Saturday, September 27, 2014


Continuing last Saturday's experiment in communal writing. Mike and myself were last week's only storytellers. There's lots of room at the storytellers' table for more friends, old and new, to join in. All are welcome, for a single contribution or several.

It'll be necessary for any newcomer, reading or contributing, to read through the Preface and comments in last Saturday's post, HERE.

So... I'll begin: continuing the story from where mike left it last week. Any further contributions, my own included, will appear in today's comment section.

"The ship you see in the distance, Milady, is a prison ship, filled with prisoners taken in a long and brutal battle in the mountains, three days ago. The vessel is bound for The New World. I have information indicating that your brother is on board."

Magi's tone became less confident.

"Our only means of a rendezvous with him will be to board the vessel ourselves. Releasing him will not be easy, but is possible. The World fabric will become unresponsive for a time in this location, it is unfortunate indeed that celestial patterns on this night are not as helpful as I'd hoped. Later, after dawn, things will change. Are you willing to risk boarding the vessel with me?"

Her voice faltered as she responded.

"It not be my choice, Magi. It is of necessity, however. If you accompany me, yes I will board the ship."

She crushed the small patch of fabric still in her damp palm. A reassuringly familiar scent of pine and honey enveloped the two shadowy figures now starting to walk towards the vessel, anchored some way off a dark, misty coastline and illuminated, but dimly, by the flare of a lighted torch at the ship's bow.


anyjazz said...

In the infinite curve of the universe, the center of stars, a place of power where now only imagination can venture, the business of sorting possibilities continues in silence and splendor. The panorama of the future shifts like an aurora, transparent colors over transparent colors. The kaleidoscope of choice gently turns.

The destiny of the scrap of cloth cannot be denied but for every victory there is loss. Be watchful and quick. Mind the number three. Mind the dark.

mike said...

At that very moment from around the path came a peculiar figure dressed in a crisp, navy blue uniform. The Magician gave an exasperated exhale of consternation and beckoned, "Oh, how pleasant to see you again. Is there some unfinished effort I can lend or is this a social visit? It is rather careless of you to utilize the few threads of the tapestry in your possession to traverse the boundaries of your era, as I have advised previously."

The Magician now turned to his companion and said, "My Ladyship, allow me to introduce you to Madame Hillary Clinton. She is from a distance both in time and space. She managed to draw several threads from The World tapestry while pretending to admire it with her touch. I had attended a debacle, or an inquisition if you will, over her negligence to a fortress named Benghazi."

Twilight said...

The women regarded one another with a mix of consternation and annoyance.

"I know not who this woman is, nor why she is here. How dare you allow outsiders to handle the cloth so carefully, expertly and lovingly created over another woman's whole lifetime? Magi, you have done The World a great disservice, which will, mark my words, not be overlooked."

The woman bearing the surname Clinton stepped forward, in a somewhat threatening manner,

"And you, madam, whoever you are, will be not only doing The World a great disservice, but the world, my world, a disservice also, if you prevent me from my current quest."

The two females, so very different, one willowly, tall, dark and classically beautiful, clad in a gown of pale satin, a silk shawl around delicate shoulders; the other of stocky build, indifferent features, wearing strange dark blue suit of almost masculine style, her hair rather randomly unkempt, its colour the shade of burnt wheat.

Sonny Gianetti said...

I'm not a writer so if my comment needs to be deleted , thats fine.

Why here in 2014, after all the women of the world have been through, mentally, emotionally and physically, is the GOOD one still willowy and beautiful? Why cant the short, frumpy gal with hair askew be the one people admire and cheer for.

just wondering.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ We do not know yet who is good and who isn't though. The outcome you prefer might actually be the outcome. It's early days, scene is hardly set yet.

I write what comes off the top of my head and that's what it was :-)

We shall see....maybe, but things are very slow. Maybe this communal writing thing was not a good idea here. I might have to just wrap it all up somehow tomorrow night.

mike (again) said...

The Magician is near panic over this peculiar exchange between his companion and Madame Hillary. He quickly interjects, "Madame Hillary, you are not in 2014 and you have no justification for mental, physical, and emotional abuse at this time. This is not the time or place to be jealous of my companion. Perhaps your desire for non-contempt should be your invitation to return to your modern era."

