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Arty Farty Friday ~ Christopher Isherwood & Don Bachardy

 Isherwood & Bachardy in front of David Hockney's portrait of them
Artist Don Bachardy met British ex-pat author Christopher Isherwood on a Santa Monica beach in 1952. Bachardy was 18; Isherwood was 49. Given their age difference and Hollywood's then-repressive attitude toward homosexuality, their relationship came as a shock to many. Few expected their romance to last for years, let alone decades. (See NPR website HERE)

The relationship lasted, in fact, for 30 years, until Isherwood's death in 1986. Don Bachardy still lives in the house they shared in Adelaide Drive, Los Angeles.
Christopher Isherwood is best remembered for The Berlin Stories (1935-39), two semi-autobiographical novellas inspired by Isherwood's time in Weimar Republic Germany. These enhanced his postwar reputation when they were adapted first into the play I Am a Camera (1951), then the 1955 film of the same name, I Am a Camera (film); much later (1966) into the bravura stage musical Cabaret (musical) which was acclaimed on Broadway, its unsparing stance being substantially sweetened for the film Cabaret (1972). His novel A Single Man was published in 1964. (Wikipedia)
Don Bachardy became a popular portrait painter among "celebrities" of California's film and entertainment world; Joan Rivers, Fred Astaire, Tennessee Williams, Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Jacqueline Bisset and Nancy Reagan have numbered among his subjects. His artistic talent was, for sure, encouraged and mentored by Christopher Isherwood. (See HERE)

There are many interesting articles online about the pair's lives and relationship.

Christopher Isherwood was born on 26 August 1904, at 11.45 PM, in Disley, Cheshire, England.
Don Bachardy was born on 18 May, 1934, at 4.11 AM, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Natal charts are available HERE and HERE at Astrodatabank.

Astrologically the pair were "fated" to be, at the very least, friends; their Earthy Suns (Virgo for Isherwood and Taurus for Bachardy), combined with Watery Moons (Pisces for Isherwood (+ Cancer rising), and Cancer Moon for Bachardy would have ensured they'd gravitate towards each other if moving in the same social circles. I'd guess, though, that Bachardy's steadfast Taurean Sun and ascendant were a major factor in maintaining longevity in this loving relationship.

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