Thursday, September 17, 2015

Beliefs... and Open Thread

I trust the author of this cartoon strip, Eric Per1in (that isn't a typo by the way), will allow my borrowing it. It comes from from sometime in 2008, I think. There's a point embedded, one which could vary depending on one's own point of view:


OPEN for comment on this - and on anything else at all.


Twilight said...

Note: I won't be around to respond until this evening - we're hospital visiting north of OKC today.

mike said...

Nice cartoon! I concede that I'm an astrology bigot full of predetermined generalizations. I'm unapologetic, however, as the basis of astrology is to apply characterization to the placements, aspects, and angles of a solar and-or natal chart. The principles of astrology require an essential understanding of the qualities and influences of each variable, progressing toward the complete integration of all variables. Learning astrology is predisposed to bigotry...LOL. Bigotry infers intolerance, which I don't express, but I do maintain a preconceived concept of astrological variables that I can often impose without considering the totality of that individual's complexity of unique combinations, plus the unknown nurturing influence.

I find that most individual's Sun-sign characteristics do bleed through their persona. As you've often indicated, Mercury and Venus can flavor that and perhaps camouflage by their placements in surrounding signs from the Sun, if one or both are not in the same sign as the Sun.

I commented on your recent post, "Sad Anniversary" (September 11, 2001), about the hero, Rick Rescorla. He made incredible, positive use of several aspects that had the potential to cause havoc...planety lemonade, as you called it...LOL. His Sun in Gemini trine Mars, both sextile Jupiter, carried him. He had tremendous focus throughout his life, which defied his Gemini Sun's characteristic reputation. His biography espouses martial (Mars, Pluto, Scorpio) influences, deceiving his Gemini Sun.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - Should also add that any actual astrological prejudice I might inflict on another has more to do with my personal, natal chart and the synastry with that individual, as was mentioned in yesterday's comments. I'm predisposed to Virgo-karma, with my Moon in mid Virgo, and S Node-Saturn conjunction in late Virgo square Mars. I've had a number of long-term, good friends with their Sun in Virgo (and other planets), but some dismal failures, too. I've had more interpersonal relationships with the Sun-in-Virgo-clan than any other Sun-sign.

Twilight said...

mike ~ You wrote " Learning astrology is predisposed to bigotry...LOL.
Hmmm, I'd never thought of it in quite that way but have to agree, inasmuch as accepting say, memorising and applying national stereotypes is predisposed to bigotry, or maybe better to say 'holds a strong potential for falling into bigotry'.

I've seen astrologers mention that Sun signs can be likened to national stereotypes in that they are equally likely to be as unreliable/reliable. National stereotypes carry grains of truth as do Sun signs. I do try to stop myself from saying things like "I'm an Aquarius", he's an Aries. It makes astrology sound bad I always think, contributes to the poor image it has collected.

I do agree 100% with your (again) comment. We each look at others through a personal lens and see only what our own lens allows - no matter what the glyphs and signs could be telling us - we look at the glyphs and signs through our own lens too.

Without any knowledge of even their Sun signs, as a child, my best friend had Aquarius Sun (birthday a week after mine); my first boy friend had Aquarius Sun (birthday a couple of days after mine, couple of years before mine).
Later boy friends were Sun Gemini, Sun Leo, Sun Taurus/Gemini cusp. First husband Sun Libra. Husband now = Sun in Aries, Moon and asc. Leo. The thread appears to be Air/fire for my main relationships.

I can easily sense the Virgo in you, mike. Very precise, and all the other Virgo keywords. :-)