Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday and Sundry Visuals - Then & Now

He ventured to wonder if they ever thought back to when things were just old-fangled or not fangled at all as against the modern day when fangled had reached its apogee. Fangling was indeed, he thought, here to stay.

That was what technology was doing. It was your slave but, in a sense, it might be the other way round.

(Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett)


From Twitter:

Feudal Internet

From College (Caldwell Tanner & Julia Lepetit & Jacob Andrews) :

Nightmares...then and now

From Thinks Happen (one of husband's blogs)link in sidebar:

No pics, but a link to these revelations:
Lots of photographic comparisons of "cebebrities" we know and...well, something....

Most surprising were then and now comparisons of Ryan Seacrest and of Russell Brand. Have to say that Tom Cruise having his teeth done was one excellent decision! How about Simon Cowell's great hair! Some of the best looking guys, initially, have managed to age gracefully: Robert Wagner, Morgan Freeman, Burt Reynolds, Colin Firth. Women - at least those pictured here - not so much.

Closer to home - here's your friendly neighbourhood blogger, first in the early 1990s, before living in the USA was even part of a wildest nightmare; then in a London hotel, the summer of 2004, just after she'd received her first visa to come live in these "United" States; then just after receiving US citizenship in the summer of 2008; and last, a pic taken earlier this year. Well...I survived, the hair dye didn't!


Anonymous said...

World Elephant Day today. Orwell's Shooting an Elephant is piquant and timely.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ I needed to scale my learning curve to understand your comment, as I wasn't aware of Orwell's essay. Thanks for the nudge to learn - and yes, it appears there's timeless symbolism to be found in Orwells' essay.

Explanation here, for anyone else feeling puzzled:

Wisewebwoman said...

Gosh you're awfully Joan Baez-ish in the last picture!

And you missed Brexit. Good move!


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ LOL - must be due to the hair colour! It wasn't from choice, my scalp developed an allergy to hair dye. Still, it does save a lot of hassle.

Missed Brexit but got myself into another fine mess - Trump's kingdom! :-/