Saturday, July 01, 2017

Saturday & Sundries

Meditation - If you've ever tried to meditate and given it up as a bad job because your brain will simply not shut up and...well... meditate, Headspace's 10-day free trial might help. I tried it a few weeks ago, during the time my blood-pressure became unruly after a change of meds. I found the trial period helpful, though haven't felt the need, as yet, to carry on into the "paid-for" sessions, my BP having been reined in, natural calmness, for the most part, is restored.

As an alternative to meditation proper, I've often found that 10 minutes just watching Bear Cam, live video from Alaska, can be beneficial, especially when the temperature is nearing 100 degrees outside, and humid with it. The videos resumed for a new season in the past few days. Bears should now be awake after their annual hibernation. There isn't a lot of beary action going on so far, but I still visit two or three times a day - just because I enjoy the sights and sounds.

I occasionally suffer the unpleasant feeling of having been left behind, like the kid (superannuated kid it has to be said!) who didn't quite get with the group following a Pied Piper - into smartphone-land. Should I, at last, get with the trend and treat myself to a smartphone? I've usually been quite late in catching up with any 21st century gimmick du jour. I didn't own a home computer until 2001, didn't start a blog until 2006, have not yet migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and haven't used a mobile phone since leaving England in 2004. Back then I owned one of those early clunky jobs with a wire antenna to pull out. Husband currently has an out-of-date cellphone with a slider keyboard for texting, and uses it hardly at all unless we're away from home. At home we have an olde worlde land-line.

My left-behind feelings, smartphone-wise, eventually led me to investigate Blackberry's newest offering, the Key-One. Not sure why I chose to investigate Blackberry from the many smartphone choices available, except that I remembered that Hillary Clinton, a legendary doofus when it comes to technology, used to swear by her Blackberry. If she could do it, then I'll certainly be able to wrangle one into submission! In a wild moment of abandon I clicked "confirm" and found I'd ordered a Blackberry Key-One. 24 hours later, after much mental argument, I attempted to cancel the order, as the phone had not yet been marked as shipped. Cancellation should've been a possibility. "No-can-do", said the customer service person - "it has now shipped." Ah well - it'll offer yet another learning curve for me to scramble up! Phone arrived on Thursday.

The new learning curve I've set for myself could prove to be awkward at times, and steep in places. Android is the land in which I shall stumble, trying to learn its language. You never know, my efforts might even provide fodder for the odd blog post or two...or if frustration ensues, there's always meditation and bear-watching.

Finally: this is fun, for anyone interested in the vagaries of UK politics, Brexit, Theresa May, and for old Python fans:


Kaleymorris said...

I will be glad to help you with your new toy. Just send me a text! :-)

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris ~ Thank you - that's kind. I'm not going to sign up for a phone plan and sim card at present - no real need for one as we're at home 90% of the time, with phones here. The phone you kindly provided for Himself has proved more than enough for us when on our travels - phone-wise anyway. Wi-fi is always available at home, we could get wi-fi in the car, permanently, for much less than the cost of a phone plan - we're considering doing that for the time being. So, for now, the Blackberry's many other uses will come first- a mini-computer, music device, audio-books on tap, and a camera always available in the handbag.

I'll try, gradually and slowly, to find my own way around the BB for a while, using the manual online and videos - I'll be more likely to remember things better that way, but if I hit a brick wall and neither I nor Himself can get around it, we'll certainly be giving you a shout for help. :-)

Kaleymorris said...

You are correct. Nearly everything I know well, I learned by discovering myself. Good luck!

R J Adams said...

I had to titter. Really, my "cellphone" dates back to the 1990's. There's absolutely nothing "SMART" about it. It will receive text messages, that's it's limit. Well, apart from making and receiving phone calls - for a price! My wife wanted a Smart phone. We got her one back in the winter. The other day I needed to make a call. I discovered my cellphone was dead so asked to borrow hers. "How do I make a call?" I asked. "Hmm, I don't know, I've never used it to make a call," was the response. It took me twenty minutes to work out the procedure and make my call. A carrier pigeon would have done the job in half the time.

Oh, and I have three computers. They all run Windows 7! I tried Win 10, but after a week of that vile operating system I needed Bear Cam to get my BP down. I reverted to Windows 7.

Good luck with the Blackberry. If it doesn't work out you can always bake a pie!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ LOL! I can easily relate to Mrs RJ! The only phone calls I make these days are to doctor's office, or dentist's office re appointments, or occasionally to our internet provider if I can't get into e-mail for some reason - ye olde land line suffices. The other good stuff available via smartphone was the temptation for me - for instance, blue-toothing music or audio books for use while on the road. We can never find a decent radio station for 10 minutes at a time in the car, and I often forget to load some CDs before we set off. A camera always quickly available is good. There's a flashlight too - lol not sure what I'll do with that, but ya never know these days! It's a bit like having a Swiss Army knife for the 21st century in the pocket or bag!

I'm with you on Win7 - we both still use it on the desk-tops and a laptop, we have a newer laptop with Win10 and are not impressed, but at least have had a taste of it if ever Microsoft shut shop unexpectedly on Win 7 instead of waiting until 2020.

Getting on the smartphone wavelength will take a while, but baby steps will get there - with Blackberry stains all over my fingers and face no doubt!