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Profiling Psychic Phenomena

Continuing this week's theme, as mentioned in Monday's post: I'd not looked at my own "profile" on this blog for years. In 2006, when I opened Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, I listed my interests as: "astrology, psychic phenomena, music, politics, art, writing". This week, just for a change from random scribbling, I'm re-airing, at a rate of one topic per day, a past post - one that I feel remains relevant.

Today's topic: psychic phenomena, in particular, telepathy. A post from 2012.

Telepathy ~ Mary Craig Sinclair ~ Mental Radio

On our recent trip, in a junky antique store, I found a copy of one of the volumes from an old Time Life set: Mysteries of the Unknown - the volume on Psychic Powers. I couldn't resist it, marked up at a couple of dollars.

In chapter one, Beyond the Five Senses there's a section on Mary Craig Sinclair, second wife of novelist, muckraker and socialist Upton Sinclair.

Mary Craig believed she had telepathic powers, and was of the opinion that such powers could also be cultivated by others. She recommended a method of training involving intense concentration allied with relaxation. Upton Sinclair's book Mental Radio documents experiments in telepathy he carried out with his wife and presents illustrations of a few of the many sketches she had attempted to telepathically read from his mind. The Time Life volume I have contains 5 examples of those illustrations. Upton Sinclair's original sketches along with his wife's telepathically received versions are shown. The couple claimed, over time, a success rate far beyond what might have been expected by chance.

I do not wish to infringe copyright. A note at the end of the volume states that "brief passages may be quoted for reviews". I will hope that using a scan of two of the 5 sets of sketches can be classed as a quotation for review, explanation, discussion under the Fair Use guidelines.

It'd be interesting to look at Mary Craig Sinclair's natal chart. She was born on 12 February 1882 in Greenwood, Mississippi. No time of birth is available so a 12 noon chart must suffice. Rising sign will not be as shown, nor will degree of Moon, though Moon would have been in Sagittarius.

Sun and Venus in Aquarius, sign of mental acuity, with communications planet Mercury next-door in intuitive Pisces. As I wrote in a post about Sun Aquarius astrologers recently, when Aquarius planets are "assisted" by planet(s) in a Water sign, the mental acuity might take a turn towards astrology; equally, I guess, to other mysterious subjects such as telepathy.

Mary Craig's Mercury is in helpful sextile aspect to down-to-Earth Saturn, and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) in Earthy Taurus. Uranus in Virgo makes an harmonious trine aspect to Jupiter in Taurus. There's quite a strong Earthy feel to the chart, which could indicate that her mental acuity and intuition from Pisces Mercury is being "Earthed" - rather than remaining uninvestigated, unaddressed. Observers can consider, and possibly attempt to emulate Mary Craig's telepathic ability. She was keen to share information on how this might be done - again trying to "bring it down to Earth".

Upton Sinclair's chart, by the way, can be viewed at Astrodatabank HERE. He had a concentration of planets (Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars/Uranus) in Virgo the sign ruled by Mercury the communications planet. His North node of Moon is in Aquarius.

Comments from Feb. 2012
JD said...Ah, but science has come a long way since then: [updated link].

Twilight - JD ~~~ Good video trailer! Some scientific minds have opened wider since the Sinclairs' experiments, that's true enough. I like the way one of the contributors used the term "supernormal" - it's a much better description than "supernatural".

Anonymous (Gian Paul) said...Super or extra-normal perceptions exist, experience them sometimes myself. Their significance or use? Subjectively (that's most I can say) such occurrences are a wink that other dimensions are, inducing from when and how they happen to me, more or less permanently "at work". Who is not permanently aware of it are we. And that appears meant to be.

Twilight said...Gian Paul ~~I think the significance of these supernormal experiences is that they are an accidental, or involuntary, & hint that "there's more". I suppose that we, as a race, are not yet ready to discover exactly what, and how extensive, the "more" is. We need to grow up, grow wiser, and use what we already know more usefully first.

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