Saturday, November 05, 2016

Tarot Trio (looking for a hint on the election's outcome.)

We're within spittin' distance of voting day now. I got nuttin' new. Thought maybe I'd try a Tarot trio, asking a simple question of my deck: "Who will be our next president?"
Tarot doesn't always work for me, but occasionally it has worked - and spookily so.

These are the three cards I drew, in this order, after asking my question, also added are a selection of interpretations from a good website, Learn Tarot. So...

Who will be our next president?
Response:7 Swords/Strength/7 Rods or Wands

7 Swords can mean things like

running away/shirking responsibility/sneaking off/ leaving
avoiding obligations/being afraid to face the music
taking the easy way out/hiding from the truth/ procrastinating
being a lone wolf/feeling you don't need anyone else/wanting independence
keeping something to yourself/staying aloof
choosing hidden dishonor/deceiving or being deceived/ covering your tracks/maneuvering behind the scenes/ being two-faced/seeing others take the rap/controlling without appearing to/avoiding a shameful secret/lying or stealing.

Hmm - does that describe Clinton or Trump? Fits either one! Next card:

STRENGTH (a Major Arcana card so most significant of all)
Can mean:

Showing strength/knowing you can endure/having a gallant spirit
feeling an unshakable resolve/taking heart despite setbacks
having stamina/ being a rock
being patient/dealing calmly with frustration/maintaining composure
refusing to get angry/showing forbearance
being compassionate/giving others lots of space/tolerating/
understanding what others are feeling/forgiving imperfection/
being kind
achieving soft control/persuading/working with/guiding indirectly/being able to influence/
tempering force with benevolence/demonstrating the strength of love.

I'm not clear that that card describes either Clinton or Trump! Clinton fans, those well dosed with the kool-aid, will see her there, I think.

Last card:
7 Wands/Rods

Being aggressive/going after what you want/taking the offensive/firing the first shot
fighting/making your point forcefully/seizing the advantage
being defiant/holding out against pressure/opposing all challengers/combating criticism/refusing to yield/resisting authority/showing conviction/ having a fixed position/
demonstrating strong character/standing up for what you believe/knowing you are right/acting resolutely.

Well, this could relate to Clinton or Trump, according to one's preference, I guess.

All in all the 3 cards do present the current scenario, which is something! No clear prediction of the winning candidate. For a clear hint of a Clinton win I'd have expected a female-ish hint (a Queen, the Empress etc.) Maybe that'd be asking too much of my recently little-used deck. I guess the winner will be the candidate who is able to transform attributes of the first card, via attributes of Strength, into attributes of the last card. A hint, perhaps, that all is still in play.


mike said...

Try again, but asking for a specific yes or no..."will Hillary Clinton be our next prez?"...or substitute The Don for The Hill.

I just asked the Crazy 8 Ball "Will Hillary Clinton be our next president?" and the response was "without a doubt"!

I then asked the same for Donald and the answer was "Most likely".

So, the response was stronger for Hillary, but left the door open for Donald...LOL. Maybe Hillary wins the election, but the Donald supporters create anarchy, naming him THEIR prez, leaving the nation split. The USA reconfigures into a scenario much like the Confederacy and the North of the Civil War. Great strife is created with a massive uprising and civil disobedience. Or perhaps this evolves into a situation like Jarry's "Ubu Roi" modernized.

Twilight said...

mike ~ After I'd asked my question I remembered once, long ago, being told on a forum that the best way to frame one's question is along the lines of "what do I need to know about......"

Alrighty then...for a yes/no response I've just pulled 1 card for each " our next prez?"

Clinton - 4 of rods/wands

Trump 10 of coins/pentacles

So: Seems like Clinton succeeds, but Trump will gain much, materially, from it?

I've thought from the very beginning that the Powers That Be would never allow Donald Trump to become President of the USA. I remember saying to husband and others, way back last year, "They'd have him shot before allowing him to win". That won't need to happen, there are less bloody ways to disallow something - as we saw from Bernie's experiences. :-(

mike (again) said...

Both tarot links go to the same page. I think this is the 10-of-wands link:

Reading either 10-of-wands-pentacles, I'd say that it's more encouraging for Trump. Peculiarly, both definitions define this very moment leading-up to the election for either. Maybe the universe hasn't decided yet which of the two punishments we deserve...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike (again) - Dang - butter fingers me! Sorry!

Cards drawn were 4 of Rods for Clinton, 10 of Pentacles for Trump.

4 rods/wands link should be

That is a very positive card!

10 wands wasn't involved at all.

mike (again) said...

Yes, indeed...Four of Wands changes everything! My mistake, too...not sure how I ended-up 10-Wands...LOL. Have our brains somehow been "coded"? Can I have some lollipops with my cheese? And hold the dominoes pasta.

LB said...

Interesting, Twilight. Strength might also mean strength misdirected, especially considering the surrounding cards. This describes our system of government no matter which of the two candidates wins.

I just asked what it is we need to understand about the outcome of the presidential election and what it will mean for the world . . . and drew the Queen of Pentacles, Reversed.:(

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ :-) Maybe just reading that "code" plants a virus....Pizza Hut visits will never feel the same again for me. :-O

Twilight said...

