Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Real Enemy

Elites of both Republican and Democratic parties; the majority of men and women currently in Congress; Supreme Court Justices and all running the Executive branch are millionaires, multi-millionaires, and some are even billionaires. These people know nothing of, and care less for the needs of ordinary citizens. Why would they? They can continue being re-elected time after time, relying on huge campaign donations from eager Big Money donors. These negate the need for reliance on ordinary people's meagre offerings. Ordinary people are nuisance value, do not matter to them, probably never have - beyond their value in filling the military, that is.

Left versus Right, Right versus Left - wrong games, distractions only. Top versus Bottom is the only game worth playing now. Ordinary folk from both right and left should bury their hatchets, band together and strongly oppose everything obstructive to their needs. Their right/left differences, important as they may be in normal circumstances, must be set aside for a while, until some headway has been made. If this isn't realised nothing will improve - ever.

My take-away catchphrase from one of the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire: a line spoken by Haymitch: "Always remember who the real enemy is."
It's essential for all of us in the 21st century to take heed.

On not the same, but a similar wavelength is a piece by Frank Scott at Counterpunch:
Only Thing Dumber Than Trump? The Reaction to Trump. (My highlight.)

In the American political economy that spends more than 600 billion on war, more than 60 billion on pets, reduces millions to poverty and hundreds of thousands to being homeless, to mention only a handful of the staggering contradictions that were and are our reality whichever clown prince sits at the surreality seat in DC, we need to become conscious, active and truly resistant to it and not simply individual or group personalities. Millions have been murdered in the Middle East by that system and now its unconscious supporters are maneuvered into standing up for the rights of immigrants we have forced out of their countries by our murderous practices. It would be like a Polish Jew trying to escape the Nazi onslaught by trying to emigrate to Germany, with decent if terribly uninformed German citizens crying out, “We must help them!”........................

These and countless other contradictions cannot simply be reduced to heroes and villains and must be seen as the workings of a system that can only benefit a few at cost to very very many. Billions of humans on a global level, but millions just here in the USA. That is a much bigger problem for us to deal with than the identity, personality, skin tone, religion, or sexuality of one or another individual or member of a group. And all of us, once we deal with the political economics that rule our lives, will benefit, not just some of us. In other words, stop worrying only about Trump and start worrying – big time – about capitalism.


anyjazz said...

Yes. Top vs Bottom. When we're all working for the "company store" will we need money?

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Probably not - just thick skins and broad backs. At least, though, if St Peter calls us we won't be able to go, 'cos we'll owe our souls to....yep the company store. ;-/