He quickly turns to his companion and inspects her demeanor for any indication of insanity or betrayal. He ponders whether his companion and Madame Hillary are co-conspirators.

"My Ladies," he begins, "I do not comprehend the exchange between your lips. You don't understand who is good and who isn't? The outcome you prefer might be the outcome? What exactly does that mean? My Ladyship, you may perceive The World Tapestry as a newborn from the arms of the ancient woman you endeavored to deceive, but it has been in my possession for many centuries yet to be. You have no comprehension that the tapestry is a map of all time and geography. Everything exists as one, at once, and all places through The World."

"Now, Madame Hillary, you present yourself to us imploring that we treat you preferentially as the 'Good One'", he taunts, "and discredit my companion for her appearance. Substance, my dear, substance of the mind you both own, but I fathom the type to be of service for selfish reward as has been indicated."

Madame Hillary laughs hysterically then declares her loyalty and servitude to all by saying, "Just give me one more chance at the big ticket, more chance. I can be all things for all people." A mysterious, magical flute rang three times from her breast pocket causing the three travelers alarm and mild anguish. Madame Hillary reaches for her pocket and reveals a thin rectangle, then announces for all to hear, "Hillary here! What?!"

Twilight said...

"What...hello?.... Hello? Darn it, I pay extra for roaming in space and time and there's still no clear connection. Verizon, AT&T - all the same! They will be dealt with on my return."

"Is this woman a witch, Magi? She speaks in a tongue and tone quite unfamiliar to me."

The Magician, attempting to hide his confusion, (thinking to himself, "Women!!" ) tries to reassure the one standing beside him.

"Do not be alarmed, this lady comes from a land, and an era, far outside of your understanding, Milady. She seeks to hold enormous power in her own time, in her own land, as people you know very well seek to hold power in your own land and era."

mike (again) said...

Unbeknown to the three convening souls at the edge of the shore, Madame Hillary's presence disrupted the continuum...the glue that binds reality was coming undone. Her threads from the future in proximity to The World tapestry and patch from the present created an inharmonious vibration, disrupting the proper sequence of historical events.

The vessel that The Magician and his companion wished to board was now a yacht with a cacophony of revelers, odd blaring music with a rhythmic hip-swaying beat, a huge mirrored ball rotating, sending-out incredible flashes of colored light visible for miles.

Madame Hillary was sporting an intriguing, wide-brimmed hat with the words "Yes We Can 2016" bannered across the front. She looked majestic and royal.

Twilight said...

What were those wise words heard earlier, echoing through the centuries?
"Be watchful and quick. Mind the number three. Mind the dark."

The Magician remained largely unchanged, his jet-black garments modified only slightly. The figure beside him, clad now in torn jeans, rope sandals, and a multi-coloured shirt of patchwork, her waist-length dark hair streaming about her in night-cool breeze, wore a bemused expression. She was nervously fingering a patch of fabric on her left shoulder.

"Come Milady....erm....Milly - we have work to do."


"The World is vibrating and the world vibrates. We must catch it "on the beat" as it were. Are you ready?"

"I'm in the dark, but, yes, I'm ready. Where are we going?"

mike (again) said...

"In the infinite curve of the universe, the center of stars, a place of power where now only imagination can venture, the business of sorting possibilities continues in silence and splendor. The panorama of the future shifts like an aurora, transparent colors over transparent colors. The kaleidoscope of choice gently turns."


mike (again) said...

-Milly's brother is now a free slave working on the yacht for below minimum wage. He is content, as food and lodging is provided.

-Hillary is over the Moon with grandmotherhood and unspecified future plans.

-The three dark Lords have found that possessing The World tapestry was not necessary; SCOTUS, POTUS, and Congress will suffice.

Twilight said...

Addendum ~

Nicely rounded off, sir - thank you!

We should keep in mind that the magic tapestry still exists in 2014, and one day in the future, perhaps distant, perhaps not so distant, when vibrations are harmonious and "the beat is right" ... heck, all I'm saying is that if we notice a scent of honey and pines wafting around...


PS... Thanks, mike for your tireless support in this, and on the blog generally. It is much appreciated and enjoyed.

mike (again) said...

Ditto and twice back at ya.