Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Profiling Astrology

As mentioned in Monday's post, I'd not looked at my own "profile" on this blog for years. In 2006, when I opened Learning Curve on the Ecliptic, I listed my interests as: "astrology, psychic phenomena, music, politics, art, writing". This week, just for a change from random scribbling, I'm re-airing, at a rate of one topic per day, a past post - one that I feel remains relevant.

Today's topic: astrology, it's an important one, it was the sole reason for this blog's creation, though in time my other interests have overtaken constant planetary ponderings. Today, I'm back-tracking all the way to August 2006 and my first post on astrology:
"Astrology - How?"

I don't know how astrology works. Nobody does. Most astrologers find some way of explaining it. Some are unacceptable, even to me. This is how I see it:

The Universe is full of energies, forces, elements of which we know very little, if anything. More and more is being discovered with every month that passes.I believe there are "energies" for want of a better word, or perhaps a better description would be "a kind of atmospheric soup", to which our human bodies react, starting with our first breath after birth into this world as a separate entity from our mothers. With that first breath we are "imprinted" (again for want of a better word) with a pattern or blueprint based on the mix of energies at that very minute, in that particular place. This imprint blends with the genetically inherited flesh and blood from which we are formed. From centuries of observation, it would appear that these "energies" are somehow connected with the planets in our solar system, and their movements around the ecliptic.

As we grow, the planets and their movements continue to have some relevance, because our imprinted circuitry is sensitive, especially as the planets move over certain areas. From my own experience, this occurs on a much lesser scale than that which popular astrologers would have us believe. The outer, slow moving planets can affect our lives to varying degrees at a few specific points in any life span...not every day, every week, or even every year. Most of the time we are free-wheeling, using our inborn blueprint, living our lives using free will, making our own mistakes, enjoying our own triumphs. Just a few times in a life the Universe steps in and a particular configuration of planets - triggers our own imprint and re-directs matters. Even then, though, it remains in our hands as to how we react to this re-direction. These especially sensitive configurations can occur cyclically.

Astrology has a long, long history, reaching back in time further even than we know. The knowledge passed down through centuries might well have become mangled, mis-translated, and politically censored from time to time - rather like the Bible. Astrologers today still use many of the terms and methods of the ancient astrologers. This very fact is off-putting to many. In ancient times people understood the un-knowable in the best way they could. They used fables, deities, archetypes, and strange symbolic glyphs to describe ideas which could not otherwise be explained. I believe that the core of astrological knowledge comes from way beyond anything we can now trace. Perhaps from another dimension, or a past civilisation which, as yet, we know nothing about?

The notion that planets, and various accurately measured points in space can affect our lives may seem unbelievable, yet there ARE patterns. Just as the planets move in regular definable cycles, there are rhythms and patterns in all our lives. There are patterns of personality which can be seen to emerge based on positions of the planets and the angles they make with one another at the time of birth There are patterns in the stages of our lives. There is a rhythm which can be traced back to the dance of our planets.

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