Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Jefferson (Jeff) Sessions - A Donald Trump Pick for High Office.

Taking a look, astrologically, at another member of Donald Trump's picks for "high office" in his administration (see also my post for Tues. 15 November on Stephen Bannon).

Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III, junior United States Senator from Alabama. First elected in 1996, Sessions is a member of the Republican Party. The President Elect, Donald Trump has nominated Senator Sessions to be Attorney General, succeeding Loretta Lynch.

Senator Sessions had been a loyal supporter and endorser of Donald Trump from early in the presidential campaign. Here, I am going to attempt to remain strictly neutral, politically, in order to look at the chart without prejudice.

Born on 24 December 1946 in Selma, Alabama. Time of birth not known, chart set for 12 noon.

Though exact position of Moon can't be known without Sessions' time of birth, Moon would have been in Capricorn, either a little earlier or later than the 12 noon position shown. Sun, Moon and Mars in Capricorn - I'm not a bit surprised to find the Senator a Republican! Sun and Mars conjoined, and it's not surprising either to find him to be a rather energetic supporter of ideas and ideals he holds dear. Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Scorpio - here's another Scorpionic strand - there was one in Stephen Bannon's chart too. I'm a little surprised that Trump is leaning Scorpio-ward for "his people", because really, he's not at all Scorpionic himself - not to my eye anyway. Perhaps he appreciates in others what isn't too obvious in his own nature - emotional intensity and fixity.

Sessions has Uranus in Gemini opposing his natal Sagittarius Mercury, with a Pluto/Saturn conjunction in trine to Mercury, from Leo. Hmmm. My translation of that little lot: Mercury being this guy's manner and style of communication, though he may appear genial, even at times looking a tad quirky, in reality he's determined and unwavering in his views.

A quick look at Donald Trump's chart for comparison:

There's not as much compatibility here as between Trump and Bannon. Sessions' Sagittarius Mercury is just a few degrees from Trump's natal Sagittarius Moon - that's going to be helpful.

Interesting sidelight: Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions were both born in 1946, as were former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush - was there something in the air that year? Born a year or so after World War 2 ended, these were among first of "the Boomer" generation. Pluto by then was well into Leo, Uranus in Gemini, Neptune in Libra, with Saturn moving from late Cancer into Leo by early August. Trump and Bush missed Saturn (the law) in Leo (a ruler) by a few degrees, otherwise that'd have been a nicely appropriate link. Three presidents of the USA all born in the same year - there surely ought to be an astrological link/key. Maybe the link is to the USA chart? Only clear link I can see is that Uranus was in Gemini in 1776 and in 1946. Each individual has their own links to the USA chart, no doubt, but as a group born 1946, not very clearly.


mike said...

Like the other top picks in the soon-to-be Trump administration, Sessions is an abomination when considering progressive thinking. They're all regressive ideologists representing aspects of fascism. Those individuals that enjoy a tightly controlled conservative society with white good-ol-boys at the top of the hierarchy.

I'm doubtful that King Donald is actually picking these backward thinking zealots. More likely that Bannon and Priebus are putting the pegs in place.

Trump's Mercury squares Sessions' Neptune, opposes Sessions' Mars and Sun; Trump's Mars squares Sessions' Venus; Trump's Sun-Uranus opposition Moon lay on top of Sessions' Mercury opposition Uranus...very frictional. I don't think Sessions will enjoy his time under Trump. They won't have thinking and intuition in harmony, and Sessions may end-up a liability for Trump. That's assuming Trump actually manages his staff and interacts with his subordinates.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Republicans in charge was never going to be a scenario to our taste. I wish Trump had opted for some more modern-thinking conservatives - I'd have loved to see Jon Huntsman as Secretary of State, but haven't seen a single mention of his name so far.

Trump does value loyalty. When/if those previously loyal begin to oppose his wishes, we could, in time, see quite a few shake-ups.

You could be right about Bannon and Priebus having undue influence in the picks for office so far. Whatever Donald Trump is, he's not old fashioned, and not yer typical Republican - though they'll try hard to bend and shape him that way.

Thanks for the notes of harder aspects Sessions/Trump. It doesn't look to be a sweet and easy relationship - it'll be interesting to watch developments.

mike (again) said...

Re - Jon Huntsman, Jr...he's looking pretty good right now, isn't he?! At least he believes in evolution and global warming (sort of)...remarkable for a Republican.

A liberal Republican seems an oxymoron, more so than a conservative Democrat. There are a number of Republicans that I would ascribe left-leaning tendencies, but only when considering particular issues...falls apart when viewing them as a whole. Chris Christie is considered a very lib-Republican (ugh). Charlie Dent and Chris Gibson are two that are rated low (most liberal) on the conservative scale based on their House voting records.

Remember Democrat Jim Webb? I thought he should align with the Republican Party. He rates as more liberal than our own Joe Biden:

I see that there is now an organization called Blue Republicans for some of those in-betweeners:

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I quite liked Jim Webb, but he was there and gone in no time flat in the primaries. He was thought to be a bit too conservative due to his southern roots, I think, and his military service - yet both of those things on his résumé would have been helpful in getting extra votes for Democrats. Obviously, for some reason, his face didn't fit - but then, nobody's face fitted for the Dems this year except She Who Shall Be Nameless. ;-) And look what happened!