Saturday, February 20, 2016

Salmagundi on Saturday-Sunday

Nevada and South Carolina are in the news this weekend.

Primary caucuses are being held in Nevada on Saturday. Weeks ago word was that Hillary Clinton had a clear advantage in the state, but lately it's being reported that the race has "tightened", as Bernie Sanders appears to have caught up considerably. There's a whiff of change in the air these days, I'm anxious for it to grow, and Nevada's result will be a guide as to the depth and breadth of that whiff of change. On the Republican side it'd seem Nevada with glitzy Las Vegas embedded would be a shoe-in for Donald Trump. The area though, glitzy as it is, has a huge working class population who cater to the tourist industry.
Las Vegas, Nevada has more hotel rooms than any other city on earth. Of the top 25 largest hotels in the world, 15 are in Las Vegas.

State of Nevada has voted for the winning presidential candidate 96 percent of the time since all Lower 48 states first voted in the Election of 1912. During the past 100 years, Nevada has voted for the winner in every election except for 1976 when Jimmy Carter lost the Silver State by a narrow margin. (Ohio is the only state that has voted for the winning Presidential candidate in each Presidential election in the last 50 years)

South Carolina holds its Republican primary Saturday too, Democrats must wait until next Saturday for their SC primary. Will Donald Trump retain his lead...will Ted Cruz make gains? I know nothing at all about South Carolina, except that one of my favourite movies Prince of Tides is partly set there. Reportedly Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump still hold big, possibly insurmountable, leads in this southern state.

In other news

The mystery of MH370 lingers on...and on ...and on

10 weeks until the search for the plane is expected to end after a year-long mission. If officials fail to find the wreckage, it throws up the possibility that a rogue pilot was controlling the aircraft at the end.

According to The Times, Australian officials are preparing to change their theory of what actually happened before it disappeared.

The 60,000sq km search area, which is almost the size of England, was calculated on the assumption that the plane was a “ghost flight” and that its pilots were either incapacitated or dead at the time it crashed. In this scenario the aircraft flew on autopilot until its fuel ran out and it crashed into the Indian Ocean.

But if the plane is not found in this area, it may suggest someone was controlling the flight at the end and managed to glide the aircraft for up to 160km, beyond the bounds of the search area. The “rogue pilot” theory suddenly comes back into play.

Unfortunately, if the plane is not found in the next few months, the world may never know what happened to flight MH370. Australia, Malaysia and China agreed last year to end the search if they reached the end of the zone without finding the plane.

On a lighter note

From husband's vintage photos "Talking Pictures" section at Flickr


Husband's caption:
Earle Smith and Vera at the 828 house.
Vera wore her pointed paper hat of invisibility. Earle kept his club ready, just in case. He knew all her tricks, he thought.

Alternative caption suggested by Michael Donovan
"So, he wants to make you his common-law wife, does he? Well, I've give him some common-law wife right up the you-know-where if he shows his ugly mug around here again!"

Another alternative by Debbie Irwin
He knew the little pest would be back. Those pointy headed fairies had had their way with him for the last time. He had the idea that this club in his hand was not the "fairy chaser" the dealer had convinced him it was. In time, he would build his own. He feels the victory is near. It is his time, by God. IT IS *HIS* TIME!!!

And from the always chuckle-worthy Wrong Hands by John Atkinson (borrowed after the hopefully adequate donation of a tip for requested "cup of coffee"):

I'm going with:
(Thereby hangs a tale?)


mike said...

When it comes to this election season, it's best to assume nothing. Super-Tuesday, March 1st, will be the most telling, but even then the hocus-pocus of politics may offer some additional twists. Bloomberg may surprise us by actually entering the race as an independent self-envisaged savior, but he'll have to decide soon to make the ticket...his entry may assure that congress decides the next prez. We'll have to wait-out the super-delegates' choice, which probably won't be the popular vote choice. I've already come to the conclusion that this election cycle may be the tipping-point for many and propel us toward the climactic 2020, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunction of "enough already", civil war, and economic collapse...LOL. The Plutonian complete destruction, clearing the field to ready the regeneration.

MH370 is now in the great world of conspiracy aficionados. The zombie apocalypse zone meets the "Lost" TV show...fiction to reality. Since your moniker on this blog is "Twilight" and you are using anyjazz' photo titled "828", are we to infer that clues to the missing MH370 lie in photo "828", as in "The Twilight Zone"?