LB ~ Strength misdirected - maybe, in view of the first card, or as further "growth" from the first card. It'd be possible to think of this as our system in general, but as far as being an answer to the question I posed...and in view of the the following card...Maybe the person who has shown more growth throughout the campaign might be the answer to my question. That's still unclear, but if pushed I'd say Trump, at least during the last few days.

Oh....Queen Pentacles reversed... I don't use reversed cards - looked it up at Learn Tarot, who say

There are no separate explanations for reversed cards. The meaning of a reversed card depends on what the card would mean if upright. A reversed card shows that a card's energy is present, but at a lower level. For some reason, the energy cannot express freely, normally or completely. It may be:

still in its early stages
losing force and power
blocked or restricted
being denied
only present in appearance

Also website interpretation for upright card: = Queen Pentacles

Court cards often represent people connected to one's question, I think - in this case, Hillary Clinton most likely.

How did you, though, see the card interpreted in context of your question LB - because what YOU think is key here, not what I or any website thinks. :-)

LB said...

My intuition tells me the card contains a warning, about the misdirection (or misrepresentation) of feminine energy, which, in Pentacles, is (ideally) receptive and responsive to its environment and those under its care, without trying to bend anything or anyone to the material concerns of its own will.

It could also represent a woman who's mothering instincts and judgment have been misrepresented or impaired, or whose practical & *material* concerns and connection to earth have been corrupted, or else misdirected in some critical way. Someone who sits on a throne, and whose material and political aspirations stand in direct contradiction to the image being presented ~ that of an experienced, capable and protective leader.

Could be about HRC, but also about what it is we actually need but aren't likely to get. There's also more than one woman running this election.

LB said...

Twilight ~ Another interesting thing about the "Strength" card you drew. Both HRC and DT have Pluto-Mars in Leo (the lion). In HRC's chart, Pluto-Mars are conjunct (!) and square Venus & Mercury in Scorpio, *possibly* quincunx Moon (mother/public) in hard-to-see-clearly Pisces.

LB said...

Forgot to say I normally don't use reversed cards either. That is, I try to make certain all of the cards are upright in whatever deck I'm using. The card I picked just happened to be one I missed. When I went through the whole deck, I only found two other reversed cards. Seems meaningful.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thank you - and that is a really good and fitting assessment. Jill Stein, the other female candidate (the one we are highly unlikely to get, is also ,no doubt, the one we truly need.) The fact that reversed cards are not included in your usual method does make this particular reversed card especially significant!

Yes, I almost mentioned the lion/Leo thing, especially as Trump, we think, has Leo rising too. Seemed almost too spooky! :-<

LB said...

Another interpretation of Queen of Pentacles is that of "Mother Earth" or of an Earth Mother, one who is mindful and respectful of the delicate relationship to planet and life and of our need for safety, food, shelter and care.

Keep in mind, I asked what it is we need to understand about the outcome of this presidential race and what it will mean to our *world* (meaning everyone, everywhere).

Reversed, it doesn't bode well for anyone. No matter who wins.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Indeed! :-(

mike (again) said...

This is an old quote, but apropos for November 8th:

“More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” Woody Allen

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Swaps - for 2 Terry Pratchetts ;-)

“The Ephebians believed that every man should have the vote (provided that he wasn't poor, foreign, nor disqualified by reason of being mad, frivolous, or a woman). Every five years someone was elected to be Tyrant, provided he could prove that he was honest, intelligent, sensible, and trustworthy. Immediately after he was elected, of course, it was obvious to everyone that he was a criminal madman and totally out of touch with the view of the ordinary philosopher in the street looking for a towel. And then five years later they elected another one just like him, and really it was amazing how intelligent people kept on making the same mistakes.”
― Terry Pratchett, Small Gods.

“His philosophy was a mixture of three famous schools -- the Cynics, the Stoics and the Epicureans -- and summed up all three of them in his famous phrase, 'You can't trust any bugger further than you can throw him, and there's nothing you can do about it, so let's have a drink.”
― Terry Pratchett, Small Gods

Twilight said...

News just in...FBI director Comey has announced this afternoon that no evidence of criminality by Hillary Clinton has been found in the 650,000 e-mails on the laptop formerly belonging to Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner.

...that Hillary Clinton would not face charges over newly discovered emails found on a separate computer.

In a letter to Congress, Comey said he would not revisit his initial conclusion, announced in July, that Clinton acted carelessly, but not criminally, when she used a private email account as secretary of state.

Foundation matters are still to be addressed, of course, but that'll most likely be next year, after inauguration.

Twilight said...

Forgot link

mike (again) said...

Comey's astrological transits to his natal chart are suggestive of cooked goose. He's done and the FBI has lost credibility and will require an overhaul.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I guess...and same thing applies to much in the political sphere too!

Anonymous said...

These comments are priceless. A mirror image of the primrose path.

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ As it happens they are - literally - priceless - all for free, and free to be ridiculed by someone with too little confidence in their views to use a screen name.