Sunday, September 21, 2014

Climate March

Worldwide Climate March today....

I think that's Al Gore in the crowd. Don't march Al - RUN!!!! (2016).


LB said...

Instead of driving (or flying in my private jet -hahaha), I went for a walk and shopped for groceries. On my way home, I bought used books at a garage sale, instead of buying them new from a place where additional resources would be needed to produce and deliver them.

That's my way of supporting our environment today. Admittedly, some days are easier than others - I don't always buy used or walk everywhere. Plus I still buy food items packaged in plastic and shipped from far-off locations. Not as much as I used to, but still. I'm aware I'm a part of the problem

Off topic, but WOW to yesterday's post and comments. I loved your husband's beginning, as well as the amazing flow between you and mike - all of you write beautifully.:)

Hope you'll let us know when the novel is finished!

mike said...

It could be Al, but I doubt it...the photographer would have made sure to have him center and front...but never know. I did see a photo of DiCaprio attending.

LB - So, why didn't you express your literary talent?! I'm not participating in next Saturday's so that others can have their time. It's not much fun with only two people. The plot can become fairly fascinating and-or weird and-or humorous when enough writers jot a couple of lines.

LB said...

mike ~ What "literary talent"? Had I joined in I would've interrupted the beautiful flow you had going . . . be glad I didn't!

It was so natural, it made me wonder about South Node contacts between the two of you. Or three of you.:) Neptune, Mercury???

Twilight said...

LB ~ We're all part of the problem, some more than others. :-(

Thanks for your kind remarks about our scribbles on Saturday's post. I had hoped you (and others) might pop in to "play" with us. Maybe next week? It really can be fun.

mike ~ I doubt Al will run, but I'll keep hoping. I feel sure he'd have been at the March on Sunday, he publicised it over and over on Twitter.

Anyway - o/t - many, many thanks for your super contributions to the story yesterday. Great stuff - I enjoyed the challenge, and reading your input a lot. I hope you will change your mind about not continuing next week. I'd thought husband might pop in with a line or two, but he said that he felt it might prevent others from joining. Actually I think he prefers messing with his photographs or paints to writing, these days. ;-)

I'll leave your last contribution as the "cliff-hanger" and just add a "To be continued next Saturday" .