Thursday, September 15, 2016

A British Anniversry

I got nuttin' today - but I do want to remember, and record with feelings of gratitude, that today is Battle of Britain Day. The anniversary of one of those days in history when the shape of the future hung in balance. Our present would have turned out to be radically different from the present we know, had the Royal Air Force failed in their mission during those times.

 Quote by Winston Churchill


mike said...

Must have been horrifying to the civilians of London and surrounds. Much has been written regarding the USA's lack of military involvement, which seems inconceivable considering the magnitude of Germany's occupancy, though America did send financial and material support to the allies at that time.

I can't imagine going through those years of warfare as an adult, but to have had children at that time would have compounded the matter ten-fold. The recent Gary-Johnson-big-fail regarding Aleppo, with the photograph of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh as the poster-child, is heart-rendering.

Names and places change, time marches forward, but war remains a genetic disease.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, indeed - and only around 20 years since the world had been at war in another horrendous blood bath (1914-1918). Some brave souls had to live through and/or fight in both.

I was still in babyhood at the time of Battle of Britain so didn't comprehend it all until much later. Those young men who were fighter pilots in the Battle were truly bravest of the brave!

R J Adams said...

We don't need brave men anymore. We can do it all by remote control, as Obama has demonstrated so in-admirably. I was the second thing my father did when he came home from the war - first, he took his boots off - so I only recollect the aftermath. I'm eternally grateful for that.
Those men deserve to be remembered. They saved Britain and pushed Adolf off to Russia. The human race has short memories, though. I may have missed the occasion on the BBC news, or maybe they just forgot, also.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ True! Once upon a time, kings would ride into battle with their men, then the men were left to do it alone and the king stayed, safe, at home. Now it could all be done - and done more fatally than ever before - by remote control (shudder!)

We few Brits who still remember the last World War or its aftermath, will not forget the few who helped to turn the tide in Britain's favour early on. I usually remember them on 11 November, but 15 September is truly their special day.