"There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."  Rod Serling

The "pit of man's fears" being the fellow carrying the stick, and "the summit of his knowledge" symbolized by the innocent, little girl wearing the pointed, paper crown? The truth lies just the other side of the door. Apparently, you provide more clues with the "Plot Generator", giving "on a plane" in the last column. You summarize with "EDGY - ALIEN - TIME TRAVELS - SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST", which can only mean that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher are holding MH370 somewhere in Turkey. "Blogs from Middle East - page 828" is about Turkey:

kidd said...

"Daddy, that dog is done gone"
"That's what happens when you say ...'Go Long!'


Just go diagonally through the graph ...

- geeky jennifer lawrence time travels on mars
... ( but she'll be back)
- robot dinosaur blows stuff up at the white house
... ( it killed congress as well ... and that ain't bad)
- superhero lincoln seeks revenge in the 1950's
... (,_Vampire_Hunter_%28novel%29
- edgy zombie finds corruption in channing tatum
- kung-fu steve jobs is a cop on a plane
- cartoon alien plans a heist somewhere in the middle east
... ( foiled of course by the rat pack)
- giant monkey falls in love with a bear ... ( lol)

Twilight said...

mike ~ LOL...LOL! Just got back from a day out in Ardmore OK - such a lovely day here 80-ish degrees this afternoon. The election tension was getting to me, so opted to ba away from computer, and TV. Results are available much earlier than I expected.
I see that Hillary has narrowly beaten Bernie n Nevada - which is disappointing but still good that he held her to such a tight race. Trump, it appears, has won South Carolina. what about Repubs in Nevada though?

Driving back into town on a back road we say 3 Trump garden signs just now :-(

Intriguingly clever scenario you've set up there linking my bits and pieces.

Anonymous said...

For the theatre goers -

Twilight said...

kidd ~ LOL! Good stuff! I like the robot dinosaur at the WH. Echoes of the Trojan Horse way back when. :-)

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Ooh another version! LOL! I like Drunk bicycling Richard III in a car park.

Didn't they find what they thought were King Dick#3's remains when excavating for a car park (or something) somewhere in England a while back? Drunken cycling would account for that! ;-)

Twilight said...

Answering my own question: Republican caucus in Nevada on 23rd Feb - Tuesday

Twilight said...

This looks like a fair assessment of the Clinton vs Sanders race so far - found it at Alternet, left by a commenter there:

Women for Bernie Sanders 2016 (Facebook)--

"Although her campaign appeared to panic in the past few days, in the end Clinton got the win she needed to stay alive and in front.

But Sanders also proved that, even with the deck stacked heavily against him, he can come pretty close to beating the house. Clinton is expected to do much better in South Carolina (and if she doesn’t, expect more panic stories). Either way, Sanders now has the funds, and the ability, to carry the fight to states that Democrats actually need to win in November—like Massachusetts, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania—where Sanders’s economic message and enthusiastic support among young voters (a group he also apparently won in Nevada) may well tilt the odds in his direction."

Anonymous said...

Like your theory re drunken cycling and Dick3 ;P

Watched 'Trumbo' last evening and did anyone notice he and Kirk Douglas share birthday - 9 December - though 11 years and many miles apart. Funny, Astro just put up Trumbo's chart 8 hours ago; I used this one, the only one I could find late last night:

mike (again) said...

Sabina - Twilight did a post on Trumbo not long ago, but I can't find it in her label cloud, and a site-search didn't pull it up, either.,_Dalton

Twilight - Don't forget that it's delegate count, which is in flux:

"The Democratic Convention has total of 4,763 delegates votes with 2,382 needed to nominate.
Soft delegate count changed from Clinton 44, Sanders 36 to Clinton 67 (+23), Sanders 52 (+16).
Hard delegate count changed from Uncommitted 16, Sanders 15, Clinton 9 to Uncommitted 24 (+8), Sanders 15, Clinton 9.

Nevada: Soft count Clinton 23, Sanders 16. Hard count Uncommitted 8."

Bob said...

Just plain bob said...

Recent fare. All good except for "The Last Time I Saw Paris". Love the song though.

