Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Equinox

 David Palladini's Zodiac, Summer thru Fall +
Happy Autumn to all!

Nathaniel Hawthorne, in The American Notebooks in October 1842, wrote:

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house."

I'm with Nat. So after today the blog will stand still until Monday. We are to attend husband's High School Reunion (60th) this weekend, up in Salina, Kansas. We shall probably only attend the "mixer" meeting(s), rather than any regimented dinners etc. Not sure how I shall feel about it - I resolutely refused to attend any such affairs relating to my own schooldays, back in the UK. Still, I do like Salina, and there are antique stores to explore, should things become depressingly...erm... elderly.


mike said...

Happy equinox, Twilight! It's difficult for me to believe that fall has arrived already and Xmas is around the corner. I've always preferred the fall season over the others, which is a bit of an irony, as I feel more alive and refreshed at this time of year, with the natural world preparing for the winter slumber. The past twenty-two years of living in coastal California and now the deep South have altered my sense of the fall season, with very subtle changes being indicators of the shift. I was raised in Kansas, which had extreme and abrupt shifts as the seasons progressed four times a year. We are still in the 90s for highs with plenty of humidity and nights are mid-70s; no cool fronts from the north yet, but I can't wait. Trees are dropping leaves, but that's more due to the severe three months of drought we've endured over the summer.

I'm with you when it comes to reunions. I've never gone to any and intend to keep it that way. Those were not pleasant years for a number of reasons, as I was a geek, depressed, not social, my family was quite poor, and I had a small handful of close friends...everything one might expect of a Scorpio-Sun highschooler...LOL.

My sister lives in Manhattan, KS. I talked with her last night and she said rain was anticipated, so pack some rain-gear.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Happy one to you too! :-) Still hot, and at times humid, here in SW Okie land. We're set to get into high 80s today and tomorrow here, the only hint of change is that first thing in the mornings there's a cooler feel than experienced for many months - but it soon heats up. Hmm - thanks, I shall make sure an umbrella is in the car!

Husband, for many months past, has assisted a reunion organiser in identifying relevant class members, to establish whether they are still on this planet, and if so, where. The lady organising is writing a booklet for attendees I think - the research has been for her use mainly. Husband feels this reunion (which isn't strictly his cup o' tea either) ought to be attended, if only to justify the many frustrating hours he spent on research.

I didn't enjoy school at all, was an awkward youngster, a little overweight and very shy. I was naturally fairly bright though, but not one of the top tier until my very last term when the smell of freedom got me cranking up my game. I was then top o' the class, with exam results outshining all but a very scant few! It's amazing what the scent of freedom can do for a person - especially one with natal sun in Aquarius. ;-)