Monday, September 05, 2016

Music Monday - Labor Day

Short History of Labor Day

Always the first Monday in September, Labor Day was the idea of Peter J. Maguire (although recent research has shown that it might have been his brother Matthew’s idea), a labor union leader who in 1882 proposed a celebration honoring the American worker.

The date chosen was simply “convenient,” according to Maguire, because it was midway between the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving.

Although the day’s focus on organized labor has diminished over the years, the holiday has become a way to mark the end of the summer season—and the start of the school year.
Appropriate song for Music Monday's Labor Day?
This'll fit - in all its forms:
..."And I've been workin' like a dog..."

Peter Sellers performs A Hard Day's Night by The Beatles, in the style of Laurence Olivier's interpretation of Richard III.

The Baroque Chamber Orchestra

Jazzed ... Ramsey Lewis Trio (1966)

Original trailer for the film of the song:


mike said...

Happy Labor Day to you, too! Is there an equivalent in the UK system of holidays? Boxing Day?

Labor Day is a given day-off for those having jobs with benefits, but many of the proletariat will be hard at work today, serving those that have this holiday. This day can also be celebrated by all the mothers who have endured labor-birth, and the endless dedication as servants to their young.

In my youth, school typically started the day after Labor Day. The Kansas state fair began the end of August and ran through the holiday weekend. My mother entered her pies and cakes in the fair's home baking competitions, usually taking several ribbons of honor, often with cash prizes. My folks didn't have a lot of extra money and my mom's winnings would go toward school supplies and clothing, or yards of cloth she would sew into dresses for my sisters. I often received new shoes at this time and maybe a couple of other pieces of clothing. It was an exciting time for me, as change was in the air after our hot, lazy days of summer. The fall season has always been my favorite and Labor Day marked the transition.

BTW - I talked with my sister in KS and she said the OK earthquake caused her house to rattle and creak. She and her husband were momentarily jolted, feeling the sense of the earth moving under their feet...LOL...they found it very unnerving. It was the first time in their lives that they had actually felt the effect of an earthquake. I laughed, as I experienced the 1994 Northridge 7.0 earthquake, which was about a hundred times stronger.

Twilight said...

mike ~ 1st May is the Labor Day equivalent in the UK, but they do have a Late Summer Bank Holiday nowadays (called just that as far as I recall)- it was on the week before Labor Day weekend this year. Years ago it was held at the start of the month and called August Bank Holiday. We used to go back to school, after 6 weeks off, around 7th September, Health Certificates in hand (to certify (by a doctor) we'd not had anything nasty or been in contact with disease during the hols).

Yes, anyjazz heard from an old school pal in Salina the other day that they'd felt the quake too. Once I knew what it was I'd experienced, I was surprised how smooth it had felt - like a slow swing in a hammock (or so I imagine, never having swung in a hamock!)

Anonymous said...

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