Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"And keep your eyes wide - The chance won't come again"

Pundits who insist on evaluating the Sanders campaign through the lens of conventional politics will continue to see their predictions fall flat. Bernie Sanders is not running a political campaign, he has instead become the leader of a movement whose message transcends the personality of the candidate. It is the American electorate’s response to decades of corrupt campaign financing, divisive politics, and continuous foreign interventions and war. While the other candidates are playing at politics, Bernie Sanders is making history… its a completely different game.
That's a quote from last September, from a blog which appears now to be defunct, but how right the author was!

Bernie took full advantage of his opportunity to give his winner's speech last night, and all the time he could while on national television, uninterrupted! Hillary's speech was good too, Trump's was a mess, but John Kasich, who came second to Trump, gave a very nice speech, quite different from the others. He's the sensible Republican, and if he continues to do well and gets ahead of Trump, maybe gets the Republican nomination, he'll be much harder to beat than any of the other oddbod Republican candidates - in my not so humble opinion.


mike said...

Yes, hoooooooray to Bernie! I'm "cautiously optimistic", as this election cycle is like no other, can change on a dime, and seems so bizarre. It has certainly been captivating. Things haven't been the same since the 2000 presidential election...2008 was captivating with the introduction of Obama, and the current election brings two complete outsiders on each side of the divide trashing the establishment. I'm not overly enthusiastic about politics and I'm usually yawning by this time in the process, but every day supplies new air in 2016. It certainly hasn't been and has drawn me in along with most of the electorate.

A big negative for any potentate is the American and global economies. Virtually all indicators point to a major recession. The newly elected president will have a dire, inherited problem to contend, with the electorate enraged should the POTUS not supply fixes ASAP. Astrologically, 2016 to beyond 2020 are extreme years and the POTUS will be sorely tested, disparaged, and blamed.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes - I'm captivated too - I was in 2008, but then I came down with a hard plop as things began to unfold. Back then my original choice had been Kucinich, he went, then Edwards, he went; then I dallied a while with Clinton, and eventually Obama. I was swept along with the wave of enthusiasm for him, as such a contrast to G.W. Bush. What happened to him will remain a mystery. He talked the good game, but was either stopped from playing it while he had Dems supporting him from Congress, or he was taken into that legendary backroom and given his orders. We'll never know the truth.

Bernie's story is different. He has equivalent experience (or better) with Clinton in dealing with opposition, as well as the FDR-ish stance he calls democratic socialist that Obama hinted at in 2007/8. In Bernie's case his stances can be verified. Added to which, the times have changed, people have started to wake up, a younger generation of voters is helping with that, as is the wider use of internet and social media.

I agree there will be problems for the eventual President, they'll be many and varied. Prez will be blamed - but it depends by whom. Prez is always going to be blamed by one side or other, no matter what.

Anyway, lets enjoy, and remain captivated by this election season. I feel it's the start of something big, it'll not necessarily end the way we'd like it to end this time (but it could!) It's evidence of the first small waves of a tide that is turning, and tides do not turn back once on the turn, but they do take their due time, and will not be rushed.

mike (again) said...

Makana Music's "Fire is Ours"...written for Bernie!

Scroll down to find the lyrics.

Bob said...

This might clear some things up for you Annie. I think it is good reading for everybody.

After Sanders' Big Win in New Hampshire, Establishment Figures Want to Scare You with Superdelegates. Here's Why It's Bullshit

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Great - love it! Thanks for the link. Video so well put together too.

Twilight said...

Bpb ~ Thank you for the link - I've read the main part and shall go back to read the comment thread tomorrow morning. It's a crazy system, made more crazy by underhand dealings. I've seen a few commenters here and there today advising people to find the addresses of super-delegates and write to them telling them that The People will expect them to support the candidate with most popular support.

Bob said...

Just couldn't not post this. Same old same old but with different actors playing the roles.

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Harry Truman - Anyjazz has a soft spot for him - I can see why! Haven't watched the whole film, will do so later, but just from the first 10 minutes or so I can see why you posted it! Thank you. :-)