His Girl Friday - 1939 1:32
Stage Door Door Canteen - 1943 2:12
Til the Clouds Roll By - 1946 2:15
The Last Time I Saw Paris - 1954 1:56
Anything Goes - 1956 1:46

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Ooooh - I really want to see "Trumbo", but it'll never come to our town's cinema, and likely not even to nearby cities. I'll have to wait for DVD rental or Netflix. Is it a good movie? Don't think I've looked at his chart seriously yet.


mike (again) ~ I think I mentioned "Trumbo" as a movie I was keen to see - either mentioned in a post casually or in a comment, so no relevant tag.

Dang delegates! Yes, I've spent some time trying to find the exact combo. some lists say that counting just the delegates gained via popular voting they are 51 -51.
tied. But there are other considerations, I realise that. Different websites have different totals depending on what's included. He did amazingly well considering Hillary had been preparing for her run for years, with name recognition and husband's record (?) - and Sanders began just last April, without friendly backing by the DNC.
There is change in the air. Whether it's going to have time to come to a rolling boil by November isn't yet clear. If not, this effort by Bernie will never be lost, only there to be built upon afterwards.


Bob (plain or fancy) ~ M. Moore's film - another I shall hope to see in due course - and Get Well Soon Michael Moore!

We've seen those movies (except "His Girl Friday" which is on Netflix and on our list "to watch". Good ones! I particularly liked the wartime stories #2 and #3 on your list. We have the DVD/VHS of those. :-)

mike (again) said...

Another factor against Bernie is the lower than expected turn-out of Democrat & independent voters, hence Bernie's "Get Out the Vote" campaign. Republicans are out-numbering Democrat voters again, but only by about 10%. Doesn't really matter, as it's a primary and the Repubs are voting within their party. Compared to 2008, turn-out is considerably lower this primary. Impossible to determine which candidate the missing Democrat voters would cast their ballot, but apparently the missing voters didn't care enough about Bernie or Hillary.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, the reasons for low turnout remain a mystery, unless, as you say the people didn't care enough. In places around Las Vegas that's a likely reason, I suppose. I read that Bernie did win in some areas in the north of the state, away from the glitz and glamour.

Anonymous said...

Rented 'Trumbo' on DVD here in our rural town of 4,000 so can't be long before you can get hold of it, Twilght.

I think it's an excellent film and the script is fabulous, which it sort of had to be, eh wot ;P I'll watch it again sometime just for the wonderful dialogue.

Perhaps when you've seen it, you can take a gander at the Trumbo/Douglas charts just for fun.

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Your comment inspired me to go look online for a list of recent releases at "Family Video" - our local store. Lo and behold - it's there! I shall get me to the store ASAP and rent it. Thanks for the heads up - I'd never have expected it here so soon.
Yes, after seeing it I'll definitely do a post and compare Trumbo/Kirk Douglas charts.
Good idea!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Here, it's called 'Town and Country Video' lol. Tomorrow they're getting in 'Spotlight' so shall see that soon-ish. Don't have TV and local ISP is so slow, streaming Netflix or Hoopla doesn't work worth a tinker's damn - it's library and video store or bust!

Tonight, watched 'Agora', the story of Hypatia of Alexandria. Great sets, crowd scenes, and post-Ptolemaic theorizing; otherwise, History channel story and production values. Xtians don't come out looking so good; that and 'Agora'??? title: suddenly realized why movie was box office poison. Still, the proto-orrery and her pet Anubis were pretty cool. Imagine going back in time and them thinking you're a genius cause you know that the Earth circles the Sun - and much more besides. We do stand on the shoulders of giants.

R J Adams said...

Aha, Twilight! Re MH370, I see my theories may not be so crazed after all.

Yes, I know you read it, but some of your many readers may have missed the opportunity, and there's still time to take cover and keep the large, brown, paper bags handy.

One eye on the skies, Twilight, and don't plan any trips to New York!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Hi there! Or should I say "Bonjour RJ" (rolling my "r's" in that particular way I never could at school. ;-)

Thanks for the reminder about your MH370 post - a good if scary read! It's becoming more tempting to think that something similar might actually have happened. :-O

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ I fancy seeing "Spotlight" too - good cast. "Agora" sounds intriguing too.
Decent movies are fast becoming a rarity, especially around holiday times here, which seem to go on for ever! Our cinema seems to cater only for the tastes of average teens and twenties or those preferring lots of slash-bang violence. Decent films have to be rented, one way or t'other.