Monday, July 11, 2016

Music Monday ~ Neat Tweets

I have a Twitter account, but don't use it much for its main purpose. I've recently been reading threads in the # hashtag menu where a kind of game is sometimes played using song titles, book or movie titles - there's almost always something to bring on a grin, and occasionally a LOL.

At the weekend a # "Songs with Lower Expectations" appeared. I decided to borrow a few Tweets from the long thread for this Music Monday. I feel sure there'd have been an easier way to copy Tweets than the way I did - ham-fistedly, but here are some I enjoyed, followed by a few I made up myself (but didn't Tweet).

My own ideas for Songs With Lower Expectations:

Fools Saunter In

Half an Hour in the Life

A Half Litre Bottle of You

Stranger in a Boring City

The Night They Invented 3.2 Beer

Send in the Cleaners

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