpoint exactly where Jean de la Fontaine, a famous 17th century French poet who specialised in writing fables, actually wrote that sentence. A much later individual, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808-1890), French critic journalist and novelist is quoted as follows:
Every man has three characters - that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has.
Whether Karr was inspired by Fontaine, parodied something he found within a Fontaine fable, or whether Fontaine has been wrongly credited remains a mystery (to me).

Anyway, here goes with a Triple Trump. Bear in mind, please, that I'm not stating my own opinion of "what others think, what he thinks, what actually is" - or what I glean from reading around the internet - but only what astrology has to say on the matter. If what astrology sees fits, then that's a feather in astrology's cap.

What others think he is:
I try to keep this blog fairly free of profanity and bad feeling...what others really think President Donald Trump is depends heavily on their political leanings; I'm going for a neutral astro-view. Astrologically, the "lens" through which a person is seen/and sees the world is represented by the sign and degree appearing over the horizon at time of birth. If Astrodatabank has the accurate time of birth for Donald Trump, 29.58 Leo was on the ascendant. As mentioned in my President Obama piece (he has Sun in Leo) Leo represents a person of well-developed ego, sometimes tending towards narcissism or egocentricity. Leo can also trend towards childishness, arrogance, overbearing, even, sometimes, cruel behaviour. There's an expectation and need to "be the best" at whatever's attempted, with a need for validation, and a strong urge to lead or be prominent in some sphere. There's often kindliness, warmth and general brightness in the Leo personality, and Leo's link to children/family (via the 5th house connection) can mean that his children represent, to him, an extension of himself.

What he actually is
The core of the man is represented by the sign in which Sun was found at time of birth. President Trump's natal Sun was in Gemini. Gemini is the great communicator of the zodiac, but also the archetypal Trickster. Trump's Twittering instinct - his innate urge to communicate, is part of his astrological DNA - that's just who he is and always will be. Whether he has the background and character sufficient to link his need to communicate with communicating reasonably, diplomatically and relevantly is another matter - but communicate he will! The Trickster, shadow of Geminian nature, can emerge in lying, white lies and lies of a different hue; or in ignoring normal rules and conventional behaviour. All of that, in Donald Trump, is doubly underlined, because it is blended with Uranian eccentricity, as Trump's Sun is conjunct Uranus.

What HE thinks he is
If Astrodatabank's time of birth for Donald Trump is accurate, his natal Moon (his inner self) was in Sagittarius at 21 degrees...LOL! It's conjunct my natal Venus, which could account for the fact that I cannot bring myself to hate him in the way most people on the internet hate him. He should NOT be president of the USA though - on that I do agree! Anyway, what he thinks he is: how do I determine that using astrology? Is it related to position of natal Moon? When I posted in this vein on President Obama, my old friend and commenter Gian Paul wrote:

GP: (Gian Paul)I wonder if it is the Moon placement in a person's map which "fixes" what that person him/herself believes to be. Accepting the notion that the Moon represents one's "inner self" - be that because of representing sensibility, versatility or instability or all of that, I have come to another idea of accommodating astrologically La Fontaines' No. 3 part of a person: People have mostly received an education teaching them to present their best qualities to the outside. A form of lying but highly priced these days. That being the case, we build and project an "imaginary virtous persona" based on our skills of hiding what are our week spots, defects and handicaps. This projected persona is exactly what a person is not really (Sun determining that), but wishes to show and ends up believing to be himself.
To which I responded:
I did puzzle over a similar issue myself, GP - not in exactly the same way as you are doing. I wasn't totally convinced that Moon position is the key to "who a person thinks he/she is"....but perhaps what that person thinks he/she ought to be. Which is not far from what you are proposing. It's a tricky one, isn't it? Mercury might be heavily involved in this too = the way his mind works.... I like your version...I think mine could bear a little more thought, still, though.
Trump's natal Moon in expansive fire sign Sagittarius is harmonious with his ascendant in Leo - he knows for sure, and in no uncertain terms, that he's leadership material. However, if Mercury does have any say in who he thinks he is, and because natal Mercury is in Cancer (along with Venus and Saturn) there's a snag! A big one! The biggest! Cancer is the ultra-sensitive, needy and self-protective sign of the zodiac. While feeling confident in his own leadership abilities he is always unduly sensitive to criticism, and will protect himself (and his family - Cancer also relates to the family circle) in any way he can. Whether Trump acknowledges this side of his nature to himself is questionable. The Cancerian side of his nature really fits into all three of these "Who he is" sections. In other words, the three natal planets in Cancer, in President Trump's natal chart, are the enormous buzzy fly in the Trump ointment - in my opinion